US Patriot Guards
Civic Praesidio

By- MG Paul E. Vallely US Army (Ret)

January 4, 2023

It became apparent in 2020 and now as well that citizens must be prepared to assist police and county Sheriffs. This is especially required to support the Border Patrol and County Sheriffs along the Border States where the invasion of the United States is occurring. The summer 2020 riots resulted in some fifteen times more injured police officers, thirty times as many arrests, and estimated damages in dollar terms up to 1,300 times more costly than those of the Capitol riot. George Floyd rioters were found to have used more sophisticated and dangerous tactics than did the Capitol rioters, and in some cases weapons of greater lethality.

Another key point to note about the 2020 summer riots was the targets in some of the riots. It is common to see liberals try to argue that the Capitol riots were “symbolically” worse because the Capitol building was targeted during what was supposed to be part of the peaceful transfer of power process.

What they conveniently forget, however, is that in some cities, left-wing rioters deliberately targeted government buildings including a federal courthouse as the left was busy minimizing the summer 2020 riots in the immediate aftermath of what took place at the Capitol building in January.

The fatal arrest of George Floyd sparked an unprecedented, that included peaceful protests, violent clashes involving police officers, looting incidents—and activists’ demands from activists to “defund the police.” Defunding the police would reduce public spending on police departments, potentially resulting in fewer police officers and more money available to spend on other services that advocates believe would lead to reductions in crime.

Policing in the U.S. is a highly politicized issue with a history intertwined with racial and class-based struggle. During the summer of 2020, no issue was debated more than the subject of defunding the police. The phrase “defund the police” (DTP) became a rallying cry for the progressive left. Yet, while the movement gained considerable news coverage, the two major political parties, media, and major presidential candidates labeled defunding the police as an unrealistic demand. It continues today!

While there are multiple interpretations of “defund the police,” the basic definition is to move funds away from police departments and into community resources such as mental health experts, housing, and social workers. In the larger scope of the civil rights movement, some advocates would reallocate some police funding but keep police departments, others would combine defunding with other police reforms such as body cameras and bias training, and others see defunding as a small step toward ultimately abolishing police departments and the prison system entirely

We need a plan for US citizens in our cities and towns to protect themselves and their property. The police need reinforcements and assistance in quelling crimes and criminal behavior in many crime situations.

We recommend that all counties in America consider forming their own Patriots Guards.

The Mission is to organize and establish Patriot Guards in each county of the United States to assist Sheriffs and City/Town Police against crime, illegal overreach of Federal Government agencies violating the First and Second Amendments, and external threats from organizations that penetrate our cities and towns like the “Cartels.”

Patriot Guard units throughout the United States are necessary today in America to ensure threats are eliminated or neutralized at the local levels of our country. With the drawdown and defunding of police throughout the country, we see increased criminal activity in our towns, cities, and counties. The WOKE movement and masking/COVID -19 requirements have severely impacted our police forces. There are also concerns about our Armed Force’s leadership, readiness, and preparedness to meet internal and external threats from militarized forces such as the Mexican Cartels and China.


  • Ensure that Patriot Guard units are trained and ready to support local country Sheriffs and police units to protect United States citizens and businesses.
  • Be trained in the use of arms and civil insurrection. Heavy emphasis on recruiting veterans from the military and police.
  • Each county is to build a structure of 2,000 trained personnel.
  • Stand up a Quick Reaction Force (QRF) to meet immediate threat requirements.
  • Establish liaison and working relations with the local Sheriffs/Deputies and Police Departments.
  • Be prepared to be Deputized by your local Sheriff when required.

As we look back into 2022, we see a continued increase in crime throughout America with fewer and fewer police forces to turn back this wave of criminality. There are solutions but we need strong and inspired leadership. This must be complemented by proper and adequate funding for our police. Serious consideration and planning by the Governors to provide State National Guard units to assist and reinforce our Police and Sheriffs.

Americans are not powerless; a vast majority think the country is on the wrong track and our laws are not equally enforced. We can demand action from our congressmen, stop funding politicians and work with our families, friends, and neighbors to share what is happening to our country.

There remains one institution in this country that is outside the control of Washington, DC and it holds a tremendous amount of power…

Sheriffs augmented by the new Patriot Guards

  • Of the 3083 sheriffs, approximately 98% are elected by the citizens in their county or parishes.
  • the Office of the Sheriff is an elected position just like the office of the president or office of the governor, accountable first and foremost to the Constitution of their state, then to the Constitution of the United States, and finally to the citizens of his or her county.
  • It is an independent office, meaning that there is no government agency or position that hires or fires the sheriff, nor is there anyone who has the authority to tell the sheriff how he or she is to run their county or carry out his or her positional duties.
  • the Sheriff can use a good amount of discretion when carrying out his duties if he stays within the confines of his oath of office to maintain and defend the Constitution and laws not contrary to the Constitution – both at the state and federal levels.
  • If the state and federal government go rogue, and the sheriff refuses to follow suit, the sheriff and his deputy sheriffs truly are the last line of defense standing between liberty and tyranny.

When you look at the country by county, you see that most counties are conservative, and the majority of sheriffs are conservative.

Released and Distributed by the Stand Up America US Foundation.

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