Released from MG Paul Vallely – Chairman of Stand Up America

For special distribution

July 1, 2016


The rise of the Islamic State (or ISIS) since 2014 has surprised and shocked many across the globe. Even more shocking are the horrific atrocities carried out by this organization as it seeks to impose its Medieval ideology across the Middle East and the World.


Thanks to the failures of the Obama Administration and its Syrian Civil War strategy, we’ve seen jihadists gain control of large swaths of territory in Syria and Iraq. With their homes in ruins, millions of refugees have fled the area creating a massive crisis for Western and Middle Eastern countries alike. Clearly, there needs to be a strategy for handling the refugees fleeing an oppressive enemy.


At the same time, we must understand the Sunni Islamic State, its objectives, and what it represents for the region, vulnerable target areas across the globe, and for individual Muslims worldwide.


Many jihadists pro-sharia groups and individuals already have made the hijra (migration) to the West and live among us with the intent of ‘destroying [our] miserable house from within’ (as stated in the Muslim Brotherhood’s 1991 report, ‘The Explanatory Memorandum’). Despite this fact, President Obama wants to bring thousands of unvetted Syrian refugees into the United States.


While many state and local officials have rightly stood up to the Obama Administration, in Montana, Governor Steve Bullock has waffled on this issue. Now he is making the highly dubious argument that, as governor, he is powerless to stop the influx. Meanwhile, the governors of 31 other states have taken a stand and said no to unvetted Syrian refugees in their states.


Greg Gianforte, on the other hand, has spoken strongly about the need to stop the Syrian refugee resettlement, and I commend him for that. The first priority of the governor should be the safety and security of the people of Montana. During these times, it is important that we have a governor who will stand up for Montana’s interests on this issue. And we need governors across the nation who will band together and present a united front against the Obama Administration.


The President and U.S. State Governors should seek Congressional legislation that requires involvement by state and local jurisdictions in every step of the immigration and refugee resettlement process. Ultimately, this can’t be the decision of President Obama or Governor Bullock alone. Local officials and the people themselves must have their say. The Departments of Homeland Security, Justice, and State must begin to apply discriminatory vetting to exclude those who favor or harbor jihadist ideology or are unlikely to assimilate well into US society.


Not only is Governor Bullock attempted to punt on this issue, but he has also endorsed Hillary Clinton for President. While the Obama Administration has called for the preliminary resettlement of 10,000 refugees, Mrs. Clinton has stated that she would like to see 65,000 refugees resettled.
Finally, candidates for public office, Congressional representatives, defense and national security officials, and all who accept the responsibilities incumbent on those who take the oath of office to ‘protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic’ must stand the interests of our nation and states first. As a candidate, Greg Gianforte appears to be taking this duty seriously. Governor Bullock, on the other hand, seems to be taking his lead from the Obama Administration.



Paul E Vallely

MG, US Army (Ret)

Chairman, Stand Up America

Chairman – Legacy National Security Advisory Group