Editor’s Note – Any parliamentarian worth his or her salt must have choked as we did watching the DNC reinsert “God” and reaffirm that “Jerusalem is the capitol of Israel” into their platform. When LA Mayor Villaraigosa called the voice vote “in the opinion of the chair” as a two-third win for the “yeas”, it was plain to see two things. One, the DNC did not want the change, and two, the DNC leadership saw just how bad it was that they removed them in the first place.

It is also clear, Democrats at the convention do not support Israel or religion – period! No amount of explanation could remove that; not from Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, or even the President. What a sham, what a shame!

Watch for yourself, and then ask if the chair hears the two-thirds votes called in favor of the “yeas” and “nays”:

LA Mayor Villaraigosa - the look on his face in this picture speaks volumes at the DNC vote on reinserting God and Jerusalem on their platform.

Why has the Democratic National Convention been such a disaster?

By Daily Caller

When asked about the Democratic convention in Charlotte, NC, Mitt Romney called it a “celebration of failure.” Granted, he may be a little biased. Yet the spectacle coming out of the DNC this week is hard to ignore or even gloss over with well-intentioned words.

Frankly, it’s been a disaster.

Exhibit A is the Democrats’ embarrassing ham-fisted reversal on their party platform. The platform the party released on Tuesday omitted any reference to “God” and did not recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Cue outcry.

On Wednesday, Democrats decided to add the references to God and Jerusalem back in amid screams of protest and utter chaos. But did they really? Who knows? Convention chairman and Los Angeles mayor Antonio Villaraigosa seemed to have a hard time discerning if two-thirds of the audience were booing or cheering the changes. In what was probably a wise decision, Villaraigosa decided to call it a day and declare the majority in the affirmative.

David Axelrod, for his part, defended the president on the platform, and blamed “others” for the mishap. Now that’s leadership!

Next up is DNC chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Never far from controversy, Wasserman Schultz this week told Jewish Democrats that Israel’s ambassador to the U.S., Michael Oren, said that “what the Republicans are doing is dangerous for Israel.”

When an enterprising reporter at the Washington Examiner reported the comment, Oren denied ever saying such a thing. And then Wasserman Schultz denied ever saying Oren said such a thing, telling Fox News that the “comment was reported by a conservative newspaper. It’s not surprising that they would deliberately misquote me.”