Invasion Wars


Dr. Robert Rail

April 22, 2021

Guest Editorial

In as little as the very months ahead, to the unfortunately inevitable near future, the inter-city areas of our major cities will become uncontrollable war zones of criminal enterprise and uncontainable concentrations of random unchallenged lawless behavior and slaughter. This will come to fruition because the wheels of blood and carnage are now turning as we speak at the Southern border, of our once under control nation. According to the highly questionable and unreliable data gathered by the politically controlled U.S. Census Bureau, the Black population percentage is approximately 13.4 while the Hispanic population percentage is approximately 18.3, which represents a difference of approximately 5% nationwide. The critical aspect in all this data is the undeniable factor of inter-city “change”.

The Hispanic illegal population will seek to occupy and consequently push out the present residing Black population. As the established minority of a neighborhood becomes threatened by displacement by another incoming alternate group or minority the recipe for violent conflict will reach social, economic, and violent critical mass. This extreme and explosive situation will be further heated by the unresolved and compounding thorny economic and social conditions that are failing to be addressed during the invasion of the criminally unfiltered international cartel supported arrivals at the Southern border and hence onto and into the poor, and overwhelmed residential urban population of our cities.

Ever the outstanding, dedicated, and heroic efforts of the men and women of our nations “Gang Crime” units will be sorely challenged and overwhelmed to enforce and mediate with rival gangs amid the inter-city carnage, to save lives and maintain some semblance of order hour by an hour between the cartel controlled Hispanic, and Black entrenched gangs. Both the Hispanic and Black gangs, along with their supporters and inciters will relentlessly compete for increasing street corner territory and criminal enterprise funding. With reigning supremacy in hand they will terrorize their own hostage community to provide greater political voter support to the illicit and corrupt elected officials of the inner-city swamps. Consequently, they will now acquire by illicit means, what they could have achieved legally under the conditions of proper immigration that they would have found themselves in, without having to be supported by a corrupt political environment.

This unsustainable level of governmental shortsightedness and blatant economic and social ignorance is unforgivable and the resulting pain and suffering reprehensible to all with compassion to these conflicted victims who are without choice of where to dwell in our crime engulfed nation. This is the tragedy I have seen play out time after time in the nation after nation where leadership was ignorant and corrupt, and the resulting suffering was to be the burden of “all” the people condemned to this “population compression” fate.

This I have seen firsthand internationally and written about in my book “Surviving the International War Zone”. I perceive the emergence of the violent carnage that will not long be confined to the inter-city but will spread as a cancer throughout our nation and threaten and attack our very way of life. To stop the carnage is to stop the border flow and support our brothers and sisters in uniform that have taken an oath in our behalf. The time to act has passed but it is never too late to reconcile ourselves to never trust the ignorant and corrupt again.




Dr. Robert R. Rail is recognized internationally as one of the foremost experts on terrorism recognition and violent behavior avoidance. He has taught his “understanding body language” techniques and methods to people from more than 60 countries. As a consultant to the United Nations in the Balkans and Iraq, Dr. Rail was responsible for designing curriculum and instructing elite police officers from 56 nations who have been deployed in Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq, Jordan, Asia, and Africa. He was also named as a physical confrontation advisor and resource training provider to select personnel of NATO and OSCE (Organization for Security & Co-Operation in Europe). Dr. Rail was a resident instructor at the Specialized Advanced Training Unit of the High Institute of Baghdad Police College and was awarded a second doctorate degree for his exceptional abilities as an international instructor.


He has received numerous other awards for his work in the international community. Dr. Rail has an outstanding background of over a quarter of a century of both martial arts knowledge and “on the street” law enforcement experience. He is an internationally respected and acclaimed master instructor. Through all his classes, lectures, presentations and even casual contacts, he displays a constant flow of encouragement, enthusiasm, and instructional humor. Dr. Rail is a frequent contributor to television and radio programs, and periodicals. He conducts both training and consulting services for universities and corporations worldwide. He is the author of five books: The Unspoken Dialogue; Defense Without Damage; Custodial Cuffing & Restraint; Reactive Handcuffing Tactics; and Surviving the International War Zone.


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