by Guest Editor George Mcclellan

Regardless of their current orders to spy on and arrest Americans who disagree with Biden’s fascist state, the FBI does come through sometimes in a manner we desperately need. Eight ISIS operatives, all from Tajikistan, have been apprehended, scoping out targets for potential terrorist attacks in New York City, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles. The Patriot Act at work? Not really. The Patriot Act was supposed to prevent such intrusions from foreign terrorists before they attacked. Still, it didn’t because this lot was allowed to enter our country, albeit illegally, while FBI eyes were turned to harassing Americans, especially MAGA ones. The Tajiks came through Biden’s open southern border by invitation, vetted by Homeland Security, and released into America’s hinterland. Was it an aberration that it didn’t? Not at all! It was intended! The fun doesn’t stop there, either. You should know that two Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood operatives were recently apprehended attempting to enter Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune disguised as Amazon deliverers, and two other Muslim operatives near Ft. Bragg, NC, employed as a cover by a contract electrical services company, were challenged by an alert Green Beret soldier at his off base home killing one of them. Unquestionably, these incidents demonstrate that America will soon face more Islamic terrorist attacks sooner rather than later.

This was all started by Barak Obama, who, in his zeal to change America fundamentally, ordered the post 9/11 FBI to cease training its agents in the dangers of Islamic terrorism because he said, Islam was a religion of peace, did not pose a danger to America and the FBI had damn well better learn that. They did because their enthusiasm to become Gestapo-like against American citizens has overwhelmed our once unshakable faith in the FBI. Didn’t George W. Bush, just after the 9/11 attack, make that identical stupid “Islam is a religion of peace” comment? We’re constantly warned by finger wagging “woke” sob sisters that we are “Islamophobic” if we think of Islam as anything but a religion of peace instead of a death-dealing cult of personality created around a camel-riding denizen of the Arabian desert who God spoke to some 2000 years ago, thereby making him a prophet. If we don’t behave appropriately toward Muslims, then the FBI will be dispatched by AG Merrick Garland to correct our attitudes. They do it now anyway under the authority of the usurped purposes of the Patriot and Defense Authorizations Acts.

I’m positively shocked that Western politicians still attempt to justify Islams’ presence in our midst in the context that they are the same as us: simple families morally attuned, wanting to do the best for their children and survive in a troubled world. Nonsense! They are the troubled world, and this level of dysfunctional thinking is bringing several European countries under the umbrella of the European Union to welcome the mass migration of Muslims into their countries on the hopeless belief they would integrate with Western societies and become good Europeans. Denmark and Sweden have finally understood something clearly and realized the terrible error of their good deeds. Denmark is ridding itself of the pests. Now, even Sweden, realizing it has two opposing societies, the original Nordics of Viking fame and the newly imported Islamic Jihadists, is not working. Islam will never merge with Western-thinking Europeans except to convert them. Sweden, belatedly, is taking positive action to recover its Nordic heritage. Because Sweden never colonized an Arab or African country they were never saddled with this silly citizenship for all business like France and the UK have done.

Both France and the UK are populated with two unrelated cultures, each struggling for hegemony and both facing futures as Islamic Caliphates, as their growing population of Muslim voters who hate Western culture will soon vote themselves in. Islamophobia is not a crime, but a defense measure still resisted by Western politicians. Anti-Islam demonstrations, just short of riots, are occurring today on the streets of London. In any event, our own Leftist Progressive politicians, of which Joe Biden is the face, is determined to allow foreign terrorists, Islamic, Chinese, and any other off-the-wall group who hates America to cross our borders freely and go about their business of bringing America to its knees and, if you, as an American interfere, the FBI will be at your door faster than greased lightening to correct your wrong thinking.

There is still a part of the FBI that does its job ferreting out terrorists. As the examples just related, they are all foreign operatives of Islamic persuasion ready, if they must, to die for Allah to rid the world of Infidels. It’s all in the Qur’an, the source of their authority to attack and defeat America, the “Great Satan.”

At some point, and it will never be under a Democrat administration, Americans must decide if they are going to ‘fish or cut bait.’ America appears to be at the end of its run if Democrats have anything to do about it, but I see the spirit of resistance boiling up here as well as in Europe. Alexander Solzhenitsyn, the Russian philosopher who spent years in a Soviet Gulag prison when he was finally released and allowed to migrate to America, said: “Human beings are born with different capabilities. If they are free, they are not equal. If they are equal, they are not free.” Don’t depend on the FBI just yet. They are redeemable.

Remember, freedom is the goal; the Constitution is the way. Now, go get involved.

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