by George Mcclellan

Integrity and decency are two words made redundant by ‘elite’ career politicians who have turned the DC swamp into a cesspool of crime and corruption. ‘Justice,’ or the idea of it, is another term rarely dispensed equally as the constitution requires, except to protect ‘elites’ from the censure and approbation they so richly deserve to conceal their wicked deeds.

The denizens of the cesspool’s continued attempts to discredit Donald Trump by jailing him as a felon or running his finances into bankruptcy defending himself, border on being crimes themselves. They are losing the propaganda battle but continue their feckless drive to eliminate him regardless. All attempts to destroy Trump using the Law as a weapon face constitutional prohibitions they choose to ignore, making their efforts appear futile. But Democrats never quit, never. They only have to win again to maintain their grip on continuing America’s demise. More Americans see and understand how corrupt Biden’s government is and are refusing to accept his Dept of Justice, or New York State or Fulton County Ga’s—attempts to railroad Donald Trump into an orange jumpsuit with a number on it.

These several lawfare cases against Trump will not succeed in appeals. Still, they hold that a conviction is an added plus to their hope of simply wearing him out physically and monetarily in defending himself in those corrupted court proceedings. Americans know that the years of rectal examinations democrats spent investigating Trump’s business activities, including his taxes and foreign connections, have come up empty. There’s nothing there, and they can’t simply manufacture crimes out of thin air again and expect voters to embrace them. Shockingly, like before, Donald Trump is filling venues with admiring conservatives determined to vote for him to be president again, orange jumpsuit or not.

A politician new to the cesspool is quickly scrutinized for weaknesses by lobbyists, by the CIA, and especially the FBI. Weaknesses are exploited and if the target is uncooperative, he/she is soon gone. Integrity is then sold when politicians are in Washington. DC, for the first time, determines that they can’t even afford to live there if they’re not already independently wealthy. Good deals are then offered if they would only vote as they are told and, don’t you know, ya gotta get in on the good deals! Decency is sold when thinking they’re finally on the team, and they’ll accept a ride on the Lolita Express for a clandestine tryst on the Honey Pot that was Epstein Island.

Illicit sex and alcoholism lead to the list of qualifying sins that can compromise a politician. Sex can be an explosive item if revealed by an out-of-loop source beyond the FBI’s ability to control. Jeffery Epstein’s long-running operation is a case in point because a hacker group has revealed two hundred names. They extrapolated data from visitors to Epstein’s Island aboard the Lolita Express and exposed it in Wired Magazine. Like good fraud investigators, they found the evidence by researching cell phone data, flight path data, and damn good detective work. The CIA, FBI, and others have used these methods for decades. It’s been nearly two years since Jeffery Epstein was killed in prison and his “black book” of invitees was lost in the labyrinth of the FBI’s vaults. It’s just now that “data brokers” have unmasked, they claim, 200 secret names of visitors to Epstein Island. To think one wants to go to Epstein Island demonstrates a total loss of Integrity and Decency. Where is accountability and justice? Biden doesn’t have it, not even a shred of it, because he has no decency but fecklessly pursues supposed Donald Trump crimes or makes them up.

The silence from legacy media is deafening because, well, they are Progressives, aren’t they? Perhaps some of them are on that list too. Their complicity in the exculpation of the lost integrity and decency of their political masters borders on gross negligence. We have much cleaning to do to Make America Great Again. The Left doesn’t want the old America to return. It’s too moral, too righteous, and too white and that simply won’t do!

Remember, freedom is the goal; the Constitution is the way. Now, get involved.

Help save America.


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