The definition of illegal from the Merriam-Webster Dictionary:

– not according to or authorized by law: unlawful, illicit

Brigadier General Charles Jones III, USAF (ret.)


General Jones served continuously in the Air Force and the Air Force Reserve from 1954 to 1986. He has held numerous command positions, including tactical and strategic airlift wings, a tactical fighter wing, and a Special Operations Group. He is a graduate of the Air War College, and he has logged over 6000 hours in 32 types of military and civilian aircraft. He has worked closely with officials such as White House staffers, US Senators, US Representatives, Governors and Industrialists. After retiring from the Air Force, General Jones owned his own business for several years. He previously volunteered as a Republican Party organizer in northern Virginia, and has worked with some well-known candidates and officials. General Jones has seen the workings of government close up for many years, and that has given him insight to the grave problems confronting America today.

A Note on Illegal Immigration as a Tool of War and Subversion

by BG Charles Jones III USAF (ret.)


President Trump will be proven right if voting in heavily illegal alien populated
voting precincts will be checked in California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico,
Colorado, Texas and Virginia. Pathetic how the Clinton Motor Voter registration
procedure has enabled the illegal alien invader’s to simply mark (US Citizen)
in the voter application form, (they are encouraged to fraudulently do so) – then are mailed a voting ballot – then early vote by mail and some have the audacity to stand in voting lines. Pathetic how this Clinton Motor Voter registration process has gained Democrat votes in all election’s especially the General Election’s in 2008, 2012 and specifically 2016. Fraudulent voting must be stopped for all Federal/General Elections with a Voter Picture ID by verified identification. A birth certificate does not verify US Citizenship. (Only verification is that you were born in a specific State and County). Fraudulent Birth Certificates, Drivers license, Social Security Cards place illegal alien’s to Become Fraud’s in a Court of Law.

There are three methods by which to destroy a country and by purposely flooding a country with illegal alien invaders is the first method which has prevailed and expanded widely since President Reagan departed the White House. Trump must stop this UN American fraudulent madness.

Second method is by economically destroying a country. (9 Trillion added to the US Debt since 2008 and the interest on that National Debt of 19.5 T is what is killing the economy).

Third method is Killing US Job’s. That began with the Gulf Oil Platform disaster, continued on with excessive regulations fostered on US Business’s and massive EPA restrictions these past
eight years. All above policy was blindly followed 100% by House and Senate Democrat’s led by Reid and Pelosi and not fought by Republican Moderates. (not enough Conservative Republicans
to fight the deceit, deceptions and destruction of the past eight years and this is why the voters
went around their House and Senate Congress persons and elected President Trump to fix
what was totally destroying the United States of America))

BY; a very large and still growing Group of Independent, Conservative,Third Party and Reagan Democrat Registered Voters ( US Citizen’s) who elected President Trump and who now greatly encourage President Donald Trump to drain the US Swamps of Illegal Alien Invaders who are driven by what ever Fraudulent means to Vote Democrat in the States and Precincts mentioned above. Suggest this be pursued with the help of federal attorneys as Fraud is greatly involved.

It must be fully understood by those anti Trump -ers that Donald Trump is the only American
who has the gut’s, leadership, decision making, problem solving and good old America First
wisdom to take The United States of America back from the wrong headed, greedy and self serving elected and appointed politician’s who have become wealthy from the tax’s confiscated from American middle class taxpayer’s while using the three policies noted above.
That is why Donald Trump was elected President.

If the anti Trump-ers can name a more qualified American citizen to get the job done to save
America for their children and grand children as well as them selves who would it have been?
Answer, there is no one else, so stop and think about the deceitful, destructive and treasonous cliff America was about to be thrown over and learn to thank Donald Trump for giving up his life in a very successful big business with a beautiful family to work tireless to take America back for all American citizen’s. The media who fostered the Fake News and the fools who have followed those false givings about our New President ought to be ashamed of themselves and thank their lucky stars that there were enough American Citizens who fully understood the need to elect him as President because the country will never survive without his leadership in the White House.

Look at the agitators still in Congress still trying to destroy America who won’t pass on the named
Cabinet members and won’t stop the Fake Intelligence sources. In addition the paid demonstrator’s have been given Fake News by the person who controls most anti America media and anti Trump sources who needs his own citizen ship looked at and how it came about in direct conflict with US citizenship laws?

Wake up American’s who are associated with the anti Trump movement, because you are attempting to carry out the destruction of your own country and are led by evil doers who have been and are still using Fake News and Face Intelligence in conjunction with the three methods used to destroy a country so listed above. Also think about the fact that there is big money to be harvested from wars and it is American tax payers who have been forced to pay for these war’s. It’s also American tax payers who pay for all benefits that are spent on illegal alien invaders such as housing allowances, food stamps, schooling costs K-12, hospital emergency cost’s, etc. It’s all beyond pathetic because it’s treason against the American people and their country, their safety and their National Security. also

Also remember the Dreamer act UN Constitutionally fostered by Obama’s pen that is a part of the illegal alien invasion crises. Was it the dreamers who began open rebellion in streets of California
waving Mexican Flags and shouting that part of the US was really Mexican and who also caused disruptions and fighting in sanctuary cities schools. All while disrupting American Citizen schooling education. Every bit of the illegal alien voting must be exposed and President Trump is
Americas only salvation toward correcting this purposeful man made crisis of many crises that
were about to destroy America before he was elected President and Commander in Chief of the Military Forces. For those who have become greatly deceived, Wake up for your children’s future
as well as your own.