The MacArthur Society of West Point Graduates is pleased to announce the formation of a Colorado-based not-for-profit Corporation, watermark as a 501(c)(3) charity. The undersigned Board members and all Society members, having been officers in the U.S. military, all took a sacred vow to (in part) defend America against all enemies, foreign and domestic. We still believe we are bound by that oath even after our term of service has ended.

We, Band of Brothers (and Sisters), believe that the United States Military Academy at West Point leadership is and has implemented a systematic degradation of the values and traditions that made the institution the premier leadership institute in the World. The subjects they teach show fewer military subjects and an alarming increase in what can only be called Marxist social justice indoctrination. The leadership of the Generals is introducing policies that change the Honor system, making that concept “aspirational” versus ingrained. Other ideas appear to be merely politically progressive based, designed to create followers of the leftist teachings and political party, not related to the battlefield or development of officers to serve, and defend the United States from all enemies, foreign and domestic. We fear that future graduates will not be prepared to win wars, obviously to the detriment of the Nation.

They have done so behind closed doors, hiding their actions behind the veils of secrecy when the U.S. citizenry demands transparency. That leadership, along with the Association of Graduates (AOG), refused to follow straightforward Laws of the U.S., such as response time to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), often ignoring requests for years. They have disseminated lies to fellow graduates and Congress, by briefing us that “No Critical Race Theory (CRT) had been taught”, when in fact it has been a subject whose principles have been presented to all cadets for at least four years.  This is from the institution that should be teaching future Army Leaders the required Values, such as integrity, honesty, and of course Duty, Honor, and Country.

We see this to be an attack on the framework we have vowed to defend. We serve the valued traditions of the Long Gray Line.

We will fight the good battle. Our Society will provide the framework to implement real change and a return to values that support the Constitution, the Nation, the Academy, and the military. Our efforts will hold both Academy leadership and the AOG accountable and transparent to America. As stewards fighting for loyal citizens and patriots, we must step up to ensure the US has an effective Military and the leadership to defend the Country. God bless America!

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Contact: Dave Jackson