by George Mcclellan

Some say the House GOP is in chaos and a free-fall decline, not knowing where it is going and how to get there. That’s the casual short-term thinking right now, not looking ahead down the road. Marjorie Taylor Green, the red-hot bombshell of getting things done and keeping promises to the voter base, has just thrown sand in the transmission of new House Speaker Mike Johnson’s efforts to do just that by introducing a motion to vacate.

House speaker, what a miserable, thankless job that must be, trying to appease the political aspirations of low-level, barely functional politicians whose only job is to show up and vote and keep the House majority. This incredible political machine of mediocrity faces the cut-throat, kill-at-all-costs abilities of Democrats thoroughly practiced in the art of killing Republicans and their stupid pro-American ideas that don’t support socialism. They never flinch!

The problem that the GOP base sees quite clearly is that we’re broke. America is out of money and going into debt at the rate of a trillion dollars every one hundred days because Democrats set the narrative, and our side bought into it to avoid inner-party conflict. Those days are gone. The House Freedom Caucus, of which MTG is a working member, is struggling against all Neo-Conservative odds to change the narrative in favor of America. The Democrat’s idea is to continue to fund the government, but without border wall funding, to keep Ukraine and Israeli conflicts alive. The idea was to pass a “continuing resolution” to avert a government shutdown. Conservatives have implored Speaker Johnson to ignore the pleas of not letting the government shut down. We’ve heard that whining BS many times before. Why not let the government shut down? Democrats always play the fear-mongering card that Social Security and Medicare will have to be closed to keep the government going. Oh my! How about closing welfare schemes, canceling debit cards dispensed to millions of illegals, quitting funding NGOs supporting Biden’s dream of turning America into a Tijuana-like third-world craphole.

Speaker Johnson brought the $1.2 Trillion Democrat plan to a vote today, and it passed 286 – 134 to be sent to the Senate for their vote. That’s when MTG saw another chink in America’s hopes of avoiding total bankruptcy due to inert conservative leadership, and she threatened a “motion to vacate.” In an interview this week, MTG warned that passing the $1.2 Trillion “minibus funding bill “would be the fall of Mike Johnson.” MGT had previously aired her concerns about the bill on the House floor, saying: “This bill will destroy our majority,” she had already warned her colleagues during debate on the legislation and on “X,” formerly Twitter, “No Republican in good conscience can vote for the uniparty minibus. This is not a Republican bill. It is a Chuck Schumer, Democrat-controlled bill from the “Republican-controlled” House. The Speaker of the House should not bring it to the floor.”

Many voters, seeing America’s controlled demise, have contacted their House Representatives, imploring them not to pass the Continuing Resolution if it did not provide funds for finishing the border Wall. And it didn’t!  RINO Republicans claimed, “Every member must understand the impact of not passing this package. The only other option will be a full continuing resolution, which will devastate our national security and put our country at risk.” At risk? We’re already at risk, and Joe Biden put us there. The way to get a hand on out-of-control spending is to reduce it. Why is Congress funding 87,000 IRS agents, for example, when those numbers would be better used on our southern border? Why use them on the south of the border when finishing the wall? A cheaper prospect, by all accounts, would work better.
Marjorie Taylor Green may be a firebrand like Matt Gaetz, Jim Jordan, and others. Still, she’s pushing inept GOP leadership to the right and starting to shake out the Neocons for Constitutional Conservatives. Let’s hope she gets there before we’re overrun.

Remember, freedom is the goal; the Constitution is the way. Now, go get involved.
Help save America.

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