Where to Find a Principled Right-Wing Party


During the Cold War, Soviet propagandists mocked the American political system by pointing out that its two major parties are the same.  According to Marx’s understanding of societal and economic processes, if the means of production did not belong to the proletariat and neither party called for their outright expropriation, then both parties are representatives of capital.  Apparently, communists were partly right, but for another reason.  Both parties are the same because they slowly and gradually moved American society away from the ideals of economic and individual freedom toward the condition of unprecedented wealth redistribution and collectivization of consciousness.  Democrats were leaders in that process, and Republicans were tacit supporters or at least spineless politicians who could not effectively stop the leftist agenda.

We started talking about socialism because Democrats felt that nothing and nobody could stop them anymore, and they began to broadcast their intentions openly.  However, in reality, socialism has been silently infiltrating our society for a long time, since the first half of the 20th century.  The primary reason it has been happening is that Americans lack a principled, major right-wing party, putting a brake on the negative trend.  Don’t be confused: Republicans are to the right of Democrats, but that doesn’t make them the right-wing.

The two-party system is a political anachronism.  The system worked well when the majority of society was not involved in the political process and political leaders were statesmen.  In current conditions, politicians are mediocre functionaries, and at the same time, more and more people are involved in politics, which has led to the expansion of the political spectrum, which a bipartisan system can now no longer cover.  The left can only complain about the speed of socialization of society, but in principle, leftists agree with the gradient of its development and feel good in the Democratic Party.  The right is generally not represented by anyone.

Purely right-wing ideas were absorbed by the Republican Party, where they were muted and eventually died.  It is long overdue to free right-wing views from the shackles of the Republican Party and allow them to develop freely and be represented within the framework of an independent organization.  There has always been a demand for such a party, but the traditional two-party system has been a significant obstacle in its organization in practice.  In every election, people are forced to choose the lesser evil.  This is a completely abnormal situation that runs counter to the democratic order and damages mostly the right-wing adherents.

Which ideas are right-wing?  First, rightists’ views contradict the principles of the socialists.  If socialists encroach on private property rights, restrict individual freedom, and welcome forced redistribution of wealth, then the right wing is against all this.  The right wing firmly defends private property and individualism and restricts compulsory wealth redistribution.  Second, the right wing allows dissident thoughts to be heard, which cannot be said about the left.  Third, the right wing has nothing to do with racism and nationalism.  Unfortunately, they simply could not effectively defend themselves from the left’s defamatory labels.

The problems listed above — the attitude toward private property, the degree of individual freedom, the scale of the redistribution of wealth — have been the main topics for discussion from ancient times to the present day.  These questions are relevant and currently confront American society.  Amazingly, the answer to those problems from both major parties is almost identical.  Both sides are irresponsible squanderers and redistributors of wealth, who are trying to solve all issues by involving the state in the economy and in all other spheres of life.

Thus, we observe a blatant dichotomy between the right-wing ideas and the ruling elites’ practical politics, no matter which — Democratic or Republican.  This has become most clearly seen for many Americans right now.  The Trump presidency has many historic achievements.  However, the most important result of his tenure was the exposure of the rottenness, duplicity, and hypocrisy of the American political elite.  He tore the masks from the faces of hideous hypocrites, sacrificing himself and his family.  These sacrifices will be in vain if the MAGA movement is not organized under the flags of the new party.  After all, it is already clear that MAGA in the GOP framework is a road to nowhere.

Some people hope that the GOP could be hijacked by “true republicans” and reformed.  They could not be more wrong, as historical analysis shows that such attempts were made before, and all of them failed.  At any given time, the GOP has “mavericks” who go “across the aisle” and are ready to stab you in the back.  The GOP cannot be transformed since it is firmly established in the Washington swamp, and any innovative ideas will be drowned in the quagmire.  Others warn that a Republican split will bring Democrats to power forever, so it should not be allowed.  But who does not benefit from the creation of a strong right-wing party?

The Republican establishment does not want this for obvious reasons.  But Democrats will not benefit from the split, either.  Democrats understand that they are going to face fierce opposition to their ideas that they have never experienced from the GOP side.  They know that the right-wing ideas will be explicitly broadcasted and discussed publicly and will not be muted by the GOP elites and ridiculed as they were before.  The real beneficiary will be the American people, or at least that part of it that can vote for a party that reflects its members’ philosophy.

And now about the fear that the Democrats will usurp power forever: Most plausibly, the split would lead to Democrats winning the next presidential election.  But this is not a reason to oppose the creation of a new right-wing party.  All previous projects for creating a third party have failed because they were aimed at short-term goals — to win the presidency.  But it is necessary to play for long-term goals — namely, to engage in party-building and the propagation of the right-wing ideas, along with preparing candidates for local elections and elections to the House and Senate.

Winning the presidency should not be an end in itself.  The main thing is not to let the Republicans lead and stifle the MAGA movement, as was done with the Tea Party.  MAGA must find another home.  Since there are so many MAGA-supporters, I do not rule out successful midterm elections for what could be called the MAGA Party.

In order to effectively fight creeping socialism, a robust organization is needed, based on genuine rightist ideas and consisting of people who love economic and individual freedom, who believe in the American Constitution and American exceptionalism.  The phobia concerning the split does not stand up to scrutiny since we are talking about ongoing and protracted battles and not about immediate results.

The U.S. has been drifting toward socialism for at least three generations; the road back will be lengthy, too.  Back to American roots.