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Paul E Vallely MG US Army (Ret)

Where Has Our America Gone?

June 9, 2023

In 1939, I entered the world of America in a small town in Pennsylvania. I was fortunate to attend small schools and enjoy the sports and education of that small American town. Later, as a senior in high school, I was accepted into the United States Military Academy at West Point, New York, and in July 1957, entered the hallowed halls and traditions of the Long Gray Line and West Point.

It was a proud moment for me to have my 2d Lieutenant gold bars pinned on my shoulders and then to serve our country for some 32 years of duty in the US Army. What a rush to become an airborne trooper with the proud Ranger tab. Yes, I served in combat with two tours in Vietnam with various peacetime assignments as a unit commander and many staff and aide-de-camp positions. At seventy-two years old, I led a covert, special ops mission into Aleppo, Syria, with 400 armed men – my last combat operation.

But what has happened since then? I see our America now spiraling into a free fall like the Roman Empire. My America was founded on Judeo-Christain faith and principles, and I now witness a country in total decline where we do not respect our flag, our Constitution, God, or our fellow man and woman.

What has changed America so much? Socialism and Communism have crept into our organizations, institutions, educational schools, military, and government over the past decades. Our children have been poisoned, and our proud history (though not perfect) has been challenged and destroyed before our very eyes. We have fought against tyranny since 1776, but now we face our own tyrannical government. We know from history that Marxist ideology divides people and breeds hatred.

With each passing day, I see my government enacting laws and regulations that do not benefit the people but harm them. I see wasteful spending of money we do not have on projects and programs that do not improve the quality of life for Americans. Most among these is the preoccupation with the farce called climate change. I see chaos and crisis at our Southern Border, where over six million illegal aliens have invaded our nation along with terrorists, criminals, and the deadly fentanyl manufactured in China that have claimed the lives of over 100,000 Americans. I see taxpayer dollars…my money…your money… being given to illegal aliens and countries that hate us. Money that might be better deployed to help the hundreds of thousands of homeless Americans, the poor, and the able downtrodden.

I watch with horror as actions are taken that are, in fact, harmful to the very pillars of liberties we hold dear: freedom of religion, freedom of speech, the right to bear arms, and to assemble with our families and friends. I tremble when I learn our President, who acts like a dictator, considers sending billions of dollars to Iran, the leading sponsor of terrorism in the world, hoping that this rogue nation will come and make commitments they have no intention of keeping. I see the winds of war gripping Ukraine as they battle the Russian military. I watch China flex its military muscles in the South China Sea, threatening Taiwan while sending spy balloons across the United States while our feckless President does nothing. And I wonder if those we elected to represent us are up to governing and leading our nation.

I think to myself…is this man who supposedly garnered 80 million votes campaigning from his basement to become President our President, or are we witnessing the third term of Barack Hussein Obama making all the decisions. Susan Rice and Valerie Jarret pulling the strings on a puppet Joe Biden who struggles with every sentence he tries to speak? Finally, I am shocked and appalled that in three short years, the actions of our President have so damaged our nation and economy while strengthening those of our adversaries, then dare to blame President Trump for his shortfalls and administrative nightmares.

Sadly, I have concluded that our President and Executive Branch are compromised. Lies and deceit have marked his entire life, and his family (and he) have gotten rich by selling influence on foreign powers like China, Russia, Ukraine, Iran, and others. There is no other explanation for the ludicrous policies he has enacted. Documented evidence recently published has identified that over $30 million has flowed to the Biden family via multiple LLC corporations set up for this purpose. Still, the mainstream media refuses to give credence to this and publish it like they ignored the Hunter Biden laptop story.

And again, we see a series of well-calculated indictments and impeachment trials against President Donald Trump and the opposition to ensure he is not a Presidential candidate in 2024.

Americans, we must stand tall and reverse this dismantling of our Country. Challenge this tyranny at every opportunity. We must protect our children for a brighter future in America.

Well, what are the solutions?

  • We must ensure fair and valid elections.
  • We must vote for citizens that are not career politicians/members of partisan political parties. A term limit is a must. As well as for the Supreme Court.
  • We must revise our education system to teach a well-rounded English, history, science, and mathematics education. The arts, music, and sports are also included in developing a well-rounded student.
  • We must restore our Military.
  • Rebuild durable independent energy to support America’s future.
  • Revise the CIA/FBI/DHS/DOJ structure and other government agencies.
  • Limit the power and authority of all government officials.
  • Downsize the Federal and State governments.
  • Eliminate the Federal Reserve and place its functions back into the Department of Treasury where it belongs.
  • Fix the Justice System. We cannot continue to allow criminals to commit crimes and not be punished. No one is above the law, including elected officials.
  • We must spiritually awaken our people where honesty, integrity, truth, faith, and respect prevail.
  • Governors must exercise their 10th Amendment Rights.
  • Our borders must be protected against illegal invasions.

More could be added to solutions, but what has been stated would only be the beginning of restoring America.

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