By Guest Author George Mcclellan

Just because Progressives declare something that’s prima facia unconstitutional, like Affirmative Action supported by DEI, for example, and they want it to be the law of the land, does not guarantee political success for them any more than the phony trial against President Trump makes him guilty of the crimes they claimed he committed. It’s all for show and was done with the single intent of damaging Trump’s ability to campaign to be America’s next president. Crooked Joe Biden, by E.O.’s, is ruining America by granting “mass amnesty” to hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants, his confused foreign policy decisions, and his abandonment of Israel’s war against Hamas, to name a few. Joe is trying to transfer student debts from the debtors to the taxpayers, even though the Supreme Court said it was unconstitutional, but he’s trying to do it anyway. In an exercise of pure chutzpah, Joe opined after Trump’s guilty verdict: “The American principle that no one is above the law was reaffirmed.” I hope Joe realizes that when his head in the noose.

When we continue to allow Progressives to ‘mandate’ our laws or create them out of thin air by E.O, made into law without the involvement of our elected representatives, or with them when they hold the majority in both houses and the presidency, then actual tyranny stands poised at the threshold of our nation. Americans have already viewed the government’s exercise of tyranny to protect “the rule of law” against MAGA supporters, parents at school board meetings, and Christians praying at baby murder factories, i.e., Planned Parenthood. We all know those programs are not for our protection or better government but to protect the dysfunctional, inept Democrat-created agenda from its inevitable collapse. Since his conviction in a NY court, Trump, in three days, raised $70 million from small-dollar donors for his campaign and over $300 million in total. What Joe Biden did to Donald Trump copies how Stalin’s courts in the Soviet Union handled dissenters. Many were shot or sent to gulags. Under Biden’s administration, Trump is headed for a gulag somewhere. It’s a clue of what’s coming for us if idiot Joe Biden, or any Democrat, is elected.

Conservatives need to recognize the absolute tyranny coming at them, what it looks like, and decide whether we are in a war and with whom. With whom has been settled. It’s the Progressive Democrats. A civil conflict will not resolve the problem for our side but will play into the Biden government’s hands to turn our nation more quickly into a fascist-run state, for our protection, of course. He has made MAGA supporters enemies of the state! The Republican Party, having chosen to be a part of the Uniparty ruling class, has not yet grasped the concept that they are a big part of the problem, uninterested in finding solutions, and won’t be saved if fascism takes over. If they don’t know the problem, how can they solve it? Besides, why would we expect the government to solve the problems they created? Maybe we should allow private enterprise to have a go. We’ve already relegated many of our secret military missions abroad to Blackrock. They provide high-paid employment for ex-special forces soldiers as mercenaries as the Russians have done with the Wagner Group.

There is a positive movement afoot. The growing “freedom caucus” in our House of Representatives is challenging old GOP norms and coalescing behind Trump’s reelection. So are the outraged people if donations and turnout at Trump rallies are any indication. The difference between Democrats and Republicans at the national level is superficial but, as a uniparty, are both equally destructive to our Republic, and we’re seeing it in action. The real power in America, the ones pushing the world globalization mantra, includes the political and cultural ruling classes in Washington DC, Hollywood, Wall Street, the corrupted media, NGOs, political action committees, but mainly, the apparatus of federal law enforcement that imposes its political decisions on a growing and fearful population in the name of protecting national security. They represent the true face of American tyranny exercised under the authority of the Patriot and National Defenses Acts as amended by Democrats. The propaganda arm of the Democrat party, the legacy media, empowers their need to be relevant by knowingly censoring opinions opposing the Progressive agenda in the platforms they influence. Retaining power is their aim; changing America is their goal. Are we on the cusp of a new dark age? Decades of living by the dictates of foolish people acting illegally and without consequence to their actions suggests that it just might be so. Let’s work not to let that happen.