Bart Bechtel

Mr. Bechtel retired in 1998 after a lengthy career in the CIA as a clandestine operations and counterintelligence officer with deep cover experience. He is a threat/vulnerability assessor, counterterrorism & surveillance detection instructor. Mr. Bechtel has broad experience in conducting analytical counterterrorism assessments.

Currently, Mr. Bechtel is a Special Advisor, Professor and Acting Chief of Academic Officer for Henley-Putnam University, San Jose, CA. He is the Director of Operations & Training for CTC International Group Ltd, in Palm Beach, Florida. Mr. Bechtel was a primary instructor in Terrorist/Criminal Threat Recognition, Observation Skills and Surveillance Detection for the Washoe County, Nevada Sheriff’s Citizen Homeland Security Council. Mr. Bechtel was a lead instructor for the US State Department’s anti-terrorism Surveillance Detection Team Training Program. He trained SD teams in Croatia, Bosnia, Albania, Macedonia, and Mexico.

He does consulting and instruction in security, management, vulnerability/threat assessments, surveillance & surveillance detection, security systems evaluation. He was a co-founder of the Sentinel Program®, providing counter terrorism and anti-crime surveillance detection training to the public and private sectors.

Mr. Bechtel is a US Navy Vietnam veteran, having served three tours in the Gulf of Tonkin.

Education: BA, History, Monterey Institute of International Studies; MS, Intelligence Management, Henley-Putnam University.