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Writer & Editor: Ray DiLorenzo
The heard voice perishes, but the written letter remains.
Maj. Gen. Paul Vallely served 32 years in the Army, having retired as Deputy Commanding General, US Army, Pacific.
Macbeth in the White House
Ray DiLorenzo
“Macbeth was stirred by his ambition and his wife.” Wikipedia
Biden, like Macbeth is a tragic figure, an antihero long ago promoted to his level of incompetence, and just good at hanging on.
Joe Biden and his Democrat operatives may think they put one over on the American people, but did they?
The Democrats want you to believe the impossible. An elderly man, never known for any noteworthy achievements, not even one (except for being corrupt and a letch), suffering from an apparent case of dementia or even onset Alzheimer’s disease, with a wife that puts his health and well-being second to being First Lady. Biden, who couldn’t attract 20 people to a rally, and can’t complete a coherent sentence, won an election with more votes than any candidate in presidential election history. This is what they want us to believe. And to top it all, decides he needs, after his win, thousands of troops standing guard outside the White House.
Yes, this is the man that beat Donald Trump, the 45th President of the United States. He beat a man that oversaw the greatest economic recovery in our nation’s history, defying all predictions. Trump brought historically low unemployment, even among Black and Hispanic workers. Trump pursued and won trade deals and tax reform that brought American companies back to our shores and put more money in the pockets of the middle class. This president was the first since Carter to not start any wars, caring more about the men and women who die and are maimed than the pockets that are lined as a result of those useless conflicts. For the first time in a quarter-century, Trump was able to achieve a massive breakthrough in normalizing relations between Israel and four Arab nations. Let’s not forget his most important achievement…bringing everyday Americans back into the conversation. He didn’t lie or pander. Trump simply listened to the people, said what he was going to do and did it. And besides, Donald Trump had no political debt to pay. Biden owes his soul and is in the process of paying it, 22 executive orders during the first week. Over 40 by now, a record.
The media and the Democrats say Biden won the election, but let’s take a look at his great victory. We’ll concentrate on just election night. There is plenty of proof of ballot tampering…ballots arriving before they were mailed, ballots arriving after election day, ballots put through counting machines multiple times, unfolded ballots arriving at tabulation centers that looked like they were just printed, ballots sent out of the country for counting, dead people voting, illegal aliens voting, ballots registered to vacant lots, vote counting where Republican observers were not permitted, votes loaded before opening of polls, etc.
The Democrats thought they had it all figured out. They had a reasonable expectation that Trump was going to win and by how many votes. They worked out an algorithm, a process to be followed in calculating a problem. The problem was simply to win the election regardless of vote tally.
They were way off.
It wasn’t working. Their algorithm broke. Too many votes were coming in for President Trump. Cities like New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Houston were voting Trump more than anyone expected. There were even reports that Trump was flipping California. They were flooded with Trump votes.
At about 11:15pm ET, the system shut down. The process had to be re-calculated. The election took on a Twilight Zone feel to it. Days went by with no results from battleground states.
Anyone who was watching the returns that night had to have been flabbergasted, astonished. No one had ever seen such a thing. Usually the count continued until 3 or 4 in the morning and the results reported. Not that night.
The moment the counting stopped was the moment our country became a third-world nation, as crooked, as corrupt as any other.
What we saw, what we witnessed was the greatest cyber-attack in history…a re-calculation of what the Democrats needed to win the election, and they went to work. Oh, how they went to work. Even Time Magazine has now all but admitted to the scam. The truth is getting out.
And now we wait. We wait to see if or how this country gets back on its feet, how it cleanses itself of the filth of the past several months. It has been estimated that about 90% of Republicans feel the election was stolen from Trump and an astounding 30% of Democrats feel the election was fraudulent.
Now you know why there are troops in Washington…to keep him safe from all the imaginary mobs carrying torches and pitchforks…to keep alive the illusion of a conservative insurgency. A classic diversion.
An honorable presidency has been murdered. And now we have a Macbeth as president. The guilt will inevitably leach out. Biden will never be considered a legitimate president. Every head of state will know he is a forgery. They are not stupid. He will hide inside the White House, a victim of his own victory. The Democrat Party and the Left will reap what they have sowed. He will remain the tragic antihero. Oh, the irony of it all.
“…out damned spot, out I say…what need we fear who knows it…yet who would have thought the old man had so much blood in him.” Lady Macbeth