Operation Nemesis 7.0
Retribution against the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)

By MG Paul Vallely (US Army, Ret.)

Chairman – Stand Up America US Foundation.

Friday, May 22, 2020

Plan VI.  Reflections upon the Pandemic Outbreak
Aircraft Carrier Charles de Gaulle

French aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle (source: https://en.wikipedia.org/ )

France has been hit hard in this pandemic, including its military. In April, out of the 1,760 crew members on aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle, 1,081 were infected by the virus, which accounted for almost 2/3 of the total crew.  The good news is that nearly all infected crew members have recovered now, and the remaining French military forces were unaffected.

Why did aircraft carrier De Gaulle become the target of the virus?

The Epoch Times Special Editorial on April 26 (https://www.theepochtimes.com/editorial-there-is-a-cure-for-the-chinese-communist-party-pneumonia-say-no-to-the-ccp_3327913.html) revealed a secret: the pandemic is targeting the CCP and its allies.  A closer look at De Gaulle by the newspaper shows some alarming and thought-provoking facts. Https


Brest Port in Brittany – Suspected Origin of Infection

Outside of the United States, Charles de Gaulle is the only fully nuclear-powered aircraft carrier equipped with steam catapults that is in active service.  It represents the best of the French navy.

Charles de Gaulle most likely became exposed to the virus while staying at the Brest military port in Brittany, northwestern France between March 13 and 16.  Not only did outside personnel access the carrier, but more than 100 crew members also went ashore.  In early April, infections occurred on the aircraft carrier, which forced Charles de Gaulle to abandon “Mission Fosh”, jointly participated by US aircraft carrier Roosevelt, which was also hit by the pandemic.

The Navy Chief of Staff, Admiral Christophe Prazuck revealed that one third of the crew ’s family members reside in Brest.  When the Charles de Gaulle stayed there, the crew had landed to visit their families.

The CCP’s “Girl Army”

In the book “France-China, Dangerous Relations” (France-Chine, les liaisons dangereuses), author Antoine Izambard, an investigative reporter cited a confidential document from French intelligence agencies in July 2018. The document showed a surprising increase in the number of soldiers and military engineers in Brittany married with Chinese female students.  Most of these Chinese girls came from the University of Western Brittany (l’Université de Bretagne Occidentale) and the Brittany School of Advanced Technology and Engineering.

On June 5, 2019, at the hearing of the French National Assembly ’s National Defense Committee, Congressman Joachim Son-Forget pointed out that more and more young Chinese girls seem to be “targeting” the national naval soldiers in Brest. “, we are very worried about their relationship with our navy”.

“After sixty years of destruction of traditional culture and its replacement with Communist Party culture, the CCP is indeed able to coerce billions of Chinese people and turn them into a mass army, merely by waving the flag of nationalism…Generations of Chinese people who grew up in the Party culture carry the Party culture with them wherever they go. When they travel abroad to make a living, they export Party culture overseas and become part of the regime’s mass overseas army.

…To further influence the world, one of the key elements of the Party’s external propaganda is to export so-called traditional Chinese culture as defined by the CCP and use traditional Chinese customs and practices to whitewash the CCP. This is another form of perception manipulation, or brainwashing. A typical example of this project is the Confucius Institute.”

– from the book “How the Specter of Communism Is Ruling Our World

As early as September 2007, the “amazing success” of the CCP’s “Girl Army” in Brittany area was recognized by the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council.  The CCP identified the “Girl Army” in Brittany as the main force in promoting “traditional Chinese culture” – in fact, the regime’s doctrines.  On the office’s website, http://www.gqb.gov.cn/news/2007/0917/1/6602.shtml, it wrote,  “The most popular reason that they (“Girl Army”) reside here is because they found their nests of love; they either form associations, or teach Chinese in French schools. They have become the main force in spreading ‘traditional Chinese culture’ “.

