The Glacial Group


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 Mission: Provide leadership and information to the voters of Montana to ensure that we place and support Constitutional Patriots in elected positions of government at state, county, and city levels.


  • Identify and support current officeholders who are true, trusted representatives of the people and our Constitutional Republic.
  • Identify and support candidates for office who uphold the Mission of the Glacial Group.
  • Focus on the youth of Montana at all levels of education by providing them information on the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence.
  • Develop a network throughout the State of Montana to support the mission and goals of the Glacial Group that are rooted in the principles of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.
  • Inspire a commitment of our citizens to secure America and its Future.

The Glacial Group supports and endorses the following Candidates for Office Montana. * Incumbents

HD05 – Catherine Owens

HD06 – Amy Regier

HD07 – Jerry O’Neil

HD09 – David Dunn*

HD10 – Mark Noland*

HD11 – Derek Skees*

HD14 – Mark French

HD21 – Sally Tucker

HD26 –

HD33  – Casey Knudsen*

HD34 – Rhonda Knudsen

HD35 – Brandon Ler

HD36 – Bob Phalen

HD37 – Jerry Schillinger

HD39 – Amanda Scheidler

HD63 – Bryan Donald Hayson

HD64 –

HD68 -Caleb Hinkle

HD69- Jennifer Carlson

HD70 – Tim Ravndal

HD71 –

HD75 – Greg Devries*

HD85 – Michele Binkley

HD86 – Kenneth Allen

HD87 – Jolena Bugli

HD88 – James Crews

HD93 – Joe Read*

HD95 – Karen Sherman

SD02 – Carl Glimm* HD6

SD10 – Jeni Dodd

SD26 – Chris Friedel

SD28 – Brad Molnar

SD35 – Gary Perry

SD38 – Jim Buterbaugh

SD44 – Theresa Manzella * HD85


Contact Information – Email:

Phone: 406 249 – 1091/406 250 – 2601