By George Mcclellan

Tyrannies need devices that instill fear in a population accompanied by probable deniability to retain control over their populations, so they don’t riot and hang the politicians. Usually, they create some claim of an impending calamity that requires people to want protection. When logical-thinking citizens see through the political foolishness of stupid, unconstitutional BS and resist, then arrests soon follow. ‘Don’t mess with the ‘State.’ Covid was a Godsend for Marxist Democrats, and they quickly elevated it to a desperate matter of National Security, which allowed them to control our daily lives unconstitutionally, force us to wear useless masks, alter our social lives, and worse, mandate inoculations that enriched drug companies before they realized they were killing off people faster than the fentanyl epidemic.

Apart from that, Democrats cling to the nonsensical idea that oil is wrong and our economy can only be saved by Green Energy, i.e., windmills and solar panels sold to us by the Chinese. Look at our landscape today, cluttered with expensive, nearly unproductive windmills, killing thousands of endangered bird species, especially those from the raptor family, and nobody cares. If you do care and say so, you will be crushed. It all falls under the silly rubric of Climate Change, aka the weather. Climate Change, they say, is a National Security matter if not addressed immediately, will soon find the tops of the Smoky Mountains tropical islands on America’s eastern seaboard. Politically, for Marxist Democrats, it is the fear of Donald Trump returning to the presidency, a pending National Security disaster of unimaginable proportions.

So, when do we realize the threat to our National Defense? Do we wait until the Chinese Navy is anchored off our west coast lobbing rockets at American cities or when Chinese army-age immigrants and Islamic Jihadists open fire on American streets? Hamas just showed us this scenario against Israel, and they came from the outside. All that is on top of Biden committing millions of our dollars to Ukraine’s losing battle. Where will the money come from when China’s emperor Ji finally decides he may be able to take Taiwan? Any time the government tells us an action they’ve taken was for “National Defense,” I’ll believe it when bombs fall in my neighborhood. Suppose the Federal Government is permitted to run roughshod over our inalienable rights in complete violation of the Constitutional limits placed on them. In that case, they’ll assume and can do anything they want in the name of “National Security,” like funding terrorists, arresting Christians demonstrating against abortion, closing churches instead of bars and whore houses, stopping social gatherings, mandating deadly vaccines, and teaching our children in public schools how to be sexual perverts. What has happened to our America, once the land of freedom to which the truly oppressed sought sanctuary?

The 1920s was the period of America’s worst malaise, the Great Depression. FDR organized government programs to employ citizens and tone down the rising angst at America’s political and economic failures by rolling out their version of the Government-Banking Complex, FDR’s Works Project Administration, that sought funding from big banks, tax schemes, and tariffs. It did slow down America’s decline. Then came the rise of other victims of the worldwide great depression, Hitler in Germany, Mussolini in Italy, and Hirohito in Japan, resulting in World War Two. For America, that conflict signaled the beginning of the Military-Industrial complex dedicated to a level of war production that the Axis could match. Politically, the definition of a Government-Industrial Complex, military or otherwise, is a form of fascism. In fascist Germany, Hitler’s government, a socialist one to be sure, held the reins of production, not the ownership of it. The Nazis paid the German Industrialists to rebuild Germany’s war machine, and they complied. Always follow the money! The tiny European country of Germany quickly became so powerful that nobody, including the WWI victors, France, and England, had the strength to stop them, so they turned to negotiations to appease Herr Hitler. But he was not subdued! Like democrats today, he used negotiations to stall for time, ignore the subject, or claim his enemies, in our case Republicans, acted in bad faith. Republicans haven’t worked in bad faith; they’re too stupid or lazy to challenge Obama’s Great Reset idea to change America fundamentally. It has allowed Obama, through Joe Biden, to do about anything he wants, like opening the border to floods of illegal intruders, giving millions of taxpayer dollars to Hamas through the UN Relief Works Agency (sounds like FDR’s scheme, doesn’t it?), to re-fund the terrorist groups that planned the operation that shocked Israel and the world last Saturday, 07Oct23. Please make no mistake, they’re coming after us too!

You don’t throw them an anchor when you see a drowning man. Joe, going to Israel is like throwing that drowning man an anchor. Biden just arrived in Israel apparently to show Americans he was a war chief, but he’s there not to save Israel from Hamas but to keep Hamas from Israel. Democrats have invested too much of our taxpayer dollars as humanitarian aid (arms and ammunition), to promote and save Jihadists. But consider this: should Joe be killed while he’s over there, for Democrats, it would solve two problems: make him a martyr and open the 2024 election to somebody more charismatic like the dufus from California. I no longer care that Joe Biden, an old man entering his dotage, is president; I care for our America. Why should anybody care for Joe? He has always been a miserable, incompetent, lying son of a female dog whose entire life has been dedicated to sloping out of the government trough, enriching himself and his criminal family while overseeing Obama’s third term, one dedicated to America’s destruction. His incompetence in foreign policy has ensured the promise of a world in turmoil for many decades.

Remember, freedom is the goal; the Constitution is the way.


  • Released and Distributed by the Stand Up America US