Here are the details for the show. Obviously, the open time can be utilized however you want to. I’m just providing suggestions. I’ll send you the vMix link Monday morning for you to enter the studio. The “link to share” can be posted at anytime you want.

Show: The Stand Up America US Show With MG Paul Vallely

Date/Time: Monday, September 6, starting at Noon ET

Link to share for followers to watch:


Noon ET – 12:05pm ET: Welcome and introduction

12:05pm ET – 12:30pm ET: Col. Larry Sellin Interview (confirmed)

12:30pm ET – 1:00pm ET: Current events, SUAUS Foundation (I’d like to create a 5 minute commercial for the foundation that can play during this time)

1:pm ET – 1:30pm ET: MG Joe Arbuckle Interview on Resignation Letter (confirmed)

1:30pm ET – 2pm ET: To be determined (I’ll have another 8 minute review of the  week’s shows to be played during this time)