Guest Editorial by George Mcclellan

I suspect the Democrat Party has carried its hateful message about as far as it can. They hate everything, and Joe Biden’s message to all Black Moorehouse College, Atlanta, GA, proved it.

Democrats, in this election season, cautious of offending minority communities like the Black community, the Hispanic community, and especially the Muslim ones, are singularly focused, in the name of diversity, equity, and inclusion, on eliminating all the European (White) influence that brought us the constitutionally created United States of America. They fear the continued presence of MAGA Whites would adversely affect their vision of the coming new America, a society governed by DEI. To navigate the rocks and shoals of not offending this group or those under their umbrella can only succeed if their message is the only one allowed to be broadcast to the masses. All other thoughts or opinions antithetical to socialism are considered dangerous and to be discredited, censored, or criminalized, like pro-lifers.

But dangers to the Left’s extreme social stupidity lurk In the shadows. It’s called Populism! The Left’s vision of Utopia must include as societal equals, the sick, lame and lazy, the degenerate perverts addicted to their sexual pleasure with children, same-sex marriages, Islamic jihadists, and any other weird idea that springs out of the dementia of those who, they claim, did not win in life’s lottery. Hard work and self-determination should be shunned when the government can provide for them. But they tread a thin line. For example, on Spanish-speaking media sites, Democrats dropped Biden’s term ‘Trans Visibility Day’ for the more acceptable, to Mexicans anyway, César Chávez Day. The Progressive Left looks upon all Hispanics precisely the same, as peons and potential Democrat voters who observe Cinco de Mayo and like swinging at Piñata’s. They disregard the many different Hispanic cultures that embrace their Christian religion and close familial ties. Unrecognized by the white liberal Leftist policymakers in these various illegal immigrant groups lies the very dangerous concept of “Populism.” In America, growing populist movements reflect genuine societal and political problems. Immigrants, unlawful or otherwise, bring their own populist perceptions, and they are not American. Islamists, for example, cling to the Qu’ran and Sharia Law as their guide for living. To them, America is and will always be “the Great Satan” to be destroyed, and Biden is empowering them.

The perceptions of Americans who may or may not embrace Christianity, and I include a vast swath of Blacks and Hispanics, see, because of Progressivism, that the game is rigged for the globalist elites at the expense of everyone else. It is indeed a new developing class of our ‘Betters’ who assume that their Ivy League educations place them at a level above the newly growing peasant class of populist middle Americans who, they claim, deny illegal immigrants a chance to rise economically above their station and who are offended by the woke DEI programs Biden’s government has gifted us with.

To the Progressive Left, the need to erase the influence of White western culture as a first agenda item was under way until Donald Trump queered the deal. He brought truth and light (common sense) to darkness, and the blind eyes of middle Americans were opened to the dangers facing them. The diaspora of European cultures that make up most of America’s White population, and here I must again include the deep reservoir of Americans of Black and Hispanic origins who don’t see themselves as “victims,” being stripped, first of their dignity, second of their means of livelihood and third, their means of self-defense. Americans, now roused against our government and the New World Order scheme and threatening to the democrat order of things, are being denied due process, jailed for the minor offenses of protesting unlawful government actions while, at the same time, watching urban criminals immediately returned to the streets by corrupt DA’s and courts to continue their life as predators.

Americans are quickly losing trust in their government. When the law goes after Donald Trump on made-up offenses yet ignores the exposed crimes of Clinton, Obama, and Biden, then absolute trust evaporates in the mind’s eye. Issues of Health concerns have been destroyed by Fauci and the drug industry in cahoots with China when Americans view their policies, after leaving a trail of dead bodies, as schemes to depopulate America. The DoJ and FBI, busting down doors to arrest Americans for praying in front of Planned Parenthood death factories or parents arguing against transgenderism at school board meetings, have created unrepairable distrust. White Americans are particularly alarmed at the steady attacks against America’s Western culture, its monuments to its history, and its Judeo-Christian guarantees of religious freedom.

From the imported Islamic side comes the loud pro-Palestinian screeching from our universities demanding an end of all business contact with Israel while demanding saving innocent Palestinians from the wicked Jews. There are no innocent Palestinians, just Sharia ones. Only a weak Joe Biden cannot apprehend the dangers he has brought to America in the name of diversity, equity and inclusion. When the Left screws up, which is nearly always, they insist we view their idiocy with ‘tolerance’ because they meant well. Showing tolerance is the last virtue of a depraved, Godless society near its end.

The Left’s attacks on Donald Trump have proved one thing. Americans are alarmed that because Democrats cannot achieve their goals other than cheating at the polls, sending the minions of the FBI and ATF to bang down doors at 06:00 am, or charging their opposition with silly crimes, vote count frauds will continue. They cannot be trusted anymore with the reigns of government, and they must go. Finally, Americans are further outraged that we must deny Israel and accept murderous, barbarous Palestinians in their place as equals. I’ve had enough. Have you?

Remember, freedom is the goal; the Constitution is the way. Now, get involved.

Help save America.

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