SOLG/SUA Sources Report – Israelis Launch More Major Strikes on Syria

Massive and continuous strikes – Israeli air raids continue for a second night over Damascus and on key locations of Assad’s Regime forces. In addition, FSA Command tells us that Assad Regime forces are booby-trapping their weapons depots in an attempt to prevent rebel forces from gaining access to the munitions – including “all of the above”!

Damascus is burning – Syrian Rebellion intelligence reported that Damascus was the target last night of another massive air assault by the Israeli Air Force. The Israeli strike, citing Rebels sources, were conducted with the approval and coordination of the US and UK, including Jordan. Israeli air power attacked repeatedly all night long, hitting many targets belonging to the Assad regime. Between yesterdays raids and last night’s raids, they were reported as targeting the following positions:

  1. Brigade ( Liwaa)  105 on the Presidential Guard in Damascus;
  2. Brigade ( Liwaa) 104  on heavy missiles near Damascus;
  3. Many missiles sites were hit around the Presidential Palace in Mount Qassioun;
  4. The Jamraya military Scientific Research center north of Damascus;
  5. The military positions of the 4th Brigade of Maher Assad;
  6. Several weapon depots were destroyed in Qudsaya;
  7. Several heavy missiles sites on Scud D and Fateh Ordinance -110 missiles, were hit in Qudsaya suburbs in an area called Maarada and Tell.

The Free Syrian Army units in Damascus are calling on the regime forces: “not to be afraid and surrender, in a harmless fashion to their forces in the Damascus perimeter” . They will be “treated with respect outside the context of revenge. A climate of chaos is reigning on the Assad top brass regime as it is preparing further massacres.”

In the Latakia province, against the several Sunni towns around Banias who are witnessing  horrible ethnic cleansing , more than 1,000 civilians were butchered in Banias by the Shabbiha and  Hezbollah forces the last few days.

We will keep you updated as we get more reports from the FSA Command in Syria. See video of an Israeli raid earlier:


Meanwhile, reports are coming fast and furious that the Assad Regime is striking Aleppo again, along with other locations saying that:

“Heavy explosions shook the city, and video shot by activists showed a fireball rising into the sky after Sunday’s strikes, according to Reuters.”

It is also being reported that Assad is “declaring WAR on Israel for these strikes.”

“The new Israeli attack is an attempt to raise the morale of the terrorist groups which have been reeling from strikes by our noble army,” Syrian television said.

Last night’s apparent Israeli air strike in Syria, like Friday’s, hit Iranian-supplied Fateh-110 missiles in transit to Hezbollah.

“The Israel Air Force is reported as raiding 12 targets including units of 4th division air force intelligence without penetrating Syrian airspace”