MUST READ – Texas Voter ID Trial – Holder DOJ

By SUA Staff – The Department of Justice under Eric Holder with the mandate from the Obama White House as well as from Robert Bauer, the Obama personal lawyer of record for years, has established a habit of suing RED states that are historically opposed to liberal agendas. One such law suit is underway presently in the case of voter ID requirements in the state of Texas. Final arguments are now being completed, but it looks very bad for the federal government.

The entire narrative of the left, and specifically Eric Holder regarding voter suppression is pure bunk, and the State of Texas proved it. All the rhetoric coming from his camp is not just rhetoric, its blatantly false. His ‘experts’ are not experts, they used “Wikipedia Facts” that weren’t facts, and what was said in public had to be re-canted under sworn testimony. But despite this the Attorney General, Eric Holder, Jr., spoke in front of the NAACP this week and said the following:

Eric Holder delivers blistering speech to the NAACP Event in Houston despite the complete failure of his arguments in federal court.

“We call those poll taxes.”

What is worse, its all about fear tactics:

Holder has relentlessly launched legal challenges to every voter ID law in the land, but to my knowledge he has never asserted in court that they were poll taxes.  Whatever political latitude we might choose to extend to the Attorney General, it seems certain that his job should not involve lying about the law to frighten American citizens into cooperation with his political agenda.

We occasionally hear criticism of “the politics of fear.”  The contrast between Romney and Holder [speaking at the NAACP event in Houston] illustrates the politics of fear perfectly.  The NAACP got to hear ridiculous scare tactics from an embattled Attorney General who felt free to address them as if they were imbeciles, easily frightened into obedience with the most absurd and extreme rhetoric. (Read the rest at Human Events)

Then we compare his public statements about Florida and Texas, cleaning their voter rolls and requiring a government ID like Indiana, (which was constitutionally upheld) to what took place in federal court about Texas. SUA read the entire “fact sheet” provided by the State of Texas about the lack of any evidence supporting the DOJ’s claims or Holder’s assertions. What it did prove however, is that Eric Holder, the left, and their boss are lying to America.

The summary document provided by the State of Texas must be required reading by all voters. It completely debunks the entire narrative, stem to stern. Its a bit lengthy, but your hair will ignite as you read it here:

MUST READ – Texas Voter ID Trial – Holder DOJ

How is this man still in office?

Texas Demolishes USDOJ’s Case Against Voter I.D.

Feds could not produce a single person, or provide the name of a single person, who will legitimately be unable to vote due to voter i.d.

By Jim Forsyth – WOAI Local News (Texas)

Testimony has concluded in the trial of Texas ‘Voter I.D.’ law, after attorneys for the state demolished the main arguments raised against the law by the Obama Administration, and got the key witness for the Justice Department to admit he got his information from Wikipedia, 1200 WOAI news reports.

The Justice Department presented what it said was evidence that as many as 1.5 million Texans don’t have the government issued photo i.d. required to vote, but Attorney General Greg Abbott says of the people on that roll, 50,000 are dead, 330,000 are over the age of 65 and can vote by mail, where a photo i.d. is not required, and more than 800,000 are on the list improperly.

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott

Among the people who the DOJ listed as ‘lacking the required documentation needed to vote’ are Former President George W. Bush, San Antonio State Senator Leticia Van de Putte, and Licia Ellis, who’s husband, Houston state Senator Rodney Ellis, on Wednesday blasted the voter i.d. law as ‘just like the racist murder of James Byrd’ who was dragged to death in east Texas in 1998.

In fact, University of Texas students conducted a telephone survey of random people on the DOJ’s list of people who allegedly don’t have the documents required to vote, and found that more than 90% of them, including 93% of African Americans and 92% of Hispanics on the list, actually have a photo i.d.

Which brings us to Victoria Rodriguez. The San Antonio teenager was the only individual in a flurry of ‘experts’ the Department of Justice called to the stand to represent the 1.5 million allegedly set to be disenfranchised under the Texas law. Rodriguez testified that she not only lacks a photo i.d., but lacks the documentation need to obtain one, and State Rep. Trey Martinez Fischer said requiring her to pay to obtain those documents would amount to an illegal ‘poll tax.’

Under cross examination, Rodriguez admitted that she has a birth certificate, a voter registration card, and a Social Security Card, and only two of those three forms of i.d. are required to obtain a free voter i.d. card offered by the DPS. Rodriguez testified that she ‘doesn’t have time’ to go the DPS office to obtain the voter i.d. card, but she testified she had plenty of time to fly more than 1500 miles to Baltimore, catch a train to Washington DC, and sit for hours in a federal courtroom to testify about how unfair the Texas voter i.d. law is.

Perhaps the most embarrassing for the Justice Department was the testimony of its alleged expert witness, Harvard Professor Stephen Ansolabehere.

He testified that his research shows the law is ‘more likely to affect black and Hispanic voters worst than white voters.’

But under cross examination, Ansolabehere testified that in fact ‘almost no one is excluded’ by the requirement to vote.

Another Department of Justice ‘expert’ testified that the Legislature ‘intended’ to discriminate against minorities when it passed the Voter I.D. bill. But J. Morgan Kousser’s comments under cross examination show he knows little to nothing about the Texas Legislature (he referred to State Sen. Leticia Van De Putte as the enate Minority Leader, a position that doesn’t exist in the Texas Legislature) and lawyers for the state pointed out that he said the U.S. Supreme Court ruling which upheld a similar voter i.d. law in Indiana, a decision which was written by Justices O’Connor, Kennedy, Scalia, Rehnquist, and Thomas, was written so the five, laughably, could ‘promote white supremacy.’

Kousser also claimed in a book that Republicans are ‘not legitimate representatives’ of minority communities, and that any African American or Hispanic who supports voter i.d. ‘has been manipulated and misled by Republicans.

In fact, Kousser admitted that he got many of the ‘facts’ used to buttress these bizarre claims from ‘Wikipedia,’ an on line encyclopedia that anybody, including Kousser himself, can upload information onto.

The three judge federal appeals court panel, which includes two Democrats and one Republican, will issue its ruling on the case in the coming weeks, and the ruling will certainly be appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court.