Editor’s Note – Who elected Eric Holder, and why is he in the news on a daily basis? It used to be just Obama in our faces daily, now its his ‘Pit Bull’, in the face of our states, in the face of ‘We the People’, in the faces of local law enforcement.

Arizona, and local law enforcement across the land is now under siege, but not from the usual narco-terrorists and common criminals, rather, from the Department of Justice itself.

Every Sheriff in the land should be outraged because there is “We the People” in the very position of being Sheriff. But when it comes to Eric Holder, local law enforcement is not an ally. The DoJ is employing law-fare instead of law enforcement, using it as a tool to shake-down Sheriff Joe Arpaio, and reduce the power of the local Sheriff, duly elected, unlike Holder.

The very act of attempting to remove a county Sheriff from access to the DHS immigration database when making arrests, puts not only Arizona and her citizens at risk, but virtually the balance of our nation’s local law enforcement.

As a result, law enforcement has been brought to its collective knees at the hands of Eric Holder. Sheriff Arpaio may be forced to release everyone in his jail now, and could in fact, be subject to arrest himself.

Arpaio has been investigated for years by this administration and only last year were all matters against Arpaio closed, why, because he managed a near perfect system as the investigations’ conclusions displayed.

“We the People’ need more Sheriff Arpaio’s, and a lot less liberal DoJ lawyers and Eric Holder types.

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio Press Release

Conference Statements From 12/15/11

Sheriff’s Response to DOJ Letter

December 15, 2011

(Maricopa County, AZ) The following statements were made by Sheriff Joe Arpaio during a press conference held on 12/15/11 in response to the 22 page Department of Justice letter received 1 hour prior to DOJ press conference. “Before we get started today, I want to say something to the citizens of Arizona and the rest of the nation.

On the surface, it may appear that today’s findings and actions by our federal government are directed towards this Sheriff and the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office. The truth of the matter is that this is a sad day for America as a whole.

Today, the federal government moved to do everything it can to put this agency out of the illegal immigration enforcement business. We are proud of the work we have done to fight illegal immigration. We have been responsible for finding and identifying 25% of the nation’s illegal alien criminal offenders through the 287G program. Sadly, much of that work will no longer be permitted by the Obama administration.

Today the federal government cancelled our 287 G agreement. What that means is that we are no longer able to verify the immigration status of any criminal offender brought into our jails. This was a program responsible for detecting over 44,000 illegal alien criminal offenders since 2007, many of whom we can assume were deported by ICE officials back to their country of origin.

Now with the cancellation of this agreement, illegal criminal offenders arrested and brought into my jails will go undetected and ultimately dumped back onto a street near you. For that, you can thank your federal government. By their actions today, President Obama and his band of merry men might as well erect their very own pink neon sign at the Arizona-Mexico border saying

Welcome All Illegals to your United States…. Our home is your home. On Sept 28, 2011, President Obama was questioned at the White House, by Hispanic journalist and asked why there was no resolution in the civil rights investigation against me for allegedly racially profiling Hispanics. He stated that he had to be careful to comment on individual cases handled by the DOJ. The president stated he challenged the AZ Law (1070) that was supported by me, because he thought there was a great danger of naturalized citizens with Latino surnames could potentially be vulnerable to questioning.

It is interesting that after 100 days in Office by President Obama, that the Democrat Chairmen of the judiciary Committee in Congress initiated this investigation.

After all this time, the head of the DOJ Civil Rights Division, who reports to Attorney General Holder, held a press conference December 15, 2011, which is 2 days after the Supreme Court agreed to accept the 1070 lawsuit. It’s also interesting that Perez came to Phoenix for the press conference on the anniversary of the brave border patrol agent Brian Terry’s death, who was killed because of the failed Justice department’s “Fast and Furious” case, which is presently holding hearings this week on Attorney General Eric Holder.

Just this week, 2 Democrat Latino US Congress men from Arizona, joined by several other Latino Legislatures want me to resign my office. All of these same Democratic elected officials, throughout the years, have been criticizing my enforcement of State and Federal Illegal immigration laws.

Candidates for President of the United States – Herman Cain and Michelle Bachmann recently visited me in my office, Texas Governor Rick Perry and Mitt Romney also called me – all interested in my successful enforcement of illegal immigration and asked for my endorsement

Recently in New Hampshire, I endorsed Texas Governor Rick Perry for President of the United States. It should be noted that all this political activity made national news.

The Justice Department takes issues with our policies in the jails – it should be noted, the US Marshall Office, under the Department of Justice, gave my Office high marks. In the past when we did a crime suppression operation in Guadalupe, high homeland security officials were present and praised us for my operations stating we performed in a professional manner, even though this operation caused some controversy in that town.

We have a civil rights racial profiling case brought by the ACLU, which will be before a federal judge with oral argument on summary judgment next week. Is the DOJ press conference, among other reasons, geared to poison the court against our position in this civil rights case?” states Sheriff Arpaio