By MG Paul E Vallely US Army (Ret) & George Mcclellan

What has been the legitimate role of the Federal Government in education, and does it remain effective in promoting or sustaining our country’s growth? Their legitimate role, if they had one, is long past. Any effectiveness, now controlled by the Left, is inimical to the best interests of our Constitutional Republic. How did we get here? Some time ago, in the distant past, a bureaucratic government agency, the Dept of Education (DOE), was created out of thin air under Jimmy Carter’s Administration when it wasn’t needed. Was its purpose to raise the cognitive thinking abilities of America’s little children or mold and form them to conform to the state’s changing socialist demands? We see the results of governments’ helpful intrusions into education.

They’re now clogging our city streets as brainwashed soldiers of chaos and revolution, rioting sycophants, destroying without consequences, in support of actual evil in the world they don’t understand at all: Islamic Jihadism. They are storming the ramparts of Western history to tear it down brick by brick by accusing our culture of being guilty of reveling in a history of predatory practices as oppressors against the world-oppressed third-world denizens who, they want us to believe, live without hope for a better world. Maybe that’s because their States want it that way. They scream every move by the West is an unjust action designed to continue the oppression of the world’s weak while stealing their resources. They never mention China’s policy of robbing others of their resources by indenturing them to usurious loans they cannot repay, do they?

The root cause of our current political malfeasance lies squarely with a particular class of billionaires determined to create a one-world government. They infiltrated our Institutions of higher education after the doors of academe were opened not only to the Marxist-inspired students of the Vietnam era serving as professors of political science but to a flood of perverts who find sanctuary within the tenured halls of their institutions. They perpetuate the myths of the romantic glories of failed political schemes that have brought nothing but misery to their citizens. Our colleges and universities have become festering ratholes of anti-Americanism, antisemitism, anti-religion, anti-Western culture, and anti-common sense.

All are replaced by the collective indoctrination theories of our ‘elite’ betters. Colleges and universities have become the Left’s vehicles for eliminating the intellectual and constructive gifts of White European culture that made America prosperous and showed other countries the steadfast value of Capitalism and its positive effects on happy, productive citizens dwelling in a nation where civil freedoms should apply to everybody. Achieving personal prosperity under capitalism is an individual act denied to no one who tries. Any intellectual conversation with the Left is impossible when they have no ammunition, but they continue anyway, regardless.

We haven’t mentioned the costs of these Leftist federal governments dallying in education yet. The rising costs of governmental intrusion since the Carter administration started meddling in American education hovered around $692 billion by 2022. Government intrusion into education isn’t limited to the DOE either. We must not forget the Department of Agriculture, which somehow paid $22 billion to provide free meals for the little tykes. Those meals aren’t accessible; we’re being charged for them. Also, the Dept of Health and Human Services chipped in $9 billion for the Head Start Program. We can’t start that indoctrination program early enough, can we? We’ve got a lot of whittling to do, ya’ think? The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has projected a federal budget deficit on education alone of around $1.5 trillion for 2023. If the Republican House would eliminate the government’s unneeded role in education, government spending, per annum, could be reduced by $725.8 billion. It would also give the spineless GOP a chance to demonstrate they have some political will to reduce spending by ending this unneeded expense against the taxpayer’s purse. Decisions by local school boards to run local education should be allowed. We can control those folks if they go off the rails. It’s a start!

The Federal government never provides funding without strings attached. Because their policies have become demonstrably expensive and ineffective, some States consider dragging themselves away from the federal dole. More shockingly, as a result, we are producing illiterate children who can barely read, cannot do their sums past ten without taking their shoes off, and know nothing about our Constitution or our history as it happened, not as the Left wants it rewritten. The evidence is indisputable, “We’re from the government, and we’re here to help.” Intrusion in education has been a failure and should be ended.”

Can our education be restored to the time when parents, through effective PTA’s, were empowered with the ability to choose what and how their children learned and were taught, in cooperation with the school staff to educate, not indoctrinate, while enforcing discipline and respect for the rules and culture they were living in? Is there a solution? Possibly! Look at the US Parents Involved in Education at They’re working on it. It’s a start!

Remember, freedom is the goal; the Constitution is the Way. Now, Get out there and Get involved

 Released by the Stand Up America US Foundation

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