Operation Nemesis

 Retribution against
the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)

By Steve Bannon and MG Paul Vallely* (US Army, Ret.)

Sunday, April 19, 2020

The world is now in the midst of a pandemic that threatens millions. As a priority in this emergency is suppressing the coronavirus to keep Americans safe. But our next priority must be holding the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) accountable for unleashing this plague on the world. Instead of reporting the deadly outbreak in Wuhan when it first appeared, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) engaged in a cover-up, intimidating brave whistleblowers like the late Dr. Li Wenliang, destroying samples that pointed to the virus’s origin, and shutting down a laboratory that shared the virus’s genetic sequence on the Internet. By the time the CCP switched from cover-up to containment, it was already too late for the Chinese people and the world.

Just because the CCP’s tardy efforts failed does not mean a pandemic was inevitable. According to researchers at the University of Southampton, worldwide cases could’ve been reduced by two-thirds if the CCP had responded to the virus just one week sooner; if it had responded three weeks sooner, a stunning 95 percent of cases could’ve been avoided. Months later, the CCP is still engaged in a propaganda war about the coronavirus. Last month, a Chinese foreign ministry spokesman speculated that the U.S. Army might have brought the virus to Wuhan. His comments are part of a larger disinformation campaign to shift the blame for this pandemic from Beijing, where it belongs, to literally anyone else. Communist leaders in the People’s Republic of China (PRC) believed last year it was time to test America’s resolve by helping spread the Coronavirus. The CCP has a history of political attacks on America with continual threatening rhetoric. This, then, led the CCP into believing America was defenseless against the Coronavirus and rendering the US incapable of fighting a war. They were and are wrong.

Like what Americans did to win World War I and World War II, we stood up to answer the call to arms and all the support needed to win the war on Coronavirus.  Americans have come together, and we will win the battle against COVID 19.  We will once again overcome great adversity and be stronger for it. It is changing the way we think about employing our vast resources of America with a major reset on how America conducts its affairs at many levels. America needs to execute a new direction of how it utilizes its resources in manufacturing and supply chain management for domestic consumption and exports. PRC leaders bought home another concept. War against America does not discriminate. It’s against all Americans. The deadly virus spread and response by China was an Act of War.  It is a reflection of the CCP, which like the virus itself uses deception, hiding in the shadows and contagion to ultimately kill its host (the USA).  The CCP is literally a deadly force.

In the last couple of weeks, various American entities proposed many plans to counterstrike the CCP and rebuild America, including demanding compensations from the CCP, holding the responsible CCP leaders accountable for the pandemic, downgrading the CCP’s prominent positions at international institutions like UN, WTO and WHO, upgrading Taiwan’s positions in these international institutions, supporting the freedom in Taiwan and Hong Kong, accelerating the decoupling of US from China,  bringing American companies home, rebuilding supply chains in America, ending the dependence of essential goods on CCP. To further effectively retaliate the CCP, we believe it is paramount important to implement economic sanctions on the CCP and purge out the CCP agents in the United States.

The agents of the CCP have infiltrated everywhere in the USA, in government, education, military, business, banking, wall street, finance, community, arts, and culture, etc.  POTUS can use the power of his office, the US Military and all branches of the govt to expose this evil, bring the bad people to justice and defeat this menace.  There are plenty of laws on the books to handle everything, they need to be enforced.  People who still belong to the CCP will need to quit to continue working, living or doing business with the USA. Many of these infiltrators are now exposing themselves.  In some cases, it’s from the way they responded to the COVID19 crisis.  Some politicians blatantly overstepped their own power to block lifesaving medicines that are very low risk, low cost and literally “off the shelf”.  In other cases, they have provided bad advice on purpose, such as “just wash your hands”, when anyone paying attention to China knew this was a highly contagious bio-weapon-grade agent.


First, all collaborators must be identified, the damage they are causing assessed and legal process used to end their damage to the USA and bring them to justice under the law.  The collaborators are everywhere from top to bottom, in all branches of government. The NSA has collected data for decades, this vast resource must be put to use for this purpose to expose and prosecute these foreign agents.  Assign a task force of trusted personnel to supervise this, who have no possibility of corruption (this means young up and coming military people who have not yet had exposure the CCP corruption).

Treat Made in China in a similar manner to any hazardous product, like tobacco.  The CCP production, distribution, and media promotion needs full disclosure.

Focus on the CCP, the evil party and those who support it.  Others have been victims and they need the support of POTUS, USG and the American people.


1.  Immediate tariff of up to 300% on all goods made by Chinese companies, that use Chinese parts, sourcing or where companies are controlled or owned by Chinese individuals or companies (use Controlled Foreign Corporation definitions).  Use these funds to provide grants and loans to American companies that manufacture in the USA and for non-MSM media to promote this program.  Companies that have been damaged by Chinese theft of intellectual property, unfair trading, etc. should receive first priority (this includes media companies who were ripped off by China).  These American companies who receive these grants and loans shall be required to prominently show “Proudly Made in USA” with the US flag with the item.  Any company with more than 10% Chinese ownership or financing shall not be considered for this program.


