By Guest Editor George Mcclellan

We’re being invaded, primarily through our designedly porous southern border, by hordes of military-aged Chinese and potential Islamic terrorists of multiple nationalities. Within this group, acting as camouflage to the invasion, is the multitude of skillless and disease-ridden peasants and jobless peons with their families, coming here unwilling to become Americans but ready to bring America down to the third-world status of the countries they left. What are they looking for? To reimpose the miserable lifestyles of toil and want they fled from and install it here, or freedom from all that? Consequently, the Democrats have revealed themselves as America’s natural enemy, turning even their Blue sanctuary cities against them due to the unacceptable overload demands of human services challenging their taxpayer bases while ignoring them. These people are clueless about how to handle the problem. Their tax base is fleeing in desperation because they cannot afford it, and their opinion is not wanted.


That same desperation is growing within the Progressive Democratic Party as the prospect of Donald Trump returning to the White House, imposing his already proven policies that Made America Great Again looms. Americans have become fearful of the current regime’s propensity to dispatch squads of the DOJ’s armed, black-clad FBI to silence free speech, interfere with our constitutionally protected freedom of religion, and claim any protester, writer, or public demonstrator against Joe Biden’s corrupt regime as “haters” to be punished. All the Democrat’s destruction of our once splendid American Republic has occurred since the first term of Barack Obama. Progressivism has left us fearful of offending the “Woke” crowd lest we be arrested as counterrevolutionaries, subjected to a show trial al la the old Stalinist Soviet Union model, and incarcerated for the simple act of applying our First Amendment rights. To protest fraudulent elections, to pray on the streets for unborn babies, or to be accused of homophobia, Islamophobia, and racism is to intimidate us into silence. We are warned that calling perverts for what they are, sick, demented sexual predators, is a hate crime; for refusing to render homage to their transgender BS by challenging male perverts their right to be females reaping the rewards of sports competitions against biologically proven females is a hate crime and, we’re called racists for objecting to the swarms of invaders Joe Biden invited to cross our opened borders focusing on MAGA Americans as Americas real enemy against democracy.


We are living in a time where intelligent people are silenced so that stupid people aren’t offended. Politicians, bereft of common sense or so thoroughly brainwashed that they don’t even recognize what their Constitutional limits are, like Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY), who whined to us about our desperate need for agricultural workers (he means peasants) to harvest our fields. What Mr. Nadler doesn’t know is that the mechanical harvesting machine industry has so rapidly advanced the harvest of field-to-table food products that by the time a field worker can even climb out of the back of a pickup truck and get his bag, fifty acres of field products have already been harvested and sent off to market. We are being conned, and Jerry Nadler is one of those desperate idiots who doesn’t realize how far behind the times he is.


Biden’s incompetence and gross negligence is appalling. His faulty decisions, continuously threatening our national security, have been exposed and must be stopped. Millions of hostiles are invading our borders from every third-world country beyond our borders. Our national security is in tatters under threat here and, by extension, around the globe because of this weakling sitting in the Oval Office. Our economy is a mess, Joe’s policies are frauds, and the lurking dangers to our freedoms are growing in obstinacy. The propagandists of the mainstream media try to protect Joe’s damage to America by ignoring all these problems and blaming White supremacists for America’s current unhappy situation. The left is trying to censor the truth through their Big Tech pals, but I see the information tide turning. As conservative Americans, we must act on it sooner rather than later. Our nation depends on it!  For us, it could be true that this next election is do-or-die for America.



Remember, freedom is the goal; the Constitution is the way. Now, go get involved. 

 Help save America 


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