Editorial Note– Released on Sunday, a letter addressed to Attorney General Eric Holder, drafted by Representative Darrel Issa, Chairman of the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform reveals something many of us have been reporting, that Holder is and was lying to Congress. The Congressman used very strong language, but we at SUA believe he was going easy on the Attorney General. If you lied to Congress, under oath, you’d already be wearing metal bracelets.

Chairman Darrel Issa - Committee on Oversight and Government Reform

Read the letter by clicking on the link below:

Letter to Eric Holder from Darrel Issa

The final paragraph of the letter sums it all up very well:

Mr. Attorney General, you have made numerous statements about Fast and Furious that have eventually been proven to be untrue. Your lack of trustworthiness while speaking about Fast and Furious has called into question your overall credibility as Attorney General. The time for deflecting blame and obstructing our investigation is over. The time has come for you to come clean with the American public about what you knew about Fast and Furious, when you knew it, and who is going to be held accountable for failing to shut down a program that has already had deadly consequences, and will likely cause more casualties for years to come.