SECDEF Lloyd Austin and the Biden Administration are currently purging the US Military – particularly the US Army.  The upper ranks have been previously purged by Obama, and now again by Bi-Dung (Biden).  Now, the Deep State is going after the middle- and lower-grade officers before they purge the ranks.  I would not be surprised if the US military added a category of ‘political reliability’ to Officer/NCO efficiency reports, and that ‘zampolit’ – Soviet-style political officers are created within the military services in much the same way that they created EEO cadre.
Make no mistake about this, the US military, including the Reserves and National Guard are being politically purged to ensure loyalty and compliance towards their new Democrat masters.  Expect that you cannot be a conserve to serve and/or remain in the US military in the future.
I am surprised that the various NG units in Washington, DC have not been recalled by their State Governors; either for political or abusive treatment reasons.  Initially, 18K National Guardsmen were called up and sent to DC, but only rations for only 10K were laid on.  Who is running this circus?  Nearly half of the men were called up and arrangements were not made to feed them or quarter them or support them?
The Reserves and NG are being retained (illegally) in DC under the false narrative that “White Supremacists” and “Right-Wing Radicals” are ready and waiting to seize the capitol/power.  Witness the latest 04MAR21 which never came to pass.
The Dems are keeping the fences and forces in DC to A) Show who is in power; B) Protect their coup and C) Continue their rule under FUD…FEAR, UNCERTAINTY, and DOUBT.
IF you ever wanted to know how to seize and control a nation, with willing compliance, read “Hermann Goering’s Speech at Nuremberg.”  He lays it all out in a textbook fashion.  Not only that, he knows it works because he did it.