By MG Paul E Vallely US Army (Ret) with
George Mcclellan

One should despise the notion that any government at any level in our United States can declare somebody’s constitutionally protected utterances as “hate crimes” and take legal action to punish an offender or crucify them in the theater of public opinion. Those are crimes by the government itself. Who gives them that authority? Red Flag laws have made it easy for the government(s) to suppress constitutional rights. We have rules against malicious slander, and as kids, we were warned of the consequences of yelling “fire” in a crowded theater, but for a moron on the government dole like Kamala Harris to simply label a citizen warning of the potential dangers of Islamic Jihadists as Islamophobic. Therefore, a “hate crime” is a government offense against the Constitution of the utmost urgency that must be reversed ASAP.

After all, one man’s hate is another man’s truth, and why should Islamic butchers be protected from the consequences of the truth? That’s what courts of law are to determine, but the poor sod who languishes in jail until his court date and maybe after, on a supposed pretense of being a danger, is at the mercy of the state, and when challenged, the state is merciless. Consider what happened to the Jan 6 protestors. They were demonized as armed insurrectionists but never charged for those offenses, so instead, to set a frightening example, the state slammed them as felons anyway.

The argument about truth, mainly when applied to what is moral, was settled long ago when Western cultures were formed in the Judeo-Christian principles brought to us by tradition, our elders, neighbors, kin, and common sense. Today, purveyors of the “secular” message that the government will protect us if we just let them is a dangerous attempt to reimagine morality without God, and that is deadly to the body politic because such notions reveal a weakness that the state must protect.

Today’s FBI has become the odious apparatus of an authoritarian government whose purpose is to enforce conformity and protect the secular state.  Because of Joe Biden’s weakness and the real potential, he could ignite WW3, we stand at the very precipice of that awful abyss into which Obama wants to drag us. Obama, a crypto-Muslim when it suits him, is the driving force behind the government’s determination to protect all things Islamic. He made them a protected class against whom we infidels should speak no ill, slaughtering the Jews. Didn’t they have it coming? Argue that point with Palestinian protestors. Not a chance! Joe Biden is Obama’s handmaiden continuing his scheme to change America fundamentally. But Joe has become a liability for Democrats because in his pea-sized brain dwells a little spark of reality that tells him he is the president and won’t be told what to do. He demonstrates this in his frequent comments against the advice of his teleprompter, which reinforces his belief that he is a President in charge. That illusion lasts until his nap time!

The heinous, brutal, bloody attack against Israel on 07 October ripped the scab off any pretense that Hamas or the Palestinians have any spark of human decency that the IDF should not crush. They are Islamic Mohammedans in every aspect of their ugly culture. What they do is permitted by the Quran and is preached by the Iman’s. Only Islamic law counts for anything. Western laws and cultures mean nothing to Islam except to be a nest of infidels to be either converted or destroyed. Israel is an abomination to the followers of Islam, and the very existence of Jews there is not to be tolerated. We seriously error in not listening when they tell us, “From the River to the Sea.” It means just that; no two-state solution will ever be possible!

The pro-Palestine and anti-Semitic protests that have erupted on American streets after Israel launched its ‘final solution’ against Hamas have also ripped the scab off the destructive agenda of our anti-American institutions of higher education. They should soon be in financial collapse as alumni and big donors realize the dangers that graduates from those institutions bring to America’s workplace, especially in the business of law. Many Law firms have stopped hiring Ivy League graduates and are feeding the beast with donations. Reeling from the unexpected pro-Israel protests, Biden’s stupid VP, Kamala Harris, prattled on about hate speech and Islamophobia, re-enforcing the dangerous premise that Palestinian protestors are simply demanding their freedom from the occupying Jews and that MAGA supporters are a threat to their democracy.

Lacking any understanding of the facts, Harris threatens that it’s hers and Joe Biden’s job to force Americans to accept that the Hamas terrorists are just freedom fighters desiring to have their Jew-free state. We know that’s a lie, of course, because Palestine’s ‘authority’ has already killed off the two-state solution every time Israel agreed to it. So, we’re still faced with the prospect of having our throats slit as infidels while walking down America’s streets or shopping in a mall.  Anywhere these murderers are allowed to roam freely and unopposed, and about which we can do nothing lest we are charged with hate crimes, is a radical departure from the safety our Constitution promises us. Therefore, to harbor evil Islamophobic thoughts is to be racist as well.

If being Islamophobic is a self-defense mechanism, as most of us know it is, then Biden and his idiot black female sidekick have been ‘gaslighting’ us all along, but we knew that. The problem is that Biden’s (Obama’s) minions will throw us in jail if they suspect we even remotely believe we hate Islam and all it stands for. What does it stand for, by the way? That’s an easy answer; it’s all written in the Quran!  We are where we are because the world has taken advantage of Biden’s weakness, and we’ve let them. And those who saw the opportunity in Biden’s weakness have already launched their minions of Orc warriors against Western culture. Israel was the beginning: a diversion perhaps, but the beginning of a new, advanced threat to Western culture. The Quran tells them their truth, that Israel is evil, thereby justifying the mass murders of Jews and all things Western. We had better learn that for our self-protection.

Remember, freedom is the goal; the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em!