Operation Nemesis 9.0
Retribution against the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)

By MG Paul Vallely (US Army, Ret.)

Chairman – Stand Up America US Foundation

June 13, 2020

Plan IX. Appreciating America’s Manifest Destiny

The United States has a manifest destiny to be an example and a blessing in sharing and promoting the principles of liberty.”
– “The Five Thousand Year Leap”, by W. Cleon Skousen

Recently, a group of elderly Chinese Americans who fortunately survived the catastrophic Great Cultural Revolution had become deeply concerned with the current turmoil in America.  Their personal experiences tell them this chain of events are similar to the Cultural Revolution over 50 years ago, when Red Guards (insurrectionists) overnight rose to power, smashed and/or burnt properties, historical sites, relics, temples etc.;  openly condemned, beaten, or even killed the innocent labeled as “anti-revolutionaries”; forced them to bow or kneel down in public…

Some of these concerned Chinese Americans also heard a secret speech lately given by a high-level CCP official, who revealed that the CCP is plotting to stage another event in America. It may be more violent, more detrimental, more massive in and around this September and October. The goal is to further paralyze America.  One of the elderly Chinese Americans became so furious that he boldly sent a text message that read “Bring Down the CCP” to his WeChat group. The message was immediately deleted by the recipients as they know the CCP spies are closely monitoring everyone and everything with many spies living among us on the American soil.

Eventually, several close friends met secretly at a private home to discuss how they could share their own excruciating stories that occurred in communist China to awaken the American people. They emphasized not to be deceived by the flashy slogans that is typical of the communist revolution (or insurrection).  The book “How the Specter of Communism Is Ruling Our World” published in 2018 offers an insightful account on how the communists are ruling the free West in all spheres. In this regard, it wrote:

The instigation of revolution can be divided into the following steps,

  1. Foment hatred and discord among the people.
  2. Deceive the public with lies and establish a revolutionary united front.
  3. Defeat the forces of resistance one at a time.
  4. Use violence to create an atmosphere of terror and chaos.
  5. Launch a coup to seize power.
  6. Suppress the reactionaries.
  7. Build and maintain a new order using the terror of revolution.”

This book foretells the ending of this havoc: “The divine will triumph over the devil. Which side we stand on will determine our eternal destiny.” As for the solution, the book repeatedly emphasizes that people should “understand how we can stop the devil from ever ruling the world again. This relies on each individual’s enlightenment, proactive abandonment of evil, and return to the traditions and way of life that the divine laid down for man.”

America’s Manifest Destiny

The American founding fathers 243 years ago distilled the finest wisdom in the 5000-year-old human history and established the greatest nation on earth.  In these founding principles of the United States, our founding fathers recognized the Creator – who created the universe, endowed people with unalienable rights.  They also recognized that moral and virtuous people/leaders are essential to a free society and religion is fundamental.  “With a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence”, our founding Fathers faithfully declared that the “manifest destiny of America” is “to be an example and a blessing in sharing and promoting the principles of liberty”.

It is this Manifest Destiny that America has been enshrined to be the greatest nation on earth.  This Manifest Destiny is the grand arrangement by the Creator.  No evil force, whether internal or external could or will ever shake America’s absolute leading stance generation after generation, American people have continued to walk on a path laid down by our founding fathers, and safeguarded “this shining city upon a hill whose beacon light guides freedom-loving people everywhere”, which was repeatedly emphasized by President Reagan. Over the years, the CCP has viciously slandered America’s Manifest Destiny, falsifying American people as Narcissists and hegemonists.  This March, once the US stock market dropped amid the pandemic, the CCP propaganda could not wait to gloat, “America’s Manifest Destiny already died”, which laid bare the CCP’s ambition for global domination.

About Traditional Chinese Culture

The 5000-year-old traditional Chinese culture was endowed by the Creator – “the oldest grandfather in heaven” in Chinese.  Founded upon faith and venerating virtue, traditional Chinese culture has been profoundly influenced by Taoist’s wisdom: the unity of heaven and humanity.  Traditional Chinese people recognized humans must follow the Creator’s will, venerate the divine and cultivate virtues. Only so if one could earn blessings from heaven while the divine evaluates the humans with the Creator’s eternal law. This timeless law also establishes the fundamental moral system which assures the stable undertakings of the society.  It is apparent that the essence of traditional Chinese culture shares many similarities with the founding principles of America.

The CCP Culture

Tragically in the last century, the communists wreaked havoc in the ancient Chinese nation and turned the ancient moral system up-side-down.  Deploying violence, terror, and deceit, the CCP systematically wiped out the traditional Chinese culture bestowed by the Creator and replacing it with a wicked CCP Culture. This new culture can be characterized by two key elements: atheism and class struggles.

