It Doesn’t Have to Happen


Ray DiLorenzo

August 6, 2023


This article is not about the Titanic.  It’s about another ship…the ship of the state rapidly sinking into the abyss.  One could make that statement about most of Western civilization.  Yes, the boat is falling, and the captain, crew, and associates are getting ready to exit the boat, leaving us to go down with the ship.

We will ask many questions, the first step in finding answers.  Questions like: What happened?  Why did we allow our government(s) to turn on us?   What can we do at this point?  Who is responsible?

Most everyone with any cognizance will agree that we have entered an extraordinary time, a sort of Twilight Zone.  States and cities with governors, mayors, legislatures, judicial branches, police…all the trappings of responsible civic order, whole multi-national corporations, and people of every class, many with the highest of educational degrees and skills, both rich and poor…all made blind by some supernatural force that causes tens of millions of these people to not see the end from the beginning…that winter is coming.

Portland is a typical example. They complain about crime yet voted to defund police.  Cities and counties everywhere like New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston, Santa Clara County, CA, Butler County in Kansas, Hamilton County, Ohio…in their puffed-up pride and superior morality, declare themselves ‘sanctuaries’ where illegal aliens can come… and find what?  Will they find free housing, healthcare, food, and clothing?  Most of them departed with just what they could carry and gave up much of it on the way.  In many cases, they owe thousands to the ferryman.  How about if they come by the millions expecting handouts?  Suppose tens of thousands of these ‘migrants’ are Chinese soldiers waiting for orders?  How is your pride and misplaced morality holding up?

Why do so many of you vote for the same people or party yet expect a different result? For decades, the West has experienced not immigration, but chaos…no order, no vetting.  It’s chaos created by your leaders. Engineers and doctors can’t get in; only the poor and unskilled.  Who is making these decisions, and why?

In Europe, millions of migrants with a foreign culture are not integrating into society but demanding that Europe change.  Who decided that for you?

So-called responsible people are telling children that they can change their gender.  Can you imagine?  Can anyone fathom the destruction of an innocent life based on some god fantasy and greed?

Celebrities such as Mel Gibson warned us over a decade ago that Hollywood, and many of the people we looked up to, were residing in a pit of pedophilia.  Pedophilia is now getting some attention with the movie, The Sound of Freedom.

Crime in most Democrat cities and states is off the charts.  SUVs in California park with their tailgates open to show they have nothing to steal.  Security technology is more advanced than ever, and yet…are the security videos now only for entertainment?  No one yet seems to have figured out that winking at crime causes more crime…  amazing.  If you don’t punish crime, you get more crime.  What a concept.

Same for the homeless.  Pay them; you get more.  Many who have been interviewed prefer the lifestyle and you’re paying for it…in crime, drug use, filth, and in some city’s paychecks.   Who decided that?

Our political and judicial systems have almost completely broken down.  We are told countless times that Trump is a criminal, but the Bidens, the Clintons, and numerous other political hacks like Romney, Obama, Kerry, Soros, Brennan, and Pelosi are all tied to Ukraine money laundering schemes.  That’s why Trump must be taken down; he knows it.  Whoever thought the FBI would lose their sterling reputation in just a few short years?  Whoever would suspect the CIA would turn inward on its own people, gathering millions of pieces of information on countless Americans, against its own charter?  Who would think the medical profession would not endorse inexpensive drugs for a pandemic but a vaccine now killing and disabling millions?  And nothing changes.

Now for the terrible news. It’s not about to end anytime soon.  Anyone who thinks our political disarray is just politics, as usual, is sadly misinformed.  The Left in this country and in all Western civilization is not only not going to give up and walk away, but they are also girding their loins for the final battle.

Millions of us think Trump will win and law and order will prevail again.  Think again.  The Deep State is planning the next election with the tools they used to win the last one.  States have not fixed any of the problems we saw in 2020.  As I see it, Trump will never be allowed to occupy the White House again.  As of today, Trump is facing 78 criminal charges.  They are hoping something will stick.  These are the same people who watched Leftist mobs burn down cities and then pay for their release and fines.  But walking into the Capitol building invites you to prison time in solitary.

One of the most memorable Twilight Zone episodes was ‘Monsters Are Due on Maple Street’.  Aliens land on a hilltop near a quiet suburban subdivision.  People dismiss it as probably a meteor. All is again quiet.  The aliens begin their scheme by shutting off the power, electricity is out, and cars won’t start.  A boy tries to explain to a crowd gathered in the street that he read about this in science fiction stories, that aliens will send down a few of their own to infiltrate the population. They look human enough.  People begin showing anxiety. Upon trying to understand what is happening, most people in the neighborhood show signs of alarm, angst, and dread, while a few represent the voice of reason.  Before long, the people accuse one another of being aliens, causing chaos.  It ends with the once quiet street being turned into mobs attacking one another, firing shots, and people screaming.

If you haven’t guessed, we are those people on Maple Street.  Godless, unscrupulous people are playing with us. They are the globalist cabal that wants control over every form of life.  They divide us and accuse one group of against another. So far, they are winning.  What causes a person to wear a mask alone in a car?  What causes billions of people to take a series of untested vaccines for a disease not unlike the common cold?  What causes people to close their churches and businesses while seeing Walmart, liquor stores, and pot shops stay open?  What causes people to abandon common sense because someone with authority says differently?

Think about it; we are dealing with a pandemic, war, inflation, food shortages, crime, manufactured racial hatred, millions of unvetted migrants, and, of course, climate change that will kill us all.  They have produced what they think is the one element needed to cause us to give up freedom, liberty, and our God…FEAR!


But we can fight back!  We have power most of us do not realize.  Anheuser Busch thought they could up-end our Christian morality, culture, religion, and sense of right and wrong.  The boycott cost them $40 billion in stock value.  They must let go of almost 400 executives. The company has been turned upside down and continues months after the misstep.  But they remain unrepentant. Their silence confirms it.  Many of their distributors are outraged and have given up hope of saving Bud Light.

That so many companies go woke, lose billions, and remain without remorse in very curious.  Who or what is behind this? Boycott companies that do not support the American way of life and our patriotism.  Continue the pressure on Busch.  Start boycotting companies like Target, Disney, B of A, Progressive Insurance, Adidas, Levi Strauss, BlackRock, Vanguard, Nike, AARP, and North Face. Get off Facebook, and no more Starbucks.  Get your coffee elsewhere.

Ben & Jerry’s ice cream has recently announced a boycott of Israel, but their new holding company, Unilever, canceled it, forcing them to sell ice cream throughout Israel.   This doesn’t make them suitable, only neutral, at best.  Punish the bad but support the good.  Good companies like Hobby Lobby, Exxon Mobile, Sturm Ruger, AMAC, Consumers’ Research, Toyota, Honda, Samsung, Trader Joe’s, Hershey, Sony, and many more.

We can do this.  We can win!  The end of America doesn’t have to happen.