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The Great Reset
Ray DiLorenzo
People are on the move. The Great Reset is coming. While they still can, they’re vying for a safe place to live with some sense of normalcy. And it’s not in the Blue states. Home prices in the Red States are going up. House values in my area have doubled in the last 3 – 4 years. People are buying sight unseen and if your plan is to build, there is a two-year wait for a contractor.
Many Blue States will be losing power in Congress as the Red States will be gaining power. For the first time, California will lose a seat. New York will lose a seat as well as Illinois, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. Texas will gain two seats. Montana, Florida, North Carolina, Oregon, and Colorado will each gain a seat.
In the meantime, Democrats are forging plans, moving their agenda along, making up for a lost time during the Trump administration. They are moving as fast as they can before any new elections and before people wake up. They prefer us to remain either sleeping or in a stupor. Many of us are not sleeping, but are in a sort of ‘I can’t believe what I’m seeing’ phase, trying to make sense of it all. Don’t waste your time trying to make sense of it, because it doesn’t. But, there is a plan, a scheme at work, and it will roll over you if you ignore it. This is not a green environment movement you’re witnessing, it is a world-class power-grabbing, money-grubbing movement with centers of power not just here, but in foreign places.
The Democrats will pretend as if the government is going along as normal, but with their usual self-illusory superiority. The media will not ask any difficult questions, soft press conferences only. The occasional Newsmax or Fox News question will be handled with the usual misdirection and mendacity.
Indicators pointing to reality are everywhere. Biden’s climate requirements call for reducing meat consumption by 90%. That is, eating 4 lbs. of meat per person per year, or about one hamburger per month. They are denying it, but don’t bet on it. Oregon has introduced legislation to outlaw farm animals for food in their state. You will only be allowed to eat animals that either die of natural causes or are diseased. How nice. The Biden administration is calling for a reduction in carbon dioxide output or greenhouse gases by 50 – 52% from the 2005 levels. Since 80% of greenhouse gas is from human activity, reducing the world population would certainly do that…hmmm. They’re getting right back on the New World Order train and they are heading in our direction.
Biden will be giving $174 billion to the big three automakers, as part of his infrastructure program, to produce electric vehicles few can afford (50k), and build one-half million charging stations. What will power these charging stations or the millions that will come later? Will it be diesel, oil, natural gas, or coal? What environmental damage will occur in obtaining the rare earth minerals needed to produce the batteries for these cars? Who will afford these vehicles? Will this new paradigm shift permit travel as we know it or will the government supply the former middle class with bicycles?
No one is opposed to a clean environment, but we are moving faster than the technology or the economy can support it. And we don’t even have proof that carbon dioxide is a problem, or that there is even climate change that we can do anything about. It used to be called global warming because they really have no idea what they are talking about. Thirty or forty years ago, the problem was global cooling. They may not know what they are talking about, but they certainly know what they are doing. That’s because it is not about the environment. It’s about POWER…POLITICAL POWER!
The so-called pandemic is being kept alive in spite of vaccinations. A function of control and fear. I am always amazed at people who drive in their car around town, alone, wearing a facemask. I congratulate the Democrats for that. They have worked hard to create that kind of fear. Because of them, the Constitution is on its way to being nullified and the Declaration of Independence is being re-written to be the Declaration of Dependence, and many will welcome it. It will be an anti-God, Antichrist system.
Congress is spending money like it isn’t theirs. Well, it isn’t. Their plan is to spend $6 TRILLION with the complete support of the Fed, just in the next 6 months. They will destroy the dollar and introduce a digital currency. That will crush the middle class and any privacy we have left. They will introduce a sort of dual society, with only rich and poor. It will be an absolute precondition to any new world order.
Support from the fake media has not wavered. After Biden’s recent speech to Congress, the press swooned over him. “He’s developed a positive popularism.”…”He talked about the soul of America, and it was so passionate.” Even Chris Wallace of Fox News expressed what he saw as a new trust in government. That doesn’t show me a difference of opinion, but a difference in the planet we occupy.
People are on the move, a natural result of Democrat government by division. Those that choose to be unaffected and remain where they are will have different priorities. As we view each other from a distance, the suspicion and distrust will grow even further, finally realizing how little we have in common. Boundary lines between Blue and Red will become more apparent. For the time being the Left will be over confident, thinking they have everything under control. They have no idea. I don’t see any easy road to victory for the Left and no willingness to withdraw back to sanity, even while their cities, like their culture, crumbles. The Right, confident in their Americanism, will find a line and be steadfast. Winston Churchill once said, “Americans can always be trusted to do the right thing, once all other possibilities are exhausted.”
In the meantime, will you find an empty chair when the music stops?