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By Mary Claire Kendall

Once again, your fearless columnist spent the week before Christmas in Key West, this time without her beloved father, who slipped the surly bonds of earth this past summer.

My father, Paul A. Kendall, in Key West, December 17, 2018

In 2018, as now, the purpose was to enjoy a respite and understand more about Hemingway’s Key West years.

Ironically, on December 12, 2018, as we settled into our Rocky Mount, North Carolina hotel room, for the first leg of the long drive to Key West, we learned that our friend Admiral James “Ace” Lyons had died that day, which also happened to be my father’s 93rd birthday.

Sunday, as I flew down to Key West, I read Invisible Treason in America by our friends Thomas McInerney, Lt. Gen. USAF (Ret.) and Paul E. Vallely, Maj. Gen., USA (Ret.), and was intrigued to learn that Ace Lyons had given Gen. McInerney a special message two days before he died about a surveillance supercomputer, known as “The Hammer,” which was invented by a genius named Dennis Montgomery to keep tabs on terrorists post-9/11, that was then turned, like an autoimmune disorder, against prominent Americans to develop blackmail material. We’re talking reams and reams. Which may explain why America has been so bereft of profiles in courage since February 2009 when The Hammer was moved from the NSA to the FBI at Fort Washington — that is to say when it went from surveilling foreign terrorists to surveilling law-abiding Americans.

Admiral James “Ace” Lyons

“Tom,” said Ace, “The Hammer was key to the coup.” He was referring to how their friend Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, then National Security Advisor to President Donald J. Trump in his nascent presidency, and others including notably the president, had been engulfed in the “Russia hoax,” officially known as “Crossfire Hurricane,” in which they were alleged to have colluded with Russia to wrest power illegitimately in 2017. It was all bogus, of course, as the Mueller and Durham reports showed years later.

The follow-on to that, Gens. McInerney and Vallely report, buttressed by the indefatigable work of Mary Fanning and The American Report, that Matt Taibbi reported on a year ago, was software called “Scorecard,” also invented by Montgomery, that enabled manipulation of votes in 2020 — and 2012, too, in Florida — when they were transferred electronically from the Secretary of States to national tabulation centers: Remember election night 2020 when Trump was leading in the six battleground states and the voting was shut down about 11 p.m. in all those states and then abracadabra Joe Biden, who had barely campaigned, albeit he did note, in a huge Freudian slip, that his campaign had assembled the biggest voter fraud operation ever, pulled ahead in all those states and won by a whisker.

Gen. McInerney has called on the Congress to require Dennis Montgomery to testify to what he knows. For if what he alleges is true, the situation America finds itself in is akin to a plane headed for a cliff.  It is no more complicated than that.

Montgomery must testify so that this existential crisis might be averted and that America – that shining city on the hill – might be restored.

That, it seems clear, is the key to unraveling the coup and ending what is essentially the state of treason in America.

As for Montgomery’s caution in detailing what he developed and how it was used, Gen. McInerny says that since the technology was sold to China, he is now free to tell all.

So, let it rip!