By MG Paul E. Vallely, USA (Ret.)

Our Country is at a serious crossroads. We are losing our God-given Constitutional America, and it is being stolen from us by Marxist Democrats. It can no longer be denied that the Democrat party and the Globalists are deliberately involved in destroying and dismantling America with the explicit intention of replacing our Republic with a form of fascist socialism agreeable to the New World Order. That is their plan, and it is well underway. Joe Biden is a traitor to America, the face of our unwanted change, not because of his age but because he’s their puppet. Joe’s incompetence, abetted by his growing dementia, has forever been his constant companion, and the qualities of leadership he thought he possessed are left for others to perform, and they are America’s enemies!

Joe Biden’s political safety lies in bureaucracy and Democrat obstinacy. Some call it the “deep state” or the “bureaucratic state,” but it works very well as an effective tool to stop any program of improvement they do not like. Its prime purpose is not to advance what’s good for America but to protect the enemies embedded within while the Marxist poison continues to infect the halls of Congress. Politicians who don’t know America and don’t care are determined to oversee America’s destruction. Homeland Security Director Alejandro Mayorkas is a case in point, a lying cretin determined to make a mockery of the rule of law by deliberately holding open the doors of our southern borders to welcome in Joe’s hordes of diseased, illiterate peasants, criminals, and Jihadist terrorists, Chinese spies/operatives and who knows what else, and laughing about it. Congresswoman AOC (D-NY), another case in point, is so ignorant that her blathering on constitutional principles demonstrates her cluelessness. She has no idea what she is talking about. So, too, is the squad of female Muslim rejects who managed to get elected as Congress folks but show total disdain for American principles. Why are they there? Islam and American democracy are incompatible, yet our laws allow them to compete for seats in Congress as well as appointments to federal judgeships. If they are faithful followers of Mohammad, as they claim, then they are liars when they take their oaths of office. “It is written!”

The list of American elected enemies in Congress and the non-elected corrupted government bureaucrats everywhere else is growing because of their plan to reduce public and higher education to mere exercises in anti-American socialist indoctrination to dumb down American youths and, therefore, their voting abilities, which has worked. As Senator Schumer (D-NY) demonstrated and Joe Biden and Tony Blinken have put into practice, is the fact that our government is abandoning its old friends all to keep Joe Biden in office and Donald Trump out, preferably with a convict number across his photograph. The worse part of it, the America Joe has brought us, is one where we now live in daily fear of being robbed at gunpoint or shot or beaten up or, if a female, being raped, if not by our lower-class criminals released from jails because of ‘equity,’ but by any number of the thousands of foreign prisoner’s releases from their own Country’s prisons to flood our borders. But worse is the growing fear of our government because Joe Biden has turned federal law enforcement into the odious enforcement apparatus of a predatory police state, one that fears its people.

The thousands of Americans who went to Washington, DC, to protest the stolen 2020 election and ended up being arrested for misdemeanors for just being there and sentenced as felons whose only offense was entering the people’s house to complain is proof enough. 06 Jan was the Democrat Party’s first exercise in practicing totalitarianism using agent provocateurs and the media to create fear in the public of Conservative Americans and their purpose, Make America Great Again. Citizenship means nothing anymore if a judge can declare that an illegal immigrant has a “citizen’s right” to carry a firearm. Where did that idea come from? Chicago Judge Sharon Johnson Coleman, an Obama appointee, recently decreed it from the bench. The Democrats can only control us if they can divide us. “America is not divided by race, color, gender or sexual orientation; it is divided into wise people and fools, and its fools who divide themselves by race, color, gender or sexual orientation.

Watch the chess moves by the globalists, the Republicans, the Communist Democrats, and MAGA.