Built upon hatred against the divine, the atheism fights against everything laid down by the Creator.  Communism is anti-humanity, anti-traditions, and anti-orthodox and anti-religions.  The class struggles instigate nonstop conflicts which explains why communists keep labeling new enemies and bringing them down in the never-ending political campaigns in the last 70 years. Targets have been landlords, capitalists, intellectuals, scholars, artists, Tibetan Buddhists, pre-democracy students, Falun Gong practitioners and underground Christians. The Chinese elites destined to inherit the traditional culture have all been eliminated.

The CCP’s Ultimate Goal

Communism is neither a trend of thought, nor a doctrine, nor a failed attempt at a new way of ordering human affairs.  Instead, it should be understood as a devil — an evil specter forged by hate, degeneracy, and other elemental forces in the universe.

In another dimension, not visible to us, it took the form of a serpent, then that of a red dragon, and it keeps company with Satan, who hates God. It exploits low-level beings and demons to wreak havoc on humankind. The goal of the specter is to ruin humanity. While the divine offers salvation, communism tells people not to believe in the divine, attacks human morality so as to make people abandon tradition, and causes people to disregard the divine’s instruction and, ultimately, to be destroyed.”
– “How the Specter of Communism Is Ruling Our World

In short, the ultimate goal of communism is to destroy mankind by killing people’s souls. Some describe it as “block all the roads to heaven and open the doors to hell”.  As the communists repeatedly shriek for “achieving communism all over the world”, the real goal is to “destroy all religions and traditions in the world, corrupt the morality, and destroy mankind”.

In July 1999, Jiang Zemin launched the persecution of Falun Gong using 1,400 fabricated cases. These fabrications labeled innocent Falun Gong practitioners as dreadful criminals who murdered, destroyed public properties, or suffered from severe mental disorders and committed suicides.  For months, all the state-controlled media were mobilized to spread the mass hate propaganda against Falun Gong 24-7.

As part of the ancient traditional Chinese culture, Falun Gong, a self-improvement practice, was made public in 1992.  Not only did it offer miraculous health benefits to tens of millions of people, but it also brought an unprecedented moral recovery to the society.  By 1999, over 100 million Chinese from all walks of life were practicing Falun Gong, including many senior CCP cadres.

In September 1999, Director of the State Administration of Religious Affairs of the CCP, Ye Xiaowen gave an internal lecture to the senior CCP officials from the central and provincial governments. Ye opened by acknowledging the fact that many did not understand the CCP’s suppression of Falun Gong and therefore were reluctant to follow the order.  He made no secret that he was “representing Jiang to mobilize everyone to solve the Falun Gong problem”.

Ye announced that the goal of the CCP was to eventually eliminate all religions on earth; eliminating all believes in divine.   He explained that even if all the other aspects of the communism are achieved and if this goal is not reached, people could still turn to God. This is because humans, being helpless in front of natural disasters, would naturally think of God and pray for God’s blessings. Therefore, the realization of communism is only successful after all believes in God are eliminated.  Ye further explained that China has been a religious country for thousands of years, and now many religious people are distributed in ethnic minority areas, such as Tibet, Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, or Yunnan.  Because of this unique distribution, if they were not allowed to have their believes when PRC was formed, these ethnic minorities would have fought for independence.  Hence, the CCP included religious freedom in its Constitution.

However, the implementation has always been based on the goal through three means: first – bribe the religious leaders of ethnic minority groups such as Tibetan Lamas.  Then, invite them to Beijing and offer them attractive positions, give them the best treatments and let them enjoy life so that they would gradually forget their believes.  Second, severely crack down on religious leaders who did not agree with the CCP, throw them into prisons, treat them with zero tolerance, and give them no space to live. Third, strengthen atheistic education in religious areas with vigor so that young people and the new generations would no longer believe what their parents taught them. The old generation would gradually die out and their region would not remain religious.

Ye said repeatedly that the CCP had made great achievements in its fifty years of rule to eliminate the religious believes among mainlanders (Han) and successfully transform existing religions in ethnic minorities into mock religions serving the CCP.  However, the sudden emergence of Falun Gong made this 50-year “achievement” into nothing.  In as little as seven years of Falun Gong teaching many people, especially the CCP members, had joined the practice and believed in “Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance” (which are completely opposite of CCP’s principles of violence, killing and deceits).  Ye made it clear if the CCP did not eradicate Falun Gong, the CCP itself would die.

The CCP’s Deceits in the Current Pandemic

Founded upon faith in the Creator, America truly is the greatest nation on earth. Therefore, the CCP has regarded America as its No.1 enemy in achieving its global domination ambitions.  In this pandemic, the CCP’s deceits and attacks on America have reached a new zenith.

  • Cover up
    Between October 2019 (or even earlier) to January 2020, the CCP insidiously covered up the outbreak and purposefully allowed the virus to spread worldwide.
  • Self-touting and Exploitation

Since the Wuhan lockdown (Jan 23, 2020), the CCP intensively touted its ‘successful’ combat against the virus while continuing to lie about the severity of the epidemic. Meanwhile, the CCP’s embassies and consulates called oversea Chinese Americans to buy out medical supplies in local markets.  Later, the CCP sold them at much higher prices or used them for “mask diplomacy”.

