By George Mcclellan

Judging by the rising cacophony from the educated stupid crowd of Harvard and other radical left-wing institutions of higher education about saving Palestine for Palestinians and preventing innocent Palestinians from realizing their just destruction by the wicked Jews, it’s pretty apparent that the America we knew and grew up with is nearly only a memory. College students have been indoctrinated to think socialism is best for America and has only failed repeatedly whenever and wherever it has been tried because it wasn’t done right. “Trust us,” they say, “we’ll do it right!” But first, proportionally, we must accept that America is wrong too. Obama said so! While most of us can see the fallacy of that nonsensical, dangerous thinking, they do not, and they are dragging us into a world of mayhem they’ll never understand.


Biden’s (Obama’s) government is an abomination that must be removed before they bring the horrors of Islamic terrorism to our shores in wholesale lots. Islam is already here of course, in small numbers sitting and waiting for the call to attack us internally while Biden has been feeding the monster of Islamic Jihadism. Recall Biden’s $1.9 trillion taxpayer-funded ruse, the American Rescue Plan he promoted after the Covid business. Well, $33.7 million went to the UN Relief Works Agency, which operates as a Hamas subsidy. He gave them another $9 billion just a week ago, and now he wants a Republican Congress to authorize an additional $360 Million taxpayer dollars to fund Palestinian terrorists – for humanitarian purposes. Biden hasn’t finished screwing Ukraine yet and there’s still Taiwan to throw away but, by all means, let’s bring more Muslim terrorists here – for humanitarian purposes of course. Obama and Joe Biden have imported or allowed to be imported into our Sovereign country, unconstitutionally, terrorists from different countries, many Jihadists among them but nearly all strict adherents of Islam. They came as “innocent” survivors of oppression. Many came as doctors, educators, and businesspeople legally invited in and are now firmly lodged as sleeper cell elements ready to unleash Jihad inside America. They live among us, ready to strike. Where are the Palestinians? Well, they’re coming. Biden wants to import a million of them as refugees from Israeli tyranny for humanitarian purposes. But it will be more likely five or six million if we let him.


Oh, woe to the poor Palestinians, the innocent civilians who had nothing to do with the Hamas attack on Israel but are being brutally exterminated by Israel’s military. Palestine, as the Left would have us believe, is a legitimate country but one without land. Well, they’re not! They don’t have a government but a “Palestinian Authority.” It’s a word made up by the British and French to describe a strip of land (Gaza and the West Bank), that the Jews have occupied for nearly forever. Many outsiders have claimed it by conquest from before the Greeks, the Byzantines, and the Romans, but never has there been a country called Palestine. As for the Palestinians, nobody wants them. They are the homeless squatters of the Middle East used by every contending sheik, caliphate, tribe, or Islamic country for its purposes, but when the shooting dies down, “go away, you can’t live here.”


For Israel to remain a legitimate Middle Eastern bulwark of ‘democracy,’ surrounded by Islamic Jihadists determined to slaughter every Jew, a solid ability to deliver retribution and punishment to Islamic offenders is required. In the past, after attacks, Israel’s hand of retribution has always been stayed by American diplomatic threats to hold back rearming them if they should proceed until the next time. Right now, it’s the next time, and they are pressing on, but they have a short window of opportunity to complete the task before the world’s Progressives unite in a singular voice to stop the revenge before no Jihadists are left. War and the threat of war is good for business, and why stop a good thing just because a few Jews and Arabs get killed? “The world’s population needs thinning anyway.”


The Progressive media is now in full swing, showing Israel ruthlessly exterminating innocent Palestinians simply because they live in Gaza. But they’re not innocents; they are all Islamic, ready to do their part to kill Jews. We know the Hamas MO, hide ammunition and weapon stores in civilian neighborhoods, and dare Israel to blow ‘em up. Well, Israel has taken up the dare. Biden’s government is in near apoplexy trying to figure out how to mend the problem Biden and Obama started. In the meantime, let the Left-wing media carry the anti-Israeli ball as they have started screaming that Israel is guilty of genocide, eradication, and extermination.


Already anticipating shots being fired here in America, FBI Director Wray, at a conference of Chiefs of Police, laid the groundwork for countering any possible demonstrations, he said, of “antisemitism.” What his remarks implied was that it was a potential domestic terrorist threat looming here, i.e., Trump supporters, who must be watched lest they attack Muslims in America, Remember, White Trump MAGA supporters have already been redesigned domestic terrorists under Pelosi’s re-definition of who constitutes a terrorist under the Patriots Act after 9/11, that Wray refers to. Initially, because no Christians were flying the airplanes into the Twin Towers, it meant Muslim terrorists, later changed by Pelosi to mean White Americans Trump supporters. Meanwhile, Jihadists brutally attacked Israel, which is responding in kind. And yet, while the Ukraine disaster continues and the potential Taiwan problem lies in limbo, Progressives within our government are eagerly eroding us from within. Where are the Republicans? Squabbling over a leadership role. They had better get their act together, or American nationalists may fulfill FBI Director Wray’s warning.


Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, get ‘em!




Released and Distributed by the Stand Up America US Foundation