Editor’s Note – Was the now infamous man in New Hampshire who told Trump that “we have a Muslim problem and that Obama is a Muslim,” a plant? Some say it was an attempt to tear Trump down, but that is speculation. What is not speculation is the damage Obama has done to this once great nation.

Below, Larry Sellin gets to these roots and raises the question of whether or not it matters if Obama is or was a Muslim or any denomination of any religion. However, what is also not speculation is the very real topic Dr. Ben Carson brought up, that a Muslim could not be a President because of conflicting fealty – Shariah Law, the basis of Islam is completely at odds with our Constitution.

Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson says Islam is antithetical to the Constitution, and he doesn’t believe that a Muslim should be elected president. Carson, a devout Christian, says a president’s faith should matter to voters if it runs counter to the values and principles of America. NHMuslimMan

Responding to a question during an interview broadcast Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” he described the Islamic faith as inconsistent with the Constitution. “I would not advocate that we put a Muslim in charge of this nation,” Carson said. “I absolutely would not agree with that.” (Read the rest at My Way News.)

If there was a plant to trip up Trump, it certainly opened a can of worms but it appears it was more than worms emerging on this old, unsettled subject. Every Presidential candidate is now being asked about what they think of how Trump acted and sure enough, folks like Carson, a very learned man who by his statement demonstrates that he knows Islam and the Constitution gave his opinion. Why is no one asking Obama himself?

Like in the days of JFK, our first Catholic President, people asked back then if his allegiance would be to the Pope over the Constitution, as we know it was not, but it was so important he gave a speech about it to quell the issue. He faced it straight on, something Obama has never done. In fact, you would be hard pressed to find when Obama stopped being a Muslim and became a Black Liberation Theology adherent.

TrumpNHMuslimGuyIn almost seven years in office, the Obama’s never chose a church in the DC area and rarely entered any church, even for Christmas while on vacation.

Make no mistake about it, Obama’s father was a Muslim and under Shariah Law, that meant that Barack Hussein Obama Jr. was automatically a Muslim by birthright, something Obama has never faced, nor explained to America as JFK did.

Whether he was also Muslim because of his step-father and the unsettled “adoption” issue and the Indonesian school registration, does not matter either, just that his beliefs and actions have been and continue to be in stark contrast to the Constitution and American values and exceptionalism.

Gallup even ran a poll in 2012 to see what Americans knew about Obama’s religion, and apparently many still do not know as the poll showed back then. In the whole history of the USA, only four Presidents’ religions were not known, or easy to identify, but only one was a Catholic, but will we ever know for sure about Obama?

Maybe Rev. Wright knows. One thing we do know, its not Mr. Trump’s or any other American’s responsibility to prove a negative or defend Mr. Obama, that is his job.

Is Obama a Muslim?

by LAWRENCE SELLIN, PHD Family Security Matters

20120212_SellinI do not believe Barack Obama is a Muslim, nor do I think he is a Christian, nor do I think it matters, because he is not motivated by any religious belief, but by a secular ideology.

All of his convictions and actions can be explained by a single supposition.

Obama is dedicated to the subversion of Western, in particular White European, Judeo-Christian-based democracy.

In the world today, the two strongest forces opposing Western, Judeo-Christian democracy are radical Islam and Marxism in its current manifestations.

The proponents of radical Islam and Marxism have a shared hatred of the United States as the embodiment of evil and the main impediment to the subjugation of the individual by either Sharia or the state.

In that respect, Obama’s modus operandi can be considered Islamo-Marxist by embracing their methods that, he thinks, can effectively undermine American culture and weaken the ability to transmit to future generations the principles upon which the United States was founded, in order to pave the way for a new political order, his so-called fundamental transformation.

The uncontrolled immigrant invasion; the constant promotion of Islam; the fostering of homosexual and transsexual lifestyles; the rejection of Constitutional processes; the nurturing of domestic extremist political movements like Black Lives Matter; the growth of government and unsustainable debt; the pursuit of a dangerous foreign policy; the Stalinist-style political correctness; and other insults to American values and traditions are not meant to solve any problem or redress any grievance, but are all specifically designed to weaken the national soul, compromise national security and relegate patriotism to little more than an underground resistance movement.

It is most likely that Obama is amoral, believes only in his own narcissism and is driven by contempt for everything the United States represents.

The real American calamity, however, is not Obama, but the corrupt political-media establishment that allowed him to occupy the Oval Office for eight destructive years.

It was the far-left Democrat Party and the fawning, biased media that facilitated his rise to power and uncritically and shamelessly protected him in office. It was the Republican eunuchs who disgracefully refused to vet Obama or oppose any of his policies.

It is an unfortunate fact that American politicians, collectively, both Democrat and Republican, do not trust representative government and care nothing about the Constitution or the rule of law. They believe only in the pursuit of personal power and profit via a warped legislative process, executive overreach and a constant stream of guaranteed taxpayer revenues. Both parties use campaign deception, practice political expediency, engage in crony capitalism and, when necessary, promote voter fraud to sustain the corrupt status quo.ObamaWright

Instead of acting as the people’s “watchdog,” the media support the permanent political elite by preserving the illusion of democracy and enabling tyranny by misinforming Americans and manipulating public opinion.

Realizing that they no longer have representative government nor can they rely on the media, the voters are flocking to Donald Trump because there is no one else to whom to flock.

Make no mistake, the political-media establishment fears Trump, not because they fear for the well-being of the country, but because, if he wins, Trump might investigate and prosecute the corruption in Washington DC.

In such a situation, most members of the political-media establishment would lose their jobs and some would go to jail, complicit in perpetuating the greatest fraud and Constitutional crisis in US history.

I don’t care about Obama’s religion or his sexual orientation, if he plays with dolls or if his favorite sport is croquet.

I only know that he is bad for America. And that’s enough for me. Although Obama will be gone soon, the national wounds he inflicted will take generations to mend.

That healing cannot occur, however, while the disease that made a President Barack Obama possible persists.

The hopelessly corrupt political-media establishment must be swept away.

Lawrence Sellin, Ph.D. is a retired colonel with 29 years of service in the US Army Reserve and a veteran of Afghanistan and Iraq. Colonel Sellin is the author of “Restoring the Republic: Arguments for a Second American Revolution “. He receives email at lawrence.sellin@gmail.com.