  • “Savior of the World”
    Since February 20, the CCP’s propaganda suddenly changed their tune and bragged about them being the savior of the world, the world leader of controlling the virus and it was ready to “help” the world. On March 7, the CCP’s propaganda machine called the Chinese people to thank the CCP.
  • The Blame Game
    On March 12, one day after the WHO declared the pandemic, the CCP immediately blamed America, later Italy, German and other countries for bringing the virus to Wuhan.
  • False Narrative to Divide America

Since late March, the CCP has launched a wave of anti-America campaign, spreading the rumors such as “soon the United States  will be divided with each state printing its own money and some coming to join the PRC.” Promoted that Trump had no position power over governors and that many of would announce independence soon”. Then the CCP would soon become the No.1 superpower in the world”.  And “we will unite Taiwan in the near future”.

  • Attacking American Leaders
    The CCP labeled Secretary Pompeo “the common enemy of the mankind”; Peter Navarro as a mocking character called “Fan Jin” from a popular Chinese literature (a poor villager who surprisingly won a position in the government by scoring high in the test) and Marc Rubio as “one-of-a-kind anti-China lawmaker” and  Matthew Pottinger as “Stigmatization” expert.


  • Instigating Separation and Insurrections

During the riots in America the CCP hoped to further divide America and instigate more insurrections and then the CCP would immediately jump to condemn the racism.  In a response to Morgan Ortagus (State Department spokeswoman) comments on the controversial security bill in Hong Kong, the CCP spokeswoman Hua Chunying tweeted, “I cannot breathe”, and that “We stand firmly with our African friends.” The CCP also compared the riots in America to the Hong Kong protest to mix up the two events with two distinctive natures.

Disasters Brought by Confucius Institutes

Many governments, large companies, and businessmen may, for a period of time, ostensibly obtain benefits from the CCP for the sacrifice of their moral principles. But in the end, they will lose more than they gain. Such ill-gained, superficial benefits are all poisonous. Only by not coveting immediate interests will one have a bright future.

“The CCP is not a political party or regime in the normal sense. It does not represent the Chinese people. It represents the communist specter. To associate with the CCP is to associate with the devil. To be friendly with the CCP is to appease the devil, aid it, and play a role in pushing humanity toward destruction. Conversely, to push back against the CCP is to engage in the battle between good and evil. This is not a simple matter of countries fighting over national interests. It is a battle for the future of humanity.”

– “How the Specter of Communism Is Ruling Our World”

Currently, there are still 80 Confucius Institutes operating in American colleges and universities plus hundreds of Confucius classrooms targeting 6th to 8th graders.  Under the cover of “Confucius”, the CCP instills atheism and CCP’s ideology to the children.  In the CCP’s dictionary, heaven does not exist. In fact, it is replaced by nature. Among all the Confucius principles, the CCP falls in love with “harmony” and has exploited it to justify its totalitarian ruling and coerce Chinese people to obey the CCP.  To put it bluntly, the Confucius Institute is a covert propaganda machine spreading sugar-coated poison to kill the next generation’s souls. The Institutes alone are an effective tool to harbor the CCP spies and organize protests for the CCP on American soil.

During this pandemic, many Confucius Institutes have become the mouthpiece of the CCP. Interestingly, the cities and universities hosting these Confucius Institutes are often victimized by the pandemic. For example, Philadelphia county (Temple University), and Allegheny County (Pittsburgh University) were two regions hit the hardest by the pandemic in Pennsylvania.  Both universities have active Confucius Institutes established on campus.

Similarly, there are over 200 American cities in agreements with their sister-cities that are governed and controlled by the wicked CCP. This explains why so many of them (such as New York City, Seattle, San Francisco etc.) have also been severed by the pandemic.  It is time to wake up to the evil nature of the CCP,  shut down all the Confucius Institutes and classrooms, to severe all the sister-city agreements with CCP and to cut off any ties with this evil specter.

On June 1, when President Trump resolutely walked to St. John’s Church, he held the Bible announcing to the world: “This is the greatest nation, it will continue to be”. He represented most of the American people who choose to stand by the side of the Creator.  On June 2, the very next day, President Trump signed the Executive Order Advancing International Religious Freedom.  The order declares what the world needs in this finale of good vs. evil, that “Religious freedom for all people worldwide is a foreign policy priority of the United States, and the United States will respect and vigorously promote freedom.” This is a solemn pledge to the Creator and to the world that America will continue to walk on the path laid down by the divine and to safeguard our Manifest Destiny granted by the Creator.  Hence, America will undoubtedly continue to be enshrined by the Creator to be the greatest nation on earth. Soon, goodness will triumph.

Without God, there is no virtue, because there is no promoting of the conscience. Without God, we are mired in the material, that flat world that tells us only what the senses perceive. Without God, there is a coarsening of the society. And without God, democracy will not and cannot long endure. If we ever forget that we are one nation under God, then we will be a nation gone under.
– President Ronald Reagan

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