By George Mcclellan
Guest Editor

I see subtle, and since the Hamas attack against Israel on 09 October, not-so-subtle signs that real Americans are becoming alarmed at the inherent dangers facing the once-free society we thought we were living in. We are witnessing the harbinger of the demise of the American Republic. The application of “Democracy” has become its real enemy. It’s on purpose and has been planned by America’s enemies to destroy us from within. Sad but true is the fact that we live with a generation, probably two, of emotionally weak people incapable of realizing their lost heritage because they don’t know it. For them, everything must be watered down lest it become offensive to others, especially the truth. That weakness is what is churning out the hordes of antisemitic, pro-Hamas, pro-Palestine rioters on our city streets. They may soon be our leaders.

It is no accident these anti-Semitic riots spontaneously appeared in Blue cities and states across America; nothing spontaneous about them! They are a planned part of the Left’s long-running campaign to destroy America from within by attacking its White history, its culture of individual achievement, its sense of collective self-defense, and its Judeo-Christian moral standards of respect for others. That’s all being swept away now. As individual citizens, we’re not prepared to meet the threat as it unfolds before us lest we be accused of racism or Islamophobia. If we had faith in the FBI, we could feel sanguine that their intelligence-gathering apparatus would quickly identify the miscreants and act swiftly to bring them to justice. But don’t bet on it! The odious apparatus of US Attorney General Merrick Garland is wholly dedicated to stamping out resistance to the Left’s plan for a socialist utopia. When our idiot pretender to the presidency, Joe Biden, claims that MAGA Republicans are the greatest danger to our Republic, then we can be assured there will be no quick resolution to the anti-Jewish riots in our Democrat-run cities and states. What Joe Biden won’t say but should is that MAGA Republicans are the very foundation of our Republic. Hate crimes will only be attributed to those who resist the state until we can change the state. It is a slur on the elderly to claim Joe Biden is too old to carry on. He shouldn’t carry on because he’s just plain stupid! The facts of his age and his dementia do not automatically apply to all of us, Just Joe. Trump is close to 80, but his faculties are all about him, and for the record, so am I. I don’t regret growing older. It’s a privilege denied to many.

The college cretins who fancy themselves revolutionary’s operating within the political subdivisions of Ivy League and State colleges and universities, all solely under the financial control of Democrats, have caught us quite off guard like Hamas just did to Israel. Where did all the Palestinian flags and the green headbands proclaiming Hamas identity come from so instantly? Of course, the demonstrations were orchestrated, preset, and ready to go. We know who the enemy is, and we know how we could solve the problem: “finis terminus acqitas,” but alas, that’s been programmed out of us with safe spaces, time outs, participating trophies, and suffocating rules that prevent children from being children. Ritalin is the sure cure for that!

Shouldn’t we at least expect Islamic students here on student visas, even those who have become American citizens, participating in these threatening (to Jews at least) demonstrations, to be declared persona nongratis, relieved of their American citizenship, and deported to Palestine? The American-born must be deprogrammed, reeducated, and, if they haven’t committed a felony, released back out onto the streets to experience what they wrought.  Apart from Israel’s determination to wipe out Hamas in the face of the UN, Biden’s and Blinken’s requests for a ceasefire (for the children, of course), the destruction of Gaza continues apace. It must be destroyed, in detail, or we’ll never be rid of these devils. We’re watching what the Israeli IDF is doing to Hamas. What are we going to do to ours? To be effective, we first need to change our government. The Constitution permits us to do it. We cannot continue to be led astray by the illusion of an ideal world. There is not one. The Islamists won’t permit it, the Socialists won’t permit it, and neither will Emperor Ji of Communist China or Putin of Russia, for that matter.

There is a political storm rising against which we stand almost helpless because we have so few on our side (Republicans) who will fight it. The Neoconservatives are best at employing a scuttle and running a policy of governance, voting with Democrats, and failing to protect America’s wealth.

Under Biden’s leadership (Obama’s), the government has become the smiling architect of appeasement. As alarmed citizens, our understanding of the critical issues is hampered by our compliant Progressive media, whose biggest news is who’s sleeping with Taylor Swift. Our alternative social media outlets have been subverted by TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, et al., sites in support of America’s internal erosion that continue plying the socialists’ propaganda that will help destroy America. Maybe Hamas did us a favor. At least we’re alert, but it might be too late. As Americans, we have arrived at the very point where we must decide: “Fish or cut bait?”

Remember, freedom is the goal; the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em!