Editor’s Note – Polls – are they believable? Why do they seem to focus on the election as if the popular vote was how select our Presidents? After-all, we have fifty state elections and an electoral college. The reason is obvious – ulterior motives are driving the practice of polling – making them unbelievable, but it works. Its the “say or do anything to get re-elected” clan hard at work.

As we watch daily, many of us see unbelievable polls that must be skewed; they defy nature and the laws of physics it appears. After all, how can Obama be doing so well with the economy in a shambles, joblessness at record levels over his entire Presidency, and the complete implosion of his foreign policy? These are just a few points that should be spelling doom for his campaign, but all we see are numbers that show it is very close, and the media focuses on Romney’s supposed mistakes and errors.

Of course most of us know why – the media is skewing the polls. The polls are no longer a reflection tool that proper journalists use to show factual information, but fact is no longer considered admissible evidence by the leftist media. The media now makes news daily – they constantly tell us what the nation thinks, from their perspective as leftists through fictitious polls. They are not just helping the Obama campaign, many are actually part of it – read: Media Matters.

The biggest issue with all these polls are that they are all composed of a variety of variables and incorrect assumptions and weighting. These include whether someone is a ‘likely’ voter versus a ‘registered’ voter, or they use incorrect representation of party affiliation, or they are based on past turnout numbers – all of which skew things wildly. The following article describes one site that “un-skews” the numbers. Take a moment to read it, and be sure to view the charts and visit their sites:

How UnskewedPolls.com Works

By Kevin DuJan – Hillbuzz.org

If you haven’t checked it out, please visit UnskewedPolls.com …

Okay, so this website factors out the deliberate skewing that the Left is inserting in all the current national polls to give Barack Obama a lead over Mitt Romney when in reality Obama is trailing Romney and losing the election.

The corrupt, vintage media is running this propaganda for three reasons:

* showing Obama in the lead causes a “bandwagon effect” where low-information voters think to themselves “Obama’s winning, and I like betting on winners, so I’ll vote for him too, I guess since the tee-vee told me I needed to”

* Eeyores in conservative ranks are a skittish, worrisome lot by nature and will seize on any poll with Obama in the lead to collapse onto the ground in tears, screaming “We’re DOOOOOOMED!” because they are gluttons for attention

* the Legion of Gloom (that band of Fifth Column writers at conservative sites and in the media) just loves running these polls with headlines like “Can Romney Still Win?” because Eeyores eat that garbage up like it’s McRib sandwiches, three for $5, and this succeeds in Eeyore-breeding (the process of creating new Eeyores by running nonstop poll-driven headlines that “Romney is losing! Doom is coming!”).

I seriously don’t know what the problem is at a lot of conservative sites, but these people all need to stop helping the Left in its psy-ops war against the country. If you are a regular reader of HotAir.com for instance (or, even better, a paid subscriber to its parent company at TownHall) you really need to start complaining to management about the writer they have called “Allahpundit”.  Whoever this person is, he (I assume) has to be Fifth Column because he plasters that site with nonstop Legion of Gloom psy-ops designed to demoralize and depress the conservatives that read there.

There should be no conservative writing articles that are entitled anything remotely in the realm of:

  • Can Romney Still Win?
  • Will Romney Overcome?
  • Does Romney Need A Shakeup?
  • Is Romney Losing?

Honestly.  From today forward, when I see any jackass out there who is supposedly a conservative write this garbage I am going to call that person out publicly and brutally for their extreme stupidity.  None of you have ever seen me truly pissed off yet.  I have always constrained myself on this site. I have never truly gone for anyone’s jugular…yet.  But I am close to doing that to Allahpundit at HotAir and I am almost as close to doing it to Erik Erikson at RedState.  And when it happens, I think my eyes will go dead and black and I will take a seat in the center of a hurricane with lightning sparking from my fingers as I type and I will focus pure rage at whomever is claiming to be a conservative while helping the Left by pumping needlessly negative headlines into the campaign narrative to senselessly depress Republican volunteers, donors, and voter turnout.

I am tired of being Mr. Nice Guy to these people and politely suggesting they adjust their attitude and start wearing big boy pants.  It is about to get all kinds of real up in here if I keep seeing conservative writers foolishly taking punches at Mitt Romney when it is actually Barack Obama who is losing this race. You wouldn’t know it from watching the corrupt, vintage media because those people deliberately cover for Obama and are his propaganda agents.

Do you ever see headlines like this on TV or any of the Left’s sites?

* Can Obama still win?  Considering he is polling far less than 50% in accurate samples that reflect current voter affiliation in this country, this is the question everyone should be asking right now…is there any way in Hell for Obama to win this, even with massive voter fraud?  I think the answer to that is no.  Too bad the jackasses on conservative sites fail to ask this question and instead love running “Can Romney still win?” instead.

* Will Obama Overcome?  No, he won’t.  Even here in Illinois, Obama’s ground game is week, he’s not paying out street money to thugs because he doesn’t have the funds available, and Democrats find nothing inspiring or motivational about his campaign.  He will not overcome, and that should be a giant story flashing across Times Square. But it’s not. That’s because the corrupt vintage media will never, ever give Obama bad PR.

