In the wake of the Buffalo rampage, the killer’s Marxist roots raise intriguing questions

Yet, not six months earlier another killing spree, this one in Waukesha, Wisconsin, killing six and injuring some 60 souls, was whitewashed, the New York Times reporting, “Three ‘Dancing Grannies’ were killed and at least 18 children were injured at Waukesha’s Christmas parade.” No mention of the obvious elephant in the living room while the number of dead was not even in the headline. Two days later, the Times, in “What We Know and Don’t Know About the Wisconsin Parade Attack,” reported that the motive of the killer, who is black, plowing his SUV into a sea of whites, remained a mystery. Furthermore, there was no mention of race at all in the article.  Tragedy struck over the weekend in Buffalo, New York when a crazed killer gunned down 10 souls as they shopped for groceries, the New York Times reporting, “Gunman Kills 10 at Buffalo Supermarket in Racist Attack.” The killer, whose mental illness had been flagged and who should have been on a watch list ensuring he would never be able to purchase a gun, is now in custody.

What gives? Isn’t this exactly how you would go about inflaming passions and igniting a racial war—highlighting one horrific injustice while whitewashing the other? President Joe Biden’s appearance and remarks in Buffalo right now memorializing those who were killed and wounded in Buffalo, while emphasizing the alleged “white supremacy” “poison” undergirding the rampage, makes one long for a leader who will unite, not divide, the nation.

Apropos of which, after the “summer of love” riots, err “peaceful protests,” broke out across the United States on Memorial Day 2020 to protest George Floyd’s killing in Minneapolis, only to die down in the fall; about 50 percent of the rioters, we now know, thanks to Dinesh D’Souza’s “2000 Mules,” pivoted to serve as “mules.”

These rioters-turned-mules traveled to multiple ballot-drop-boxes daily, dropping a handful of ballots into each box. This illegal activity, the film contends via True the Vote’s records, is what gave Biden his razor-thin margin of victory over President Donald J. Trump in six battleground states.

True the Vote, “2000 Mules” reports, also used their data to snag a killer in Georgia to test their data assembled from millions of cell phone records when their request for surveillance camera footage was being roadblocked by Georgia officials.

And, I began wondering if this killer might have served as a mule. It might sound counterintuitive given his targeting of our black brothers and sisters and media trying to paint him a white supremacist. But, the killer’s Marxist roots, reported by Chris Plante after he combed through his 180-page “manifesto,” got my antennae up.

Trump’s essence is his emphasis on the dignity of work and pulling oneself up by one’s bootstraps, which is antithetical to Marxism. And the Marxist roots of 2020 rioters, who, we now know, fact certain, morphed into mules, is clear. No one did more for blacks than Trump. And, he is now re-ascendant. It all certainly fits.

We shall see.


Mary Claire Kendall is author of  Oasis: Conversion Stories of Hollywood Legends, published in Madrid under the title También Dios pasa por Hollywood. She recently finished Oasis II as well as a biography featuring the covert pre-satellite surveillance of the Soviets out of Midway Island.