by George Mcclellan

Since my last disgusted foray into higher education and how it has failed America by producing indoctrinated morons instead of educated leaders needs further illumination. The low quality of the dregs pouring out of our colleges and universities is to be expected when the professors, administrators, and financial supporters of continued educational incompetence are not the best and brightest. They are the mediocre, politically motivated Marxist dullards left over from protesting the Vietnam War who sought sanctuary in the halls of academe. Instead of protesting injustice, they encourage it. Their wards are encouraged to rail against Israeli genocide while promoting Islamic terrorism publicly. They don’t know the difference. While they may now be facing their retirements, they have replaced themselves with images of their reflections. The old saying: “Those that can do, those that can’t teach,” has a ring of truth.

Intellectualism was put on public display a month or so ago when the presidents of three prestigious Ivy League universities testified before a congressional committee focused on the growth of antisemitism within their student bodies. All three were women, and one was an American of African descent. Watching their faces while their beady little minds were trying to think up an appropriate answer to dazzle, confuse, and obfuscate the congressional questioners about antisemitism on their campuses left them bereft of any logical reason, thus revealing the dangers of continuing DEI policies in hiring teachers and staff in those institutions. I’ll make it easy. DEI is an alternative Leftist term for Affirmative Action, except we add that no white males need to apply. Another way of considering it is mediocrity at its highest level of achievement. With the collapse of their public narrative as inexcusably pure antisemitism, the scramble to dignify their intellectualism and revealed them instead to be a pack of low-life grifters, plagiarizers, and incompetents. When their educational achievements were challenged, accusations of plagiarism quickly surfaced from the few honest intellectuals still trying to make a difference.

Why did these people even think they belonged in the presidential chairs of what was once the world’s most highly rated and prestigious educational institutions? Once upon a time, these chairs were occupied by genuine intellectuals and, yes, mostly White men. So what? These men produced clarity in mathematics, chemistry, philosophy, theology, logic, law and rhetoric. Positions in colleges and universities were reserved for these people not because they were differentiated by race, color, or religion but because they had something to offer to education other than ‘equity.’ Please leave it to the Left, however, to ruin everything they touch, but especially education in their single-minded determination to create a world of useful idiots beholden to their betters, the vain, envious, and greedy, for their very existence. The rest of us can do as we’re told and be happy about it. Like China, we will be controlled by a social scoring system that punishes us by withdrawing our digital money finances when we displease our masters. It’s cheaper than operating prisons.

Of course, not all educators fit into the farce of tenured intellectuals at higher levels. Many are gifted thinkers capable of producing their thoughts, except they’re prohibited when those thoughts expand outside the bounds of “accepted political thought.” That limits truth-telling by administrative censorship. These educators are trapped by their institutions to a minimal range of options. ‘It’s our way or the highway.’ Tenure is a trap that should be re-examined for its unfairness that flies in the face of the First Amendment. Universities and the modern media pretend to be sincerely interested in free speech, but not ours. To maintain the farce of neutrality and appear fair and honest, they have created a censorship bureau under the ruse of “fact checkers,” pronouncing any contrary comments as misinformation that has already been disproved and, therefore, not to be published. When he bought out Twitter (X), Elon Musk ripped the mask off Progressive censorship, exposing the government’s role. The Democrats, now an utterly communist organ seeking historical justification for their programs, even seized upon the comments of old philosophers to fit their purpose. Nietzsche once said: “All life, no matter how we idealize it, is nothing more or less than exploitation.” Democrats see in that phrase a road map to obfuscation and censorship to hide their real intent.

There are others, but now, because of the disaster of the government’s incompetence facing us, their real intent is exposed for all to see, and its best exponent sits in the Oval Office, a slavish copy of Barak Obama’s determined goal to fundamentally change America. An educator cannot retain their principles and stay in the game. A corrupt politician can. Educators who have invested time and effort to achieve their goals have little choice but to go along. Step out of line, and the faculty mafia will eat them up, so few are strong enough to walk away. Intellectualism in higher education is all but moribund. Remnants of intellectual honesty reside in conservative think tanks, Hillsdale College, and one or two more, and therein lies any hope for salvation. Any other solution for restoration, if attempted, will be brutal. We’re in it for the long haul!

 Remember, freedom is the goal; the Constitution is the way. Now, go get involved.

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