One CCP-controlled association in Brittany is “China-Europe Economic and Cultural Exchange Center” built by a female Chinese immigrant in 2003.  Again, the CCP’s “Girl Army” are the main force in this association.

This association invited 8 Chinese artists from China to France, hosted a grand art-book-publishing ceremony at the French Senate in Paris, managed a Chinese art tour in several major French cities.  In particular, the association managed to register the CCP as a special guest at one local International Expo, and transported copies of terracotta warriors and horses from China to the grand Chinese pavilion at the expo. The long list of “achievements” went on…

In June 2006, Confucius Institute in Brittany was built.  During this pandemic, various Confucius Institutes around the world became the mouthpieces of the CCP, praising the CCP’s great success in containing the virus.  Confucius Institute in Brittany was no exception.  The national CCP Confucius Institute reported that Vice President of Regional Council of Brtitany, Ms. Salami-Dadkhah and the board chair of Confucius Institute in Brittany both touted the CCP for its success in containing the pandemic in a short period of time.   https://www.sohu.com/a/379801469_118392.

Currently, more than 30,000 Chinese students are studying in France, the number soon will rise to 50,000.  Izanbach questioned, “The French counter-espionage agencies are already overwhelmed. How could they deal with so many people?”

The CCP’s Real Targets

Since 1631, Brest has been an important French naval base on the Atlantic Ocean.  In 1972, the French Navy opened a nuclear submarine base in Brest. The aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle was built right there.

Antoine Izanbach pointed out in his book that the Brittany region attracted the CCP spies
precisely because of its important role in the French military.  Located in Brittany are various agencies, schools, and bases of the French military, all of which are targets of the CCP.

Not long ago, a Chinese employee in a Brittany company was identified as an overseas spy from the Ministry of National Security of China. Besides, 10 Chinese doctoral students at a French elite engineer school in Brittany are found doing research in military engineering. These students all came from Harbin Institute of Technology, a school responsible for the design and purchase of weapon systems for the CCP military.


The “Digested” French Nuclear Technologies

According to Izanbach’s report, French intelligence agencies clearly maintain a high degree of vigilance against the CCP’s infiltration in France.  However, French politicians have ignored warnings from the intelligence agencies because of their desire to attain the investments from the CCP. The politicians hope to cooperate with the CCP on a larger scale, overlooking the risk that the CCP could steal advanced technologies and intellectual properties from France.

France helped the CCP build the Taishan Nuclear Power Plant in China.  At the entrance of the plant, the CCP ’s goals were clearly posted on big signs: “What we bought are foreign technologies, we digest them; (After) we copy them at home, we will export them.”

Another alarming project involves the French energy company Areva building a nuclear waste treatment plant in China. The negotiation has lasted for nearly 20 years. When Macron first visited China in 2018, he and Xi pledged to have it signed off in early 2020. This agreement is worth ~$2.8 billion for Avera, but many French experts pointed out its high risk: the CCP could steal the nuclear technology.

In a report on “Le Figaro”, a French expert on China pointed out, “China (the CCP) is no longer a world factory. Opening it to the CCP will allow them to acquire the technology.  These methods may be theft, but most of them are obtained through seemingly legitimate free agreements. ”

French Government’s Pro-CCP Stance and Huawei

In 1964, under President De Gaulle, France became the first Western country to establish diplomatic relationship with the CCP during the Cold War. This incurred quite a stir in the free world back then. Because of his pro-CCP stance, General de Gaulle earned an honorary title from the CCP as “the Old Close Friend of Chinese People”.  So did the other four French presidents after de Gaulle.  In America, Kissinger and Schultz are the two earning this elite title.  In 2017, the current French President Macron openly announced that he is a Mao’s fan, he also liked to quote Deng’s infamous slogan “whether black or white, if it catches mice, it is a good cat”.  He also plans to visit China every year.

