Perilous times demand steadfast leaders. Amid a global pandemic with no clear end in sight, international business operations grinding to a halt, economic stability teetering on a precipice and American people sheltering in their homes, Montana needs an experienced leader to guide our state through this time of adversity. Dr. Al Olszewski is just that man. His qualifications are broad and deep and are just what Montana needs at such a time as this.

Dr. Olszewski’s military service and training have prepared him to lead during times of natural disaster. His medical education and experience as a trauma surgeon qualify him to recognize and rapidly implement necessary solutions to prevent the ongoing spread of illness and disease. Olszewski’s legislative experience, political acumen and ability to shepherd legislation effectively through the Montana legislature set him apart from all other gubernatorial candidates.

Dr. Al Olszewski understands the true meaning of Duty, Service, and Sacrifice.  Our lives and fortunes depend on it.