Editor’s Note – Once again, further proof of Iran’s tendrils inserted into Syria, and Lebanon…its goal of regional hegemony is quite apparent.

Details released on identity of Iranian engineers abducted in Syria


TEHRAN, Dec. 29 (MNA) – Five Iranian electrical engineers and technicians were abducted on December 20 in the restive Syrian city of Homs by unknown armed gunmen. The engineers were kidnapped on their way to a power plant.

The five Iranian engineers and technicians along with a Syrian cook (2nd from R)

Two other Iranian engineers were also abducted in the same city a day later.

The five engineers who have been building the city’s Jandar power plant for the past two years are: electrical engineer and caretaker of electrical equipment testing group Sajad Amirian; technician and the workshop caretaker Ahmad Sohrabi; technician and electrical equipments installer Hassan Hassani; technician and installer of testing equipments of electrical equipment Majid Ghanbari; and technician and electrical equipment installer Qumars Ghobadi.

These specialists are employed in Parsian and Fanavaran-Sanat-Gostar-e-Zagros Corporations.

The two Iranian engineers who were kidnapped while searching for the other five.

The two other Iranian experts – electrical engineer Pejman Boyeri and MAPNA employee Abdolkhalegh Sahne – who were trying to clarify the destiny of the five engineers, were also kidnapped and there has been no valid report on their whereabouts.

3 Arab natives were also kidnapped along with the Iranian Engineers.

Iran’s Embassy in Damascus have taken affective measures immediately for the release of Iranian professionals, and demanded the abductors to be identified as soon as possible.

Quoting a Syrian activist called Basam Jaare, Al-Arabiya news channel recently reported that the Iranian technicians are not currently in Homs and they have been sent to an unknown locale.

A more important concern is that the abductees’ families are overwhelmingly apprehensive about them.