Iran Nuclear Development Program – Part Four

Access to Military Facilities – Verification Process

            Just being released ………via Stand Up America US (MG Paul Vallely)

One of the key issues of the verification process has been access to Iran’s military sites because of the lack of cooperation between the Iran regime and the international community. The US Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, raised the problem on September 5, 2017 – “for decades, the Iran military conducted a covert nuclear weapons program, undeclared and hidden from international inspectors. Ambassador Haley also stated, “The biggest concern is that the Iranian leaders – the same ones who in the past were caught operating a covert nuclear program at military sites – have stated publicly that they will refuse to allow IAEA inspections of their military sites”.

Given the regime’s track record, unfettered access to military facilities is essential to a viable verification process. The regime’s highest officials have consistently rejected any access. IRGC MG Hassan Firouzabadi, top military advisor to the Supreme, said in 2017 “that in Iran, no official, foreign or Iranian, nor even other unrelated members of the Armed Forces, can inspect these centers except with permission of the Commander in Chief”.

 End of this fourth edition of the intel report………………” Iran’s Nuclear Core”

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