America Needs to Update the National Airport Security Program and System

By Paul Vallely, US Army (Ret)

Chairman, the Stand Up America US Foundation


It is time to update the National Airport Security System. It is now over 20 years since 9/11! American travelers are now under severe and unnecessary security requirements at all our airports. Each airport is different based on location, airline access, routing, and potential threats to travelers. It is time travelers can travel without long lines, harassment, masks, long lines, excessive baggage checks. We need to go to what I call a modified Israeli-type airport security system. Obviously, security has to be maintained at all airports to protect passengers. We will lay out a plan to allow passengers to check-in, check baggage and move directly to their gate of departure without long, harassing, frustrating lines operated by TSA. Bottom line is to remove TSA from our airports and structure an airport security system based on current and projected security threats.