This February, French decided to have Huawei build its first European 5G factory in France. Huawei is a CCP’s tech giant with deep military background.  “The Communist Party spy agency thinly veiled as a telecom company”, called out by U.S. Senator Ted Cruz.  Many believe that Huawei’s 5G is CCP’s critical steppingstone to dominate the world. Hence, it presents a dire threat to the national security of the West.  Huawei is good at snapping technologies from the West by funding key projects at top universities.  Since 2007, Huawei has provided funding to a few elite engineering schools in France, including those in Brittany.


France Boosted CCP’s Navy

Since 1970, France has further deepened the diplomatic relations with the CCP, assisting it in the fields of aviation and defense. In early 1974, France began to provide sonar and other military equipment to CCP’s navy. In 1975, France sold 12 super wasp helicopters to the CCP.

From 1969 to 1979, Sino-Soviet relations were completely frozen. The development of the CCP’s military was nearly stagnant.  However, during the most difficult period of the CCP, France became its “life-saving partner”.  From 1974 to 1993, France provided advanced modern sonar systems to the Chinese Navy.  A French political analyst warned that today’s CCP is no longer “People’s threat”; instead, “People’s War in the 21st Century” has already begun.

France Aided Jiang Zemin to Build Wuhan P4 Lab

Wuhan P4 lab became a focal point in this pandemic.  As for the origin of the virus, there are many theories out there. The most convincing one is twofold: the contractor handling animal carcasses from the lab didn’t incinerate them according to the regulations, but sold them to markets as food instead; the head scientist Shi Zheng-Li’s own team got infected over more than a decade of virus-hunting. There are pictures of the team crawling into bat caves without any protective measures, used hands to pinch bats to collect virus with no masks but only a thin layer of disposable gloves, and scars of bat bites through gloves. The US intelligence findings so far aligns with the above theory, that it is a natural virus leaked from Wuhan P4 lab.

According to a report on the Epoch Times, in April 2003, Jiang Zemin, the CCP head, instructed his accomplice Chen Zhu, the Vice President of Chinese Academy of Science to sign a collaboration agreement with France to jointly build Wuhan P4 lab.  In 2015, Wuhan P4 lab was built with technologies provided by France.  https://www.epochtimes.com/gb/20/5/1/n12074420.htm. “Bat Woman” Shi Zhengli, the lead scientist of the Wuhan P4 lab obtained her Ph.D. training in France as well.  Today’s Wuhan P4 lab is still controlled by Jiang Zemin, the head of deep state in communist China.

The Charles de Gaulle Foundation’s Tie with the CCP

The Charles de Gaulle Foundation is the only official French foundation commemorating General Charles de Gaulle. The aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle and the Charles de Gaulle Foundation have signed a series of collaboration agreements. The current foundation Chairman Godflain was the former French prime minister, also known as a friend of the CCP.

Both CCP heads, Hu Jintao and Xi Jinping visited the Charles de Gaulle Foundation during their visit to France.  In the foundation’s annual summary in 2018, Godflain wrote that the Foundation has maintained a special close relationship with the CCP since its establishment in 1971.

In 2017, a reporter from China Daily asked how the foundation can help build French Chinese relations. Godflain replied: “We regularly organize economic and cultural projects with Chinese partners, such as in Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan and Chengdu in 2004 and 2005… ”

He also pointed out that the foundation has an amazingly big network with many French officials and enterprises. When a French company wants to enter the Chinese market, the foundation establishes contact with the Chinese side.

The CCP’s Aircraft Carriers and France

The CCP’s first aircraft carrier was made from the abandoned aircraft carrier from the former USSR.  In 1998, a Macao businessman, directed by the CCP, bought it from Ukraine for the fake purpose of converting it to a floating casino. The carrier instead sailed to Dalian, a CCP’s navy base. Later, a group of former USSR scientists were hired to work on rebuilding the carrier. In 2011, the aircraft carrier had its maiden sail. The state media announced it would be transferred to a combat role in 2019 after some upgrades.

According to CCP’s National Defense, as early as 1995, French offered to donate one inactive aircraft carrier to the CCP, but the offer was turned down by the CCP because of other associated conditions.

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