By George Mcclellan

There is one thing about which we must be clear in this Israeli-Palestinian business. There is no two-country solution. There will never be a two-country solution. While Israel might be amenable, the Jihadists are not. They keep telling us that, and we do not listen: “From the river to the sea,” we just do not comprehend. Our side does not believe it when the Islamic Republic of Iran and its proxy terrorist armies chant “Death to Israel, Death to the Great Satan.” We think they are just joking. It’s inexcusable that the policymakers on our side do not understand the driving forces fueling their hatred of Jews and Western infidels. It is all to be found in the Quran where everything is explained; what permits them to commit the savage butchery against Jewish families, murder and decapitate infants, shoot and burn little children and slaughter folks up close and with personal animas while filming their blood orgies and bragging about it. Islam is the root of all evil, and it will share nothing with infidels except blood. “It is written,” and they believe it. Why don’t we?


The necessary but overdue retribution for the 1400 plus Israelis murdered on 07 October 23 by Hamas, Obama, and Biden’s second favored terrorist group, is stalled out by the political interference of Joe Biden demanding Congress approve millions of taxpayer dollars in humanitarian aid be provided for Palestinians before Israel impulsively and rightfully, destroys Gaza. Israel’s IDF command is getting impatient with Biden’s delay strategy because they know the enemy, Islam, does not play by the rules of negotiation unless they are flat on their backs with a bayonet at their throats. We must wonder exactly why Biden is causing the delay. Aixios posits that Biden fears a long, bloody, and protracted war if Israel’s ground war machine is precipitously launched before…. before what, return of the hostages? After the Islamic terrorist’s murderous blood rage, hostages were taken to sell them back. Biden set the going rate when he bought five Americans from Iran for six plus billion dollars. Hamas could not ask for less. A long and bloody street fight among the concrete rubble of the city of Gaza is not necessary. Israel has already closed off water and electricity, and the UN’s humanitarian mission is running out of gas to run their trucks. Good! The Palestinians will capitulate when they are starving. The fighters can be sorted out and dealt with appropriately but keep the UN-sponsored sob-sisters out of there. They do more harm than good.


The delays imposed are irksome.0 First, Hamas has over 220 hostages of all ages, some of them Americans, and Joe thinks he can negotiate (purchase) them for cash, an amount to be settled later. Has Joe read Trump’s “Art of the Deal?” Israel’s IDF, ready to get started, also knows that if a cease-fire is agreed to, Israel will be lost. The IDF will have none of it. It is retribution time, and it will happen. History has a way of repeating itself, especially wartime action against armed cities. How our Infantry dealt with Fallujah in 2004, and Mosul in 2016 are arguable examples of how the IDF should approach the Gaza problem. Here, political armchair generals in America are trying to dictate how the IDF should approach the Hamas problem safely. If they wait too long, they will be handing out retirement checks. In remarks contrary to the needs of Israel, US Secretary of State Tony Blinken, an incompetent, told Jewish American leaders, “We are not limiting Israel or telling it what to do (Yes, they are). We ask tough questions and give our best advice based on our experience.”


Notable, is not it, giving military advice to Israel when Joe Biden found it necessary, after twenty years of expenditure of America’s treasury fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan, to return Afghanistan’s government to the Taliban instantly, and he is worried about world opinion on humanitarian issues if Gaza is destroyed? Nobody worried about the citizens of Germany or Japan when push came to shove. After they had been destroyed and capitulated, we rebuilt both those nations in the humanitarian spirit of good fellowship. We killed Nazism, but now it raises its ugly head again in the guise of Islam! There was a connection!


One wonders, is Joe Biden suddenly worried about the rising din of pro-Hamas, antisemitic fervor in America’s universities of socialist theology? Those brainwashed and Marxist-indoctrinated useful idiots whose terroristic presence will surely be damaging to a functioning Constitutional America must, if they are foreign, be canceled and sent home immediately. American-born people can be water-boarded (reeducated), and then offered jobs in the service industry. They cannot infect the government or the halls of justice unless they sweep the floors. They have been infested with evil and must be cleaned.


We are not watching a movie but an unfolding good vs. evil scenario. We have allowed the poison of Marxism and Islamic radical fundamentalism to infect our colleges and universities, even reaching down into some High Schools in impacted (Blue) areas. America has some house cleaning to do. It can start in Congress by ridding that body of its poisonous, opinionated squad of Islamic crypto terrorists. Then, the Universities!


Remember, freedom is the goal; the Constitution is the way. Now, get prepared. We are in for the ride of our lives!


Distributed and Released by the Stand Up America US Foundation