Article link: The Elites’ War on the American Citizenry – Part 2

As I stated in my first editorial, I hate authoritarianism from either the left or the right as it crushes the average citizen and breaks their spirit. I also pointed out that the very public bickering between the Republican and Democrat establishments was just Kabuki theater meant to distract from what was really occurring in our country today, which is the extraction of power and wealth by the elites of this country to the absolute detriment of the working and middle classes. In that piece, I highlighted this underlying reality of what was actually happening versus the hive minded narrative of the elites’ mouthpieces with regard to the Chinese Communist Party and the war they are actively waging against the United States of America with a complicit elite class only too happy to help while profiteering along the way. And as enraging as that is, I do not think it even approaches the level of absurdity that is occurring today with regard to the COVID-19 pandemic and our public health response.

I just finished reading Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s book, The Real Anthony Fauci, and I have to admit that it reads like a legal brief, complete with a thorough annotation of sources, for a crimes against humanity case. If even a fraction of the claims put forth in this book are accurate, Fauci should not be sitting on camera sparring with Senators Paul and Marshall, but behind bars along with Bill Gates, the cadre of principal investigators who facilitated this sham, and probably a couple of dozen executives at big pharmaceutical companies. While not an easy read, I highly encourage everyone to get this book and decide for themselves. You see, I do not hold the same contempt for the average American citizen that the elite does. The vast majority of the American public might be preoccupied by making a day-to-day living and taking care of the family and paying the bills, but this does not make them stupid. In fact, I think the American public is actually very bright regardless of whether or not they hold an interpretive dance degree from an Ivy League university or even went to college at all. I believe in human agency and you empower someone by arming them with information and then letting them determine for themselves whether something is true or not, whether it is of benefit for them or not.

But today we live in an era of psyops and misinformation, of censorship, and the very heavy-handed silencing of voices that deserve to be heard. In fact just today, the current resident of the White House exhorted tech oligarchs to censor what he called, “the misinformation and disinformation that’s on your shows.” I am not a historian or a psychologist but can someone please point to me just one example in the history of humanity where censorship had a positive outcome?!?

And what is this terrible disinformation that the American public needs to be shielded from? Just that the current COVID-19 vaccines are toxic, not necessary nor originally intended for everyone, and that there are available treatment protocols so once infected you do not need to just wait at home until you become so sick you need to be hospitalized. Do not take my word for it, just look to the actual inventor of the mRNA technology used in the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines Dr. Robert Malone and what he has to say about it. Oh wait, you can’t. He has been censored.

A recent release of documents by Project Veritas from a whistleblower in the Department of Defense shows that our own Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (think scientist soldiers) viewed the gain of function testing that we ultimately funded and outsourced to the Wuhan Institute of Virology was too dangerous to even consider. And to make it even better, the spike protein being used in the current vaccines was way to toxic for medical use. Is it any wonder that this current crop of vaccines are 1,000 times more lethal than the previous record holder, smallpox?

And who made all this possible? Our own National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases lead by none other than Anthony Fauci. So follow this logic loop and try not to get whiplash. Fauci funds gain or research in China that gets released and causes the pandemic responsible for 5.5 million deaths worldwide. We then look to him for our public health response and he tells us we have to take a toxic experimental vaccine that will require endless boosters and enriches himself and his elite cronies like Gates and Albert Bourla, the CEO of Pfizer. And just for good measure, we are going to allow – at his direction – for the shut down of our economy, the quarantine of the healthy, and vaccine and mask mandates, which are all firsts not just in the history of our country, but of the world. But hey, this was all planned out in October of 2017. Again, you do not have to take my word for it. Just go to the John Hopkins Center for Health Security and read their proudly displayed report “SPARS Pandemic Scenario.”

I think it is amazing that I now have to reference in this country in this day the Nuremburg Code, which was the standard set for medical treatment and experimentation as a result of the Nazi war crimes. It states clearly that standard of ethics required is informed consent. Well the elite in government, tech, big pharma, and media have certainly not “informed” me and I for one do not consent.

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John C. O’Shea is an average American citizen who is tired of being told up is down and decided to do something about it. This series of opinion pieces are intended to point out the absurdity and hypocrisy of what is occurring in our nation today, as well as help preserve his own sanity.  He can be found lurking on Gettr and Twitter at johncoshea and also has a website with his work at