* Does Obama Need A Shakeup? Yes, but it’s too late for that.  Do you know that Obama staffers are sending out resumes for their next jobs, post-White House?  David Axelrod long ago moved on to other things here in Chicago.  He is minimally focused on Obama’s re-election campaign because he knows Obama won’t win. Normally, these guys leave in the last two years of an administration…and if they think their boss is assured a second term, they start jumping ship after the last midterm of that guy’s presidency.  Axelrod left Obama after the 2010 midterms.  He did not think he had until 2014 in the White House.  THIS SHOULD TELL YOU SOMETHING.

* Is Obama Losing?  Hell to the Yes.  His campaign sends out 5 or 6 emails a day begging for money.  Not “asking”.  BEGGING.  I’ve never seen anything so desperate.  I am surprised he has not dragged Sally Struthers out of her house of clutter and junk (she was recently outed as a major hoarder) to make commercials for him begging for money like those old “Feed the Children” spots in the 80s where she’d lay down guilt like it was molasses.  Michelle Obama sent emails out asking people to skip their family’s dinners and donate the money to the campaign.  Obama asked people to sell their things at yard sales or on Craigslist and give him the money. Sometimes the emails I get from Joe Biden asking me to have dinner with him seem so creepy I want to report him as a romantic stalker. It’s all SO STRANGE and so desperate.

But if you click on HotAir, you’d never know any of this because the links they feature at the top in their news feed are all about how Mitt Romney’s campaign is terrible and how he’s going to lose.

I swear to you, I am now at the point where I would take a bullet for Mitt and have come to love this man.  I am surprised at that as you might be, considering I spent the years 2008-2012 mocking him and working against his nomination.  But seeing these jackasses in the Legion of Gloom foolishly pummel him on a regular basis just BOILS MY BLOOD.  I know these clowns are doing a lot of this for headlines and that its the content the Eeyores want to read, but can you imagine if the British papers had done this during WWII after every air raid?  Can you imagine if there was a nonstop Fifth Column effort in London to declare “We’re doomed!” or “Can we still win?”.  My history teacher told me that anyone doing that back then would have been personally arrested by Winston Churchill and kept in a cellar underground until the war was over.  When you are under siege, YOU DO NOT allow Eeyores a soapbox and you do not breed more Eeyores with headlines declaring DOOOOM!.

Mitt Romney is an honorable man.  And, boy, does he love his wife Anne.  Did you see the two of them when her plane landed safely and he met her on the tarmac after a scare with fire and smoke in the cabin? He grabbed ahold of her, and she held onto him, and it was love like I’ve only seen in movies.  I ached for him in that moment because the guy had really been scared his wife might die in a plane crash while she was helping him win an election.  He would have been heartbroken.  I easily related to Mitt like I never have before because I feel this way for my boyfriend Justin and worry about him getting hurt or having a car wreck whenever he makes the trip down to Arkansas to see his parents.  When he gets back, I meet him at the car like Mitt met Anne on that tarmac and I am just so thrilled to see him in one piece and safe.

Great Merciful Zeus and Sweet Whitney Houston I am relating to the Romneys and loving them and I never believed it would happen but the more I learn about these people the more I want them in the White House and the more I am willing to take up a heavy cudgel and play Whack-a-Mole with whatever jackasses in the Legion of Gloom are breeding Eeyores today.

Few out there will call these people on their garbage because everyone wants to get a paid writing job at Daily Caller or TownHall or Weekly Standard someday…so few on conservative sites want to “burn bridges” by aiming flame throwers at the Eeyore-breeders.

Screw that.

I chafe at being edited and censored for publication.  My fervent hope is that I can one day in the next few years retire from all of this political stuff and go back to my old life and live quietly somewhere and have less stress in my day-to-day world.  I only do this because if I don’t put this content out every day, no one else will.  And the jackasses in the Legion of Gloom will keep getting away with Eeyore breeding…and most of the Eeyores out there won’t even realize they are even Eeyores because few will tell them that.  Everyone is afraid of alienating people and driving down site numbers or pissing people off by calling the really depressing ones “Eeyores” to begin with.

Double screw that.

Folks, the only way Barack Obama wins this is if we do nothing to draw attention to the fact of just how much the corrupt, vintage media is lying on his behalf…and how timid and quisling conservative writers are to either not speak out about this or to go along with it and assist this propaganda by treating the media’s “reporting” as actual, real, “news”.

We really need to be honey badgers through November 6th and root out and devour the snakes in our own ranks.

I think Unskewedpolls.com gives us some great ammunition for repeatedly excoriating any conservative writer who posts Doom Reports online quoting deliberately skewed, pro-Obama polls.

For those who are really great with math and really understand what Unskewedpolls.com does…can you chime in below in comments and let us know exactly how these charts are made and what all the columns are doing?  This is some knowledge I lack currently, but really need to have to hit as hard as possible at the “Is Romney Losing?” false-narrative that the Left is pushing and the Legion of Gloom is enabling.