By Scott W. Winchell (SUA Editor) – It has been clear to those who closely monitor the events unfolding in Syria and the rest of the Middle East and North Africa that the Muslim Brotherhood is quickly securing a hold on the majority of the ‘Arab Spring’ nations. There is no denying it is true and that makes most wonder what the Obama administration is and was really up to. We at SUA have never been fooled.

The constant knell that no one knows who is who in Syria, and the hands-off approach by Obama point to the conclusion that the White House has always wanted the Islamists to win out. They know what we know and have chosen to ignore it. Now we see that even King Abdullah is convinced – Obama is in bed with the Muslim Brotherhood and always has been.

Of course, here at SUA, through our NGO, the “Syrian Opposition Liaison Group” (SOLG), we have always known who is who on the ground in Syria. Why, because we talk to them directly and have published this for a long time. The point is, the FSA was predominantly nationalistic and moderate – almost secular in its make up and goals from the beginning.

However, all the stalling, hand-wringing, propagandizing, and outright lies have the world still scratching its head on who is who. Why, to keep everyone confused, especially the average American citizen. This works well for Obama and crew because they knew if they waited long enough, the rebels would transform through attrition, starved of arms and equipment, while the Jihadists increasingly gained strength and numbers, through the infusion of Qatari funding.

The fact is though, it is not to late to change this policy, though we doubt they will, and back the real friends of America and the West, the nationalistic and secular moderates in the FSA. Now that Col. Riad el Asaad, the leader of the FSA, a true nationalist who has recently been severely injured, we wonder what is to become of the FSA in the near future with Obama supporting the Muslim Brotherhood with the help of Qatar so openly?

SUA is certain these seemingly disparate points are all connected, you be the judge. Again, we wish Col. Riad el Asaad a quick recovery, and success for the true FSA and the true goals of the average Syrian. If the Obama administration changes its course, the Syrians can then be in control of their own destiny, not controlled by those who promote the Muslim Brotherhood and yet another dictatorship style government.

Jordan’s King: US Backs Muslim Brotherhood in Syria

By Barry Rubin – New Media Journal (Originally posted at

“Don’t scare anyone. But once you gain ground then move ahead. You must utilize as many people as possible who may be of use to us.” — Joseph Stalin to future Communist dictator of Hungary Matyas Rakosi, December 5, 1944. It really isn’t hard to understand what is happening in the Middle East if you gather the facts:

Jordan’s King Abdullah — whom President Barack Obama just visited — is clearly telling us what’s going wrong: the Muslim Brotherhood is dangerous, and the United States is supporting it. Presumably, this is what Abdullah told Obama.

President Obama and King Abdullah II of Jordan during Obama’s recent visit to the Middle East.

US policy is now escalating support for a Muslim Brotherhood regime in Syria, and the Syrian rebels increasingly have open Brotherhood leadership.

Repression is gradually escalating in Egypt, with arrests of moderates, Islamists being sent to the military academy, and many other measures.

Regarding Jordan, Jeffrey Goldberg has written an extremely valuable profile of Abdullah. The Jordanian monarch is telling Western visitors that their countries are making a huge mistake by supporting the Islamists. He complains that the US State Department is ignoring him, and further, that US officials are telling him: “The only way you can have democracy is through the Muslim Brotherhood.”

Abdullah responds: the Brotherhood wants to impose anti-American reactionary governments, and his “major fight” is to stop them. No margin may be left for relative moderate and pro-American states between a Sunni Islamist alliance led by Egypt and including Turkey versus a Shia Islamist alliance led by Iran, says Abdullah. And he’s right. The only differences, Abdullah explains, between the Turkish and Egyptian regimes are their timetables for installing dictatorships.

And Egypt’s new president, says the king, is obsessed with a hostile view of Israel.

(Here’s the delicious irony: Last August, Jordanian Prime Minister Fayez Tarawneh launched a ferocious personal attack on me. Why? Because I said that the Sunni-Shia battle was going to replace the Arab-Israeli conflict. Well, his king just concurred with me. LOL.)

Meanwhile, while President Barack Obama was love-bombing Israel during his visit, US policy was helping to install a Muslim Brotherhood supporter as the putative next leader of Syria. Obama’s strategy — with appropriate adjustments to the national scene — is the same as his disastrous policy in Egypt.

The new leader of the Syrian opposition coalition is Ghassan Hitto, an obscure figure who has long been a resident of the United States. His actual election contained two hints:

He only received 35 votes from 63 members of the Syrian National Coalition. That show of support matches the number of Muslim Brotherhood supporters there.

Only 48 out of the 63 even cast a ballot at all, showing lack of enthusiasm and possible US pressure on groups to abstain rather than oppose Hitto.

During the Cold War, American policy toward Third World countries frequently looked for a “third way” democratic alternative — leaders who were neither Communists nor right-wing authoritarians. Today, however, the Obama administration doesn’t do the equivalent at all, despite pretenses to the contrary. Rather, it seeks leadership from the most seemingly moderate people…who represent Islamist groups. Of course, this moderation is largely deceptive.

That was the pattern in Egypt; now it is the same failed strategy in Syria.

Hitto is a typical example of such a person. He has lived in the United States and went to university there, so presumably he knows the West and has become more moderate by living there. He is involved in high-tech enterprises, so supposedly he is a modern type of guy.

Remember how now-dictator of Syria Bashar al-Assad was lavishly praised because he studied and lived in London and was supposedly interested in … the Internet?

In addition, nobody has (yet) uncovered an outrageous Hitto statement. His ties to the Brotherhood are not so blatant — even though they are obvious.

Yet the connections between Hitto and the Muslim Brotherhood — and those are only the ones documented quickly following his election — are extensive:

He is founder of the Muslim Legal Fund of America, largely directed by Muslim Brotherhood members.

He was a secretary-treasurer of the American Middle Eastern League for Palestine (AMELP), which is closely linked to the Islamic Association of Palestine (IAP), which supports Hamas and terrorism against Israel.

Hitto was vice president of the CAIR Dallas/Fort Worth chapter, and director of the Muslim American Society (MAS) Youth Center of Dallas, which was a Muslim Brotherhood front group.

The list goes on and on.

To sum up the situation, Hassan Hassan of the United Arab Emirates newspaper The National published an article titled “How the Muslim Brotherhood Hijacked Syria’s Revolution.”

________________Barry Rubin is director of the Global Research in International Affairs (GLORIA) Center and editor of the Middle East Review of International Affairs (MERIA) Journal.