2.  Require prominent labeling at retail for all goods made in China under #1 above on physical goods as well as any online stores selling this merchandise.  At retail, all goods need to be prominently stickered on the front of the merchandise “Made in China.  Warning:  China uses slave labor, forced organ harvesting and poor-quality materials that could harm your health. (with a skull and crossbones)”.


1. Investigate China’s state-own banks operating in the U.S.  Many are either directly doing business with North Korea or Iran or providing financial support to the corporations or organizations doing business with North Korea or Iran.

2. Audit China’s state-own banks doing business in the United States on whether they follow the U.S. banking insurance regulations. The Federal Administration shall audit these banks and or bring the problem ones to legal charges.

Wall Street
Demand Chinese corporations that issue IPO at the Wall Street to submit their original documents for audit or review by the U.S. based accounting firms.

No corporations from China that issue IPO at the Wall Street have provided financial documents for audit, which are required by the U.S. laws. China has refused to allow these Chinese corporations to provide financial documents for annual audits, citing these documents are a part of China’s domestic affairs.

Currently the Big Six accounting firms provide annual audit documents to the U.S. government on behalf of their accounting partners in China. However, the Big Six firms can review only their Chinese partners accounting work, not any of the original documents from these Corporations.

 Investigate those who work for CCP on the wall street. Washington Post columnist Josh Rogin called Chinese penetration of Wall Street Indexes a ‘bigger financial threat than Coronavirus”. America must stop bleeding financially as this is a national security threat.


  1. Create paid Public Service Announcements (PSA) to show people how slave labor was used in China to manufacture goods, how Chinese goods have damaged American companies and consumers and how the CCP has persecuted Falun Gong, Christians and other religions and minorities and the labeling program.  The paid PSA should be run first on the media that did not support the CCP. This would leave out most mainstream media and will help to replace the MSM with alternative media platforms like Epoch Times.  Fund this with the tariffs.


  1. Require disclosure of “Made in China” on all goods, services, products in media promotions of these Expose the media that has promoted the CCP.  Films financed by Chinese companies like Ten Cent need to be fully disclosed that they were made under the influence of the evil CCP.  This includes software like Zoom and Skype, which have close ties to the CCP.


  1. Shut down all media owned or controlled by the CCP and related organizations in the USA.  Kick out all reporters from CCP controlled media organizations.


  1. Investigate American politicians who have fallen under the sway of the CCP, especially in key states like California and New York.  In San Francisco, a new federally funded $1.6B subway station was named after Rose Pak, a known unregistered CCP foreign agent. But the local political power brokers did it anyway.   Many local politicians visited China to meet with CCP officials and have no doubt received “benefits” from this relationship.  They are sometimes paid off with houses put in trust, where the mortgage is paid off over time by CCP controlled banks or companies, to ensure continued cooperation.  The FBI is aware of this, but they are also apparently under the sway of the CCP. Exposure needs to be done through the media, through POTUS tweets and social media.  Legal means and shaming can be highly effective.
  1. Investigate those lobbyists who lobby American policymakers for decisions that favor China.


1. Immediately deem Confucius Institute programs at university campuses to be unregistered foreign agents and shut them all down.


2.  Identify professors who are sympathetic with the CCP and who promote the values of the communist party.  Expose them and cut off federal funding and grants to any identified persons or institutions.


3.  Terminate funding to universities and colleges that employ grad students who have not renounced their membership in the CCP.


4.  Immediately kick out all Chinese foreign students who are members of the CCP or whose parents or relatives are party officials.  Those here on asylum, for example Falun Gong, Uyghurs, Chinese Christians, etc. are very welcome in the USA.



  1. Use the power of the NSA to gather all communications (historical and current) between US persons and China to monitor influence of the CCP in the US.


  1. The NSA already maintains files on everyone.  It won’t be hard to create a scoring system for CCP sympathy and support based on communications history.  This should be a high priority.  To maintain OPSEC for the information gathering techniques, selective leaks to media, Wikileaks, etc. can achieve the same effects.


  1. Individuals and companies with high CCP scores will need to be exposed and dealt with according to legal process, depending on infractions.  Shaming will be a very effective way to deal with those who collaborated but didn’t violate any laws.


  1. Repatriate all Chinese citizens residing in the USA who have not formally renounced their membership in the CCP.

Arts and Culture

  1. Prohibit all the CCP’s performing arts shows in America. The CCP has insidiously instilled the communist ideology in its performing arts shows and exported to America to brainwash the American people.
  2. Terminate music Confucius schools in America.


  1. Disband all the CCP-controlled organizations and business associations in America.
  2. Investigate the heads of such organizations and business associations and bring them to legal charge.

We should not allow the CCP to escape blame for causing this pandemic nor should we put ourselves in a position to be victimized by it again.

Will COVID-19 bring down the Chinese Communist Party?

* Stand Up America US Foundation (StandUpAmericaUs.org), an American think-tank primarily geared towards providing critical plans to executive branches on counteracting National Security threats to America.  In recent years, the foundation has provided President Trump the national theme, “America First” and U.S. Boarder Security Plan. The foundation was also instrumental in initiating the first meeting between President Trump and President Putin at the G20 meeting in 2017.


Contact: standupamericausa1@gmail.com

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