By George Mcclellan

The answer is easy: It means not to think or reason but to obey!  Progressive Marxists have spent decades getting us to this point, and we didn’t pay attention while they did it. To claim being “Woke” is simply virtue signaling one’s desire to be accepted into the communal flock without knowing the reason why. Too, it signifies an individual’s lack of courage in the face of evil lest one be injured or, worse, rejected by the flock.

Over the years, we’ve seen the subtle construction of Wokeism in education and children’s sports when Progressives introduced participation trophies to little children involved in team sports so their fragile egos weren’t damaged by their lack of athletic skills. It also applies to the classroom when any answer on a math quiz is acceptable, showing at least, that the stupidest child holding a pencil can achieve ‘equity’ with the gifted child. The political result promotes a false quality of outcome but will not applaud the brilliance of individual achievement. The success in constructing the flock, so to speak, is seen in today’s “millennials,” a class of underachieving, indoctrinated losers who, all their lives, were told they could have anything they wanted without the satisfying experience of expending even a little effort and personal achievement. They all got a participation trophy.

Gifted child programs have all but disappeared from public elementary and high school education because they fail the Progressives test of diversity, equity, and inclusion. The DEI nonsense doesn’t carry over into real life when push comes to shove. Students who are not challenged to achieve their individual best in sports or education but are encouraged to join the sheep herd are being cheated out of the self-satisfying experience of personal achievement, a skill loss few will ever overcome. When companies hire graduates from prestigious institutions who can’t demonstrate the expected job skills the company requires, like thinking, and fail to deliver positive results for their employer in their new occupation, expecting instead the same special treatment they got all their lives, are shocked when they get their ‘pink slip’ for lack of performance. “You can’t fire me; I’m special; I went to Harvard, and I deserve the best!”  “Good luck, cupcake!”

If DEI is so critical, then why is it ignored that high school, college, and professional sports teams are overstocked with black athletics, but not the classrooms? Why is it ignored that black crime and murder rates, both perpetrators and victims, exceed that of all other races? To say otherwise is to mark you as a racist, endangering your position in the flock! Why is it that after enacting civil rights and affirmative action laws, society saw the desperate need to fill managerial positions, mayors, school superintendents, police, and fire chiefs with diploma-bearing but unprepared people to the exclusion of Asians and Whites? It was for racial fairness, which later became diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI).

Today’s dysfunctional Blue Cities, with black mayors, chiefs of police, and even local politicians, have become danger zones into which few are willing to enter without fear of being robbed or murdered by the denizens who got their participation trophies as children and were not programmed to achieve in adult life. Into these caldrons of rat-filled, racial dysfunction, supervised by affirmative action folks who have no idea how to govern, comes the Progressive political arm of street hoodlums, Marxist Antifa’s and BLM, to enforce Progressive edicts through fear of violent confrontation, retribution, and injury. Is this all part of a darker scheme? Of course, it is. The World Economic Forum, run by German crypto-Nazi Klaus Schwab, is determined to establish a New World Order, one run by experts unburdened by the impediments of capitalism, nationalism, and religion. Dissolution orchestrating the complete dissolution of America. They are struggling hard to show the world that a capitalist Republic, America, affected by nationalism and the Judeo-Christian religion, doesn’t work and is dangerous to the idea of a world led by experts, not one filled with constant conflict, unendurable poverty, and rampant disease. That philosophy is wrapped up in one word: “Woke,” meaning to obey! BTW the word “Islam” also means submission to follow!

Remember, freedom is the goal; the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em!

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