By Ray DiLorenzo

Anyone who says that minority groups do not play an important role in our government here in America know nothing of us.  We fought a war with 700,000 dead to settle that issue. It’s because of minority rights that we have both a Senate and a House of Representatives. One represents each state equally, the other the people by population. We even have the Electoral College that prevents larger states from dictating to smaller states.  Of course, we have Democrats working to absolve that minority right.  Dems are big on mob rule.

Five presidents who won election to the presidency did not win the popular vote.  Smaller states can and do often join forces to assert their influence.  As they say, It prevents the wolves from decided what to have for lunch when lambs are in the room.  Without the Electoral College, cities like New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles could conceivably decide every presidential election.

That has become a matter of speaking technically.  For at least half the nation, from both parties, regardless of what the politicians or the media establishment have to say, elections of late have been very suspicious to say the least.  Years after the 2020 election, stories of election malfeasance are still floating to the top, the latest being massive nursing home fraud in Wisconsin.

Americans are a generous people, compassionate, considerate, and definitely sympathetic, especially to minorities, not just in race but in political and personal choice. It all hinges on…You don’t bother me and I won’t bother you.

When the LGBT community fought for the right to marry, many of us were against it and still are.  It is not a personal thing, it is a mandate from the one God we still worship…the God of the Bible, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, from everlasting to everlasting.  We are to be in the world, but not of the world.

The gay community already had civil unions with the same legal privileges.  To call their union a marriage, a sacrament of the Christian church, for many, was an attack on the Church.  When the gay community won their right to marry, we hoped it would have ended there. It didn’t.  Some of us did have suspicions that it was going to go further.  It wasn’t long before we found out that it was not acceptance the gay community wanted.  It was approval they were demanding and access to our children, our churches, our schools, the military, and the government.

The access turned into assaults on our culture, and our religion.  These attacks have since become commonplace even to the point of vile demonstrations of mocking Jesus and the Cross. Why Christians?  Because Christians are a much easier target than attacking Islam.  13 Islamic countries will throw gays off buildings, or stone them.

Drag queens now run rampant in public schools and libraries, shopping malls, baseball games, their literature and flags are everywhere.  Gays seem to take a particular delight in entertaining children. While gays represent about 5% of the population, they represent about 35% of the child sex offenses.  Yes, the other 65% of sexual offenses are committed by heterosexuals, but their population is 20X larger. Gay men have higher rates of STDs, drug use, childhood abuse, and rate of committing partner violence. In one study, cited by Psychology Today, 50 percent of gay men in San Francisco had over 500 sexual partners, compared to heterosexual men who had a lifetime average partner number of 15. Gay teens suffer double the suicide rate of straight teens (Healthline).  In general, homosexual behavior cuts life expectancy by 20 years (Lifesitenews).  Other stats confirm a drop in life expectancy from 8 – 21 years.

Homosexual pedophilia killed the Boy Scouts and has done great damage to the Catholic Church for their lax screening.  Tucker Carlson recently said, “Child molestation is teetering on the edge of acceptability” (RT).  It would not shock me to believe that MAGA is more hated by the Left than pedophilia.

Transexuals now have their own trans industry with major hospitals performing ‘sex-change’ surgeries on children as well as adults.  The thought of mutilating a child permanently for a decision he/she had no capability of making is abhorrent to many clear-thinking people.  Because of the irresponsible reporting and attention the establishment media has given the subject, diagnoses of youths with gender dysphoria went from 15,172 in 2017 to 42,167 in 2021.

Our military now accepts almost every form of sexual promiscuity, destroying what morale they had left.

In short, our country and much of Western Civilization has become much too pre-occupied with sex and race issues.  Actually much more than we really care about.

And here we are almost 8 years later.  The gay community now has become the LGBTQ+++. movement.  They take pride not so much in their political victories, but in their mockery of everything that Western civilization has provided and thought decent.  No one can deny the gay community is pushing the envelope, shoving it in peoples’ faces.  To our growing annoyance, they are determined to re-write the book of our culture, determined to be mainstream.

Standards of conduct are becoming non-existent.  Stealing is no longer unacceptable.  Unprovoked, violent attacks are, in many cases, understandable, depending on your background.  Our culture is breaking down at a rapid pace, and with the blessing of government.

We are now a nation of the oppressed and the disadvantaged…Blacks, gays, trans people, women, illegal aliens, students with unpaid student loans, students who can’t read but want that law degree anyway, or the young airline trainee that can’t fly or read a map, but wants to fly a big airplane.  Let’s give them all what they want lest they threaten us to become psychos.

Seemingly, everybody gets what they want except the White heterosexual males. They are the oppressors…the evil doers.  In reality, White straight men are as confused by this Twilight Zone as everyone else.  They just want to occasionally relax and open a beer, and even that’s become a problem.