December 3, 2016


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Maj. Gen. Paul Vallely served 32 years in the Army, having retired as Deputy Commanding General, US Army, Pacific.


Hate Factories 


Ray DiLorenzo


If you want to learn to hate America, your nearest public school or college is waiting for you. If it is a university you want to attend, don’t worry about the cost, the government (taxpayers) will pick up the tab as student loans are about to be forgiven to the tune of $108 billion and will probably go much higher.

Our schools across the country have created and nurtured millions of godless, America-hating, angry, statist, whiny, cry babies and we will all be paying dearly for it, now and in the future.

In McAllen, Texas, teachers tried to force a teenager to sing the Mexican national anthem and recite the Mexican pledge of allegiance.  She refused saying it was against her beliefs.  She was subsequently thrown out of the class and given a failing grade for the day.

University of Hawaii professor, Huanani-Kay Trask has taught students “We need to think very, very clearly about who the enemy is.  The enemy is the United States of America and everyone who supports it.”

University of Southern California professor, Darry Sragow, teaches hate in his Regulation of Elections and Political Finance class, telling them “Republicans are stupid, racist losers,” and that they are “angry old white people.”

Scott Compton, an English teacher at Chapin High School, Chapin, S.C., was put on administrative leave after he allegedly threw an American flag on the floor and stomped on it in front of his students.  He chose to resign. He probably teaches at a college now.

A geography teacher at Lumberton High School in Texas encourages students to dress in Islamic clothing and actually instructed them to refer to the 9/11 hijackers as “freedom fighters.”  They were also taught that the Holocaust was not genocide. John Valastro, the superintendent of the school district, told Fox News that the teacher did absolutely nothing wrong.

The schools may defend themselves by saying they teach critical thinking…hogwash!  They are intolerant of any opinions contrary to their own and the student with the guts to stick to his/her values risks paying dearly in poor grades and harassment.

What do the students have to say?  A new video is circulating asking college students if they prefer Castro or Donald Trump.  Every student in the video struggled with the answer. One student said, “Well, that’s a tough question.” Another student, “At this moment I have a better opinion of Fidel Castro.” Another student said, “If Donald Trump’s administration is what he said it would be, then Fidel Castro would have been the better leader to the Cuban people than Donald Trump will be.” Another student, “I feel that he really changed Cuba in so many ways that really made possibilities for the Cuban people nearly endless.”

University of Rhode Island history professor, Erik Loomis, tweeted, “I want Wayne LaPierre’s (NRA President) head on a stick.”  He asked, “Can we define dues to the NRA as contributing to a terrorist organization?”

Our education system is manufacturing a multitude of young, inexperienced, poorly educated, indoctrinated minds, speaking as with authority…scary!

This problem is not limited or unusual. It has become widespread and is now a threat to the very framework of our country and society.  Jihadists and Socialists/Communists can access considerable encouragement and support from many of our young people today.  So much so that there should be concern for a growing 5th column ready to strike at our very heart.  We had better take heed.


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UNC students disrupting the national anthem during a football game in Chapel Hill, NC





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Castro Is Dead



Castro Interrogating farmer just before his exceution.  His mistress stands behind him.



Raul Castro assists with bindfold before execution



     50 years later, Castro’s gang still murders those that would betray his revolution.



      Cuban memorial, Miami, commemorates the victims of the Castro genocide.


Castro Is Dead   

Reaction to Castro’s Life and Death

Jack Nicholson:  Nicholson called Castro a “genius” and called Castro a “humanist like President Clinton.”  He also called Cuba a “paradise.”

Kevin Costner:  “It was an experience of a lifetime to sit only a few feet away from him and watch him relive an experience he lived as a very young man…I think humanity is a great experiment.  Who is to say..the United States is right and Cuba is wrong?”

Chevy Chase:  Chevy Chase said that Cuba is proof that “sometimes socialism works.”

Oliver Stone:  Stone called Castro “very selfless” and a “moral” man who will be remembered as “one of the world’s wisest men.”

Steven Spielberg:  “The best seven hours I ever spent was actually with Fidel Castro.”

Editor’s note:  Robert Duval blasted Spielberg in a 60 Minutes interview: “Now, what I want to ask him is,” Duval said of Spielberg, “Would you consider building a little annex on the Holocaust museum, or at least across the street, to honor the dead Cubans that Castro killed?”

Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada:  Trudeau’s reaction was: “Castro was remarkable and a larger than life leader who served his people.”

Editor’s note:  Trudeau’s comment reminds me of a ‘Twilight Zone’ episode where aliens arrive and display a book entitled ‘To Serve Man.’  As people are boarding their space ship to ‘explore new worlds,’ a scientist runs to the ship, after having examined the book, screaming, “It’s a cookbook.”

Ted Cruz reacted to the comments: “Disgraceful.  Why do young socialists idolize totalitarian tyrants? Castro, Mao, Pol Pot – all evil, torturing murderers.

Ed.:  Maybe it’s because they get free health care.  No doctors, but it’s free


News You Can Use


Kellogg’s Gets Frosted

The ‘Progressive’ company, Kellogg’s, that gives hundreds of millions of dollars to far-left causes, has been accused of benefiting from child labor. Amnesty International (AI) in a report released Wednesday, accuses Kellogg’s of using child labor to harvest palm oil in Indonesia. Children as young as eight years are working long hours and carrying heavy loads. Most of the children help their parents after school, but some have dropped out of school to work full time.   Breitbart, Fox News

Editor’s note:   There is a call to boycott Kellogg’s.  Their stock has dropped 17.2% in value since mid-July. Kellogg’s has been aware of the situation but apparently the palm oil is more important.  Interesting note: Kellogg’s is pulling all their ads from Breibart News because they claim that Breitbart does not adhere to Kellogg’s values. Such hypocrites, these liberals.




Pelosi Re-elected Minority Leader   

Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has been re-elected House Minority Leader in the House of Representatives.  The final vote was 134 – 63.  Fox News, CNN


Editor’s note:  Good news for the Republican Party.  The Democrats have learned nothing.  To most Democrats, bathroom issues are more important than jobs.


The Political Scene in America

The Presidency will be controlled by Republicans

The Senate is controlled by Republicans – 51/49

The House is controlled by Republicans – 239/196

33 Governorships are controlled by Republicans

68 out of 99 State legislatures are controlled by Republicans

Fox News


In Case You Missed It


India Going Cashless

India’s Prime Minister, Modi, has banned the 500 and 1,000 rupee notes, effectively removing 82% of its currency.  This has brought India’s commerce to a virtual standstill. Holders of those notes will have a period of time to deposit them in a bank or risk the money becoming worthless.  India claims the decision to go cashless is an effort to combat the black market, tax avoidance, bribery and the funding of terrorism. Gizmodo, McAlvany Weekly Commentary




Editor’s note: All well and good, BUT…

  1. It is difficult to predict how a cashless system would work on a large scale.
  2. Everyone’s entire finances will be subject to hacking.
  3. A virtual wallet would be subject to unlimited control by the government.  A person’s entire financial life could be turned off in an instant.
  4. Buying and selling in privacy would be a thing of the past.
  5. Would we use biometric IDs?  A cashless system would almost definitely require some form of biometric ID system.  IBM has developed proprietary methods that require a unique biological signature to verify a person’s identity…and this technology is moving forward.


“And the second beast required all people small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their forehead, so that no one could buy or sell unless he had the mark..”–the name of the beast or the number of its name.”   Revelation 13:16-17


Islamic Terror Update


There were 2,286 Islamic terrorist attacks so far in 2016 in 59 countries.

19,853 people were killed and 24,813 people were injured.


Since last report, 11/26/16, there have been:

48 additional Islamic attacks

340 additional killed

451 additional injured


  As a reminder, these are civilian casualties. 

12/1/16 – Five women and two children are among twenty-three civilians slaughtered by the Taliban – Kandahar, Afghanistan – 23 killed.


11/28/16 – A Muslim immigrant goes on a stabbing rampage after expressing his desire to kill infidels – Columbus, Ohio – 11 injured.


11/26/16 – Fifteen people are killed by Al-Shabaab when they resist zakat (obligatory alms giving), including eight that were beheaded – Galmadug, Somalia – 15  killed, 14 injured.


11/23/16 – Thirty-one people are killed in various jihadi attacks – Baghdad, Iraq  – 31 killed, 103 injured.


11/23/16 – Six women and children are killed in their homes by ISIS  – Hayy al- Samah, Iraq – 6 killed, 30 injured.


Islamic terrorists have carried out more than

29,842 deadly attacks since 9/11


Editor’s note:  Since Obama has been in office, the Middle East, as bad as it was, is now much worse.  Barbaric attacks are a daily occurence.  There is not enough room to include all the latest terrorist attacks.  We show only a partial list.



Abdul Artan

Muslim and Democrat hysteria over Trump’s proposed temporary ban on Muslim immgration was puntuated by another Muslim terror attack by a ‘pious’ migrant.  No amount of vetting would have prevented such an attack. Only a ban would have been effective. 


Chicago Shooting Count


The Chicago shooting count since the beginning of the year as of

December 2, 2016 (4pm MT), is:


4,098 Shooting Victims (a shooting every 1:58 hours)


738 Homicides (a murder every 10:57 hours)


Since Last Week (11/27/16)

Shot & Killed:  13

Shot & Wounded:  61

Total Homicides:  14


2016 Totals By Race

77.9% Black, 17.0% Hispanic, 5.1% White/Other

Editor’s note: Police involved shootings for 2016, so far:  11 killed, 14 wounded.  Cost of medical care for 2016 through 11/30 is: $225,057,000.




What Say You?


Close Your WIndows – 11/126/16

“This whole scenario is to build frenzy into the public in order to call for martial law before innauguration day to keep Obama on the throne.”  MBH


“They need to let go.”  MS


“Why do you care about electors being harassed by threats when the number of physical hate crimes against Muslims and lgbtq folks has exploded since the election results?…If they [electors] follow through with voting for Trump, the most vulnerable of their communities will be subjected to a president who has participated in hateful rhetoric against racial minorities, sexual harassment to underage girls, encouraged violence against Muslims, and who has for years exploited impoverished immigrant women.”  KM  (Facebook post comment)


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Editor’s note:  Harassing electors is an assault on the election process.  If there truly was an ‘explosion’ of hate crimes against Muslims and LGBTQ people, every mass-media network would have had non-stop reporting of it. I know it is abhorrent for you to hear, but, You Lost!  This person, if not already heading for the window, has certainly tried the back door.


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Hundreds of Veterans Exposed to HIV & Hepatitis

Almost 600 veterans who received dental care at the Tomah, WI VA Medical Center may have been infected with HIV or Hepatitis. According to the VA, 592 veterans who had dental procedures from a particular dental provider can go to the medical center for free testing and treatment if infected.  The dentist violated VA regulations by using his own equipment and continued to do so for one year, 10/15 – 10/16. Instead of being fired, the dentist has been reassigned to an administrative role.





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As It Used To Be


NYC 1900 Little Italy – Lower East Side, Manhattan

Mostly Italian & Jewish with other Europeans




Many immigrants worked from 6am to 11pm for 50 cents.  They worked hard and moved up the social ladder.  Many of them eventually moved uptown or to Brooklyn, or as my grandmother would say…”Brookalino.”

I don’t believe any of these immigrants would ever consider burning an American flag.

My grandparents could very well be in this photo.  Ray DiLorenzo



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