By Denise Simon, Paul Vallely, and Scott Winchell

It began on a beautiful crisp day in September and ten years hence, our mettle as a nation was put to a test and a call to action. America, armed with her heritage, seeking truth and justice, sounded the battle cry. Americans were united that day, as was have seen many times in her history, but perhaps more so than ever before.

Since that day, the moral standard passed on from the historical founding of America, enduring two hundred and thirty five years, requiring us to stand firm through a river of tears to further divide good from evil. Ten years later, our resolve has been tested many times in the political sphere and between ourselves, yet we sojourn on, to preserve our American Exceptionalism, a beacon to liberty for all.

That day, two buildings standing as a symbol to America’s constant quest for promise and prosperity, fittingly named World Trade, dropped from the grace of the noble skyline in New York, at the command of a hostile and devious foe. Resistant to a retreat, global commerce and economic vibrancy carried on.

More darkness was sustained through fire and smoke as moments later this same enemy struck yet another blow to America, to her military leadership, collapsing only one side of a fortified structure, as four sides stayed steady and strong.  The flanks of steel and concrete held its foundation, thus a tribute to the might, the power, and the courage of our armed forces, the mightiest ever known to man.

The decisive and final calamity on that Tuesday took place in a remote field in Pennsylvania, where embers smoldered, giving rise to a spirit of what burns in the belly of the American citizen, an unyielding will, complete with the courage to be triumphant at the other end. Typical Americans, the passengers aboard Flight 93, knowing what had taken place earlier, chose to fight instead of submitting, to prevent another, possibly larger, catastrophe as they hurtled toward our capital.

2,976 friends were taken from us that day, but angels armed with bravery and the purpose of brotherhood was in our midst. An immediate force emerged to rescue all those with shattered emotions, the broken souls, the injured, and the grieving, many paying the ultimate price in service to fellow man. That angelic force is defined as those fire-fighters, police officers, medical personnel, co-workers, tourists, shoppers, government employees, soldiers, pilots, mothers, fathers, friends, strangers, and clergy.

It is now a decade since that defining tragedy, a crossroads was realized in short order, and America resolved to guard and defend our open and free society, our open streets, and our global pathways to fight against any decay of our freedoms in America.

Our enemy has many names, many loyalties, such that it requires more than five hundred pages for identification, designation, and classification. While the enemy of freedom seems limitless in numbers, a caliphate, which is in complete opposition to natural and human rights, so cherished and protected in our country, will be extinguished from our shores.

This enemy has judged America by the geo-political actions of our government as many believe yet, America belongs to the generous, sensitive, and courageous citizens that desire the same for all humanity. It was never about our actions, but rather, their 1,400 year old desire to eradicate all but the Shariya submissive.

The other great attack on America by the Japanese; Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto, who devised the sneak attack on December 7, 1941 leading to a protracted war, was quoted (though never proved) by saying “I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.” The following day, Admiral Yamamoto was noted to be depressed for his ill-fated decision.  America did awaken and did engage in a superior military response so our flag would continue to fly majestically in all corners of our homeland and stand as that beacon of liberty and freedom.

Realizing success, we then went back to work, still inspired with the promise and imagination and destiny as called upon us to achieve by a Higher Power.  The United States, once again was faced with a new, unknown enemy on September 11, 2001. We went to war, to answer for the USS Cole, the Khobar Towers, and the U.S. Embassy in Beirut, to list but a few. Many bombings had occurred worldwide, including the first attack on those same towers in 1993 before September 11, 2001 and since that wretched Tuesday, they have committed over 17,700 other tragedies worldwide including many attempts here again.

America was soon to inculcate the methods of war by this enemy. We have pursued the intelligence, the technology, and the weapons to vanquish the threats of this enemy and their doctrine from our way of life including that of our friends worldwide.

Our way of life has certainly changed inside America, but we are better for it in many ways. Citizens are more diligent, dedicated, and completely faithful to our Sovereignty.  We have a beauty in this land. Our people, our towns, our farms, our shores, our mountains, our architecture, our churches, our factories, our offices, and our history all demonstrate our culture and aspirations to be greater tomorrow than we were yesterday.  We recognize strife and grief, we understand setbacks and threats, and we give of ourselves to others like no other nation.  Our spirit in this land runs deep, so that we never stop pushing forward with creativity, imagination, energy, and focus.

America has the resources, skills, resolve, and military to meet this enemy abroad and at home as we continue to fight this ancient battle, newly reborn that day. We are up to the challenge with an unbending will to defeat cunning and hostility, by a borderless nation and ideology.  Our armed forces are sustained by a grateful allegiance of Americans that are by the Grace of God and privilege, resolute to eliminate all threats to our homeland. The United States will conquer the evildoers, as failure is not an option.

Two hundred and ten years ago, our Marines fought pirates on the shores of Tripoli and at sea, and we are there again today. Our forces are in more than ninety countries defending America and her freedoms and those of our friends. We don’t quit, we don’t rest, and we don’t retreat.

Not a day passes over the earth where men and women of no note, do great deeds, speak great words, and suffer noble sorrows. Such was the day on September 11, 2001 and on the same day with each passing year. We remember, we reflect, we love more, and we fight on. Ashes were left behind and from ashes America always rises and Freedom Endures. We shall never forget, we